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Best-in-class measures for your safe stay

Best-in-class measures for your safe stay

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100% Disinfected

100% Disinfected

  • Sanitization every 2 hours
  • Hospital grade cleaning chemicals
  • Masks, latex gloves for all staff
  • Linen/utensils washed in 70°C+ water
100% Safe

100% Safe

  • Temp check mandatory for all
  • Sanitizers/masks for all
  • Social distancing at reception/lifts
  • PPE kits at all FabHotels
100% Convenient

100% Convenient

  • Contact-less Check-in
  • Contact-less Check-out
  • Contact-less Payments
  • In-room dining only

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      Wonderful stay at Fab Hotel Marvel Bliss, great location. A value for money deal. Courteous staff members

      abhinav sharma

      FabExpress Marvel Bliss, Pune

      10 Apr, 2019

      Budget friendly hotel with great amenities. Very reliable and up to the mark.

      Mr Hussain

      FabExpress Ascot International, Mumbai

      20 May, 2019

      It was an amazing stay and have already stayed there a lot of time. I really like the property. Thanks for the hospitality


      FabExpress Maple Green Deluxe, Bangalore

      20 Jan, 2019

      It was a satisfied stay with minimum budget, room size is good enough breakfast is sufficient and good in taste.

      Mr Sandeep

      FabHotel Prestige Princess, Jabalpur

      02 May, 2019

      Comfortable, good location, walking distance from metro and local train. Value for money

      Gagan Jain

      FabHotel Atlas Plaza, Mumbai

      01 Jan, 2019

      Superb hotel in central Delhi karol bagh, good clean rooms, cooperative staff, good breakfast and good location.

      Azmal Khan

      FabHotel Sunstar Heights, New Delhi

      10 Apr, 2019

      Felt like homely.Good service by the staff. Nice and clean rooms. Location is good one. I am happy with my stay here

      Mr Thiroomurthy

      FabHotel Corporate Crown II, Bangalore

      26 Apr, 2019

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        Comfortable, economical hotels
        Comfortable, economical hotels
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        Basics for travellers on a budget
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        Premium amenities, top quality service
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        Affordable getaways for millennials
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