Top 11 hotels in mahabaleshwar to stay in 2024 and feel the luxury 

FabHotel Prime  Meera  Vatika

Venna Lake, Mahabaleshwar

4.4 Ratings 193 Reviews

Metgutad, Mahabaleshwar

4.4 Ratings 179 Reviews

FabHotel Twilight House

FabHotel JK

Metgutad, Mahabaleshwar

4.6 Ratings 149 Reviews

Panchgani-Mahabaleswar Road

4.6 Ratings 161 Reviews

FabHotel Bright Holidays

FabHotel Silver Leef  & Resort

Panchgani-Mahabaleswar Road,

4.6 Ratings 165 Reviews

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