Places to see Spring flowers in delhi

Floral Pattern
Floral Pattern

1. Lodhi Gardens

Lodhi Gardens: A serene spring escape, away from city chaos. Vibrant flowers make it a must-visit oasis! 

Nehru Park's vibrant flower display captivates with marigolds and petunias. Unique arrangements bring a touch of greenery to the heart of Delhi. 

2. Nehru Park

Garden of Five Senses blooms with alyssum, a natural mosquito repellent resembling ice. Spot the unique jafri marigold with dark orange and yellow gradients. 

3. Garden of Five Senses 

Sunder Nursery springs to life with red poppy, sweet carnations, and 15+ varieties like cineraria and pansies.

4. Sunder Nursery

Amrit Udyan boasts 138 rose varieties, 10,000 tulips, and countless seasonal blooms. A floral paradise for enthusiasts! 

5. Mughal Gardens

Khooni Jheel, a nature lover's haven post-winter. Enjoy pretty blooms and picnics with your squad! 

6. Kamla Nehru Ridge