Places to Visit in  July

In July, India transforms into a canvas of monsoon magic, drawing travelers to experience nature's symphony. Discover the top destinations for a memorable July getaway.

Discover the monsoon magic of 'God’s Own Country' in July. Kerala unveils a spectacle of overflowing rivers, lush landscapes, and captivating backwaters.


Escape to the picturesque haven of Mahabaleshwar in July, where nature paints a canvas of misty charm, light showers, and fragrant green vistas.


Perfect for nature walks, trekking, and savoring Goa's vibrant nightlife—a tropical escape with all the right ingredients.


Escape to the romantic allure of Kodaikanal, dubbed the Princess of Hill Stations in Tamil Nadu.


Agumbe, Karnataka, earns its title as the 'Cherrapunji of South India' in July, heralding the start of the trekking season.


Discover Ladakh, a snow lover’s dream, during June and July—the preferred months for a delightful escape.


Tawang, a gem of serenity and history, lures travelers with Buddhist monasteries and glacial lakes like Sangetser and Sela.