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Budget Hotels in Pushkar

A small, ancient town located in the district of Ajmer in Rajasthan, Pushkar is a pilgrimage site frequented by followers of Hinduism and Sikhism. The town is dotted with many temples and ghats, of which the most important is the 14th-century Brahma Temple. Surrounded by hills on three sides and sand dunes on the fourth, the temple town is best known for Pushkar Mela, the annual camel festival held here. Pushkar also has other attractions including lakes, gurudwaras, gardens, and palaces. No wonder, the town attracts tourists from all corners of the country and beyond. If you are planning a trip to this holy town, you can choose to stay in one of the budget hotels in Pushkar.

2 and 3 Star Hotels in Pushkar

Whether you are a nirvana seeker, photographer, solo traveler or family holidaymaker, the 2 and 3 Star hotels in Pushkar promise you a comfortable and affordable stay. You can also look for hotels with triple occupancy rooms to make the most of your money. These 2 and 3 Star hotels in Pushkar are sprinkled across prime locations and near popular landmarks like Brahma Temple, Pushkar Bus Stand, Pushkar Lake, Motisar Road, Ajmer Road, Choti Basti, and Punch Kund Road, to name a few.

Business Hotels in Pushkar

Pushkar is primarily a pilgrimage site and a tourist destination. However, the plush resorts and business hotels in Pushkar serve as ideal spots for corporate events, conferences and off-sites. Most business hotels in Pushkar offer amenities like free Wi-Fi, conference rooms, power back-up, complimentary breakfast, and more.

Couple-friendly Hotels in Pushkar

Couples visiting Pushkar won’t have any difficulty finding safe and hassle-free accommodation in town. However, you and your partner must be adults above the age of 18 years. You must also furnish an ID card issued by the government at the time of checking-in at these hotels for unmarried couples in Pushkar.

Price Range of Hotels in Pushkar

Since the town attracts travelers of all kinds, the price range of hotels in Pushkar is also quite diverse. From luxury resorts, heritage properties, and spacious villas to budget hotels, the town has accommodation that fits all pockets. The price range of hotels in Pushkar offered by FabHotels starts at Rs.1199 per night, without discounts. It should be kept in mind that the rates increase during the peak season and also based on the type of room and location you choose.

Tourist Attractions near Pushkar Hotels

The holy town is best known for its temples and religious sites that include Brahma Temple, the most iconic tourist attraction in Pushkar. There are quite a few budget hotels near Brahma Temple, and these hotels also give you easy access to other temples in Pushkar such as Varah Temple, Rangji Temple, and Savitri Temple. Other popular tourist attractions in Pushkar include Rose Garden, Naga Pahar, Gurudwara Singh Sabha, Man Mahal, and Pushkar Lake. All these attractions are accessible from our hotels, located in all prime locations of the town.

Shopping Places near Pushkar Hotels

The annual Pushkar Fair or Pushkar Mela is a haven for shopaholics looking for traditional and handicraft items. Other places to shop in Pushkar include Sadar Bazar, Kedalganj Bazar, Sarafa Bazar, and Baza Bazar, to name a few. Hotels located in prime locations give you easy access to these local bazars and street markets. The town also has many exclusive handicrafts stores and emporiums such as Antique Boutique, Vikas Handicrafts, Rajasthan Handicrafts, Shiv Shakti Art and Handicraft, and D&G Handmade Jewelry Store.

Transport Hubs near Pushkar Hotels

Pushkar doesn’t have an airport of its own; the nearest airport is located in Kishangarh (40 km). This airport has only limited connectivity to cities like Delhi, Hyderabad, and Ahmedabad. The major international airport near Pushkar is in Jaipur, located about 150 km away. Pushkar Terminus is a small railhead in town that serves a few passenger trains to and from Ajmer. The nearest major railhead for outstation trains is Ajmer Junction (14 km). The town remains well-connected to other parts of the state by road. Buses ply between Pushkar and major cities in Rajasthan including Ajmer, Jaipur, and Jodhpur. Those who are traveling by road can choose their stay in hotels near Pushkar Bus Stand.

FAQs: About Hotel booking in Pushkar

Q:Are there any Pushkar hotel booking apps that I can download?


Yes. The Pushkar hotel booking app offered by FabHotels is designed for iOS and Android phones. It is available for download on App Store and Google Playstore.

Q:Which are the top places to visit in Pushkar?


The most popular tourist attractions in Pushkar are its temples including Brahma Temple, Varah Temple, Rangji Temple, Atmateshwar Temple, Savitri Temple, Sri Panchkund Shiva Temple, and Pap Mochini Temple. Other must-visit places include Man Mahal, Pushkar Lake, Rose Garden, Naga Pahar, and Gurudwara Singh Sabha. Learn more about Pushkar tourist attractions here.

Q:Can I get discounts for Pushkar hotel bookings?


Yes. You can avail amazing offers by booking your Pushkar hotels through FabHotels app or website. Check out our offers and discounts on Pushkar hotels here.

Q:Do you have any mobile app for hotel booking in Pushkar?

A: Yes, we have a Pushkar hotel booking app for Android and iOS platforms. Our Pushkar hotel booking app offers seamless booking experience, quick and safe transactions, and a range of deals and discounts. Search for FabHotels hotel booking app in Google Playstore today to save on 400+ hotels pan-India.

Q:What are the top things to do in Pushkar?


Attending Pushkar Mela, undoubtedly, is one of the top things to do in Pushkar. You can also take a camel safari or explore the town on foot by signing up for a guided heritage walk. Those looking for a unique travel experience must opt for overnight desert camping while shopaholics and foodies can explore the local markets and food streets in Pushkar.

Q:Which are the best budget hotels in Pushkar?


FabExpress Goyal Inn is a preferred choice of budget travelers visiting Pushkar as it gives easy access to tourist attractions like Gurudwara Singh Sabha (10 m), Rangji Temple (600 m), Pushkar Lake (1 km), and Brahma Temple (1.5 km). Check out our budget hotels in Pushkar above.

Q:When is the best time to visit Pushkar?


The period from November to March, when climatic conditions remain pleasant, is the best time to visit Pushkar. Summers are excruciatingly harsh in the town and thus must be avoided. Those who want to partake in the legendary Pushkar Fair must plan their visit in the month of late October/early November.

Q:Which is the nearest airport to reach Pushkar?


Since Pushkar doesn’t have an airport of its own, the domestic airport in Kishangarh (40 km) is the nearest option for air travelers. However, it is a small airport with limited airline services. The international airport in Jaipur (150 km) is the major airport near Pushkar, and you will get flights to all major cities from here.

Q:When is the famous Pushkar Mela held?


Pushkar Mela aka Pushkar Camel Fair is an annual cultural fest held in town. It is held for five days every year during the month of Kartik (late October to early November).

Q:Are there any hotels for unmarried couples in Pushkar?


Yes. If you and your partner are consenting adults with valid government photo ID cards, you can book your stay in the couple-friendly hotels in Pushkar. Check out the details here.

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