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Reviews for Hotel in Mysore

300,000+ Fabulous Reviews
  • 5/5 PREM Jan 31
    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "Lovely Hotel with most Ideal location for those who want to explore the city"

  • 5/5 FRANCIS SURIN Jan 31
    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "The hotel is located at very convenient place. Staff is very helpful and supportive Breakfast spread was excellent Room was very spacious"

  • 3/5 HARI PRASAD Jan 31
    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "Very friendly helpful staff. Comfortable rooms. Security is brilliant"

  • 4/5 PRADEEP KUMAR Jan 31
    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "Excellent and memorable stay....one of the best properties i have stayed in."

  • 4/5 BHARAT BHUSHAN Jan 31
    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "We booked a normal room which exceeded my expectations in everry manner"

    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "The staff were very attentive and kind particularly in the restaurant."

  • 4/5 MAYUR SHUKLA Jan 31
    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "ambiance was perfect for the stay. order delivery was fast and cleanliness was at its best."

  • 4/5 KSHITIZ MUNJAL Jan 31
    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "Staff...totally professional. Really friendly. Good job guys!"

  • 4/5 DR R K Jan 31
    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "Very comfortable room and excellent breakfast"

  • 5/5 Bavesh Barwal Jan 31
    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "Everything here was more than fine from the check-in to the staff members, they all were so welcoming and always ready to help"

  • 4/5 PEEYUSH KHANNA Jan 31
    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "The hotel is located at very convenient place . Would luv to come again"

  • 3/5 DEEPAK SINGH Jan 31
    FabHotel Mahendra Mysore

    "Warm welcome at the entrance and then the check in was quick as well."

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