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Couple Friendly Hotels in Thrissur: City overview

Looking for an offbeat and serene spot to spend time with your loved one? Thrissur should be on your bucket list then. This lovely city is built around a hillock over which is located a famous Shiva Temple called Vadakkumnathan. Did you know that Thrissur is called the cultural capital of Kerala? One of the best features of the city is the ‘Thrissur Pooram’ a yearly festival that is celebrated around April. There are so many couple friendly hotels in Thrissur that can be found in both popular zones and the outskirts of the city. You can book these hotels and plan to explore the city to its fullest with your partner.

What does Thrissur offer to couples?

Though Thrissur is known for its various cultural and tourist spots, there are so many hidden romantic destinations you can check out in and around the city. The Athirapally Falls is around 60 km from the city centre and is featured in many South Indian movies. Known as the ‘Niagara of India’, there is a pool in the foothills of the falls you can swim in and enjoy. Many unmarried couple friendly hotels in Thrissur are located near the scenic spots. You can check-in here, settle down, and then plan to visit these top tourist spots. Plan a trip to Punnathur Kotta, an elephant sanctuary that has about 59 elephants trained and lodged. Stroll around the property and relax amidst nature.

Pack food and head over to Vilangan Kunnu. This is a hillock that offers amazing views of the city. You can spread a blanket down here, open up your food and beverages, and enjoy a picnic with your partner. Chavakkad Beach is also a great romantic spot for couples to visit. There are shacks around the beach and you can enjoy local dishes made from freshly caught seafood here.

When you book these safe couple friendly hotels in Thrissur, make sure you give them a call and confirm about their policies on allowing unmarried couples to check-in in advance. This way, you will not have to face any troubles after you reach the property. You can check for the different amenities offered by the hotel online. To choose a hotel of your choice, use the filter option online to narrow down the facilities you need.

Thrissur will leave you relaxed, stress-free, and loved. Plan a trip to this cultural spot right away.

FAQs: About Couple Friendly Hotel booking in Thrissur

Q:Are unmarried couples allowed in FabHotels in Thrissur?


Select FabHotels in Thrissur welcome all guests – whether married or unmarried. Couple-friendly Thrissur hotels can be easily booked online via app and website.

Q:Is FabHotels safe for unmarried couples in Thrissur?


FabHotels is a 100% safe place to stay for unmarried couples in Thrissur. Guests only need to provide a valid government ID as age and identity proof.

Q:What is the age limit for couples to stay in Thrissur hotels?


All hotels in Thrissur allow check-in to adults of at least 18 years of age. A valid Government ID is required as proof of age.

Q:In which all localities of Thrissur can I book a couple-friendly hotel?


You can look for a couple-friendly FabHotel Perambra and Ramavermapuram among others.

Q:What all ID proofs are required for couples to stay at a Thrissur hotel?


Couples can provide any valid government ID like a driver’s license, voter’s card, Aadhaar or passport to stay at a Thrissur hotel.

Q:Is it legal for an unmarried couple to stay at a FabHotel in Thrissur?


Absolutely! There is no law in Thrissur that prohibits any two consenting adults whether married or unmarried to stay together in a hotel.

Q:Are couple-friendly in Thrissur FabHotels economical?


Yes. FabHotels in Thrissur offers a relaxing and safe stay at budget prices.

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