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About Arambol Beach, Goa 

The beautiful and serene Arambol Beach is unlike most beaches in North Goa as it is not as crowded or eventful. Situated in a traditional fisherman village, this beach is rather laidback and has a distinct Bohemian feel to it that attracts many international tourists. Its rich live music scene, sunset parties, leisure sports like paragliding and kite surfing, and budget accommodation options further make it a beach of choice for many long-staying travellers in the north. Most of the hotels in Arambol, Goa provide a comfortable stay in clifftop rooms, little huts or at the back of shacks lined along the seafront. 

Shopping and Dining around Arambol Beach 

During the high season, the streets of Arambol turn into a shopper’s paradise with vendors selling an array of handmade items like leather bags, jewellery, crystals, boho clothing, tapestries, etc. Tourists staying at hotels near Arambol Beach can also find varied shopping options, including general stores and emporiums, along the Querim-Arambol-Agarwada Road.
Arambol is also home to an uninterrupted string of beach shacks, besides restaurants and cafes, for tourists to enjoy an array of sumptuous meals. Some of the most popular dining options in the area are Café Maitree, Laughing Buddha, The Tavern, Gecko, Tamarind Café, Mango Tree, Lazy Dog, This Is It, Olive Garden, Garden of Dreams and Organic Vibes Café. 

Places to Visit around Arambol Beach 

A short walk towards the north of the beach is Sweetwater Lake, where tourists can enjoy swimming or just chill on the lounge chairs (available on rent). An easy-going trail to the left of the lake leads to a banyan tree, which otherwise remains littered but one can find the ‘Tourist Baba’ here during peak months. There is a stone sculpture adjoining the banyan tree, called the Money Stone, created by an American artist that has become a pilgrimage centre for many alternate travellers. Tourists who wish to enjoy a panoramic view of the beach can take the little trail leading up the Arambol Mountain (1.1 km). Mandrem Beach, located 3 km towards the south and other places to visit in Goa, is also a must-visit near Arambol hotels. 

How to Reach Arambol Beach 

Hotels near Arambol Beach, Goa are a 2-hour drive from Dabolim Airport and can be easily reached via private cabs or rental cars/bikes/scooters. From Vasco da Gama railway station (61 km), one can rent a vehicle or take a taxi to reach Arambol Beach. An alternative for budget travellers is to take a local bus to Panaji (37 km) and from thereon, to Mapusa bus stand (23 km). From Mapusa, get on a bus to Arambol stop (2 km) and from there, walk to the beach.

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FAQs: About Hotel booking in Arambol Beach

Q:Where to stay near Arambol Beach, Goa?

A: There are many stay options near Arambol Beach, Goa, varying from BnB, guesthouses and budget hotels to 3 star hotels. Explore the best hotels near Arambol Beach here.

Q:What is the price range of hotels near Arambol Beach, Goa?

A: Tariff for hotels near Arambol Beach, Goa starts at Rs.999 and can go up to Rs.4000.

Q:How to find the best hotels near Arambol Beach, Goa?

A: If you’re looking for best hotels in and around Arambol Beach, Goa, explore FabHotels.com. You can find a list of hotels near Arambol Beach, Goa with tariff, amenities and location and choose the one that suits your requirement. You can book Arambol Beach, Goa hotels online here or through our Android or iOS app.

Q:What facilities can I expect at hotels near Arambol Beach, Goa?

A: What facilities can I expect at hotels near Arambol Beach, Goa?

Q:Do FabHotels near Arambol Beach, Goa allow unmarried couples?

A: Yes, some Fabhotels near Arambol Beach, Goa allow unmarried couples.

Q:Which are the couple-friendly hotels near Arambol Beach, Goa?

A: For a quick list of such hotels near Arambol Beach, Goa, put the Couple Friendly filter under Guest Policy and it’s sorted for you.

Q:Are FabHotels near Arambol Beach, Goa safe for couples?

A: Yes, Fabhotels near Arambol Beach, Goa are 100 per cent safe for unmarried couples. They don’t have to worry about their privacy at our hotels.
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