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Couple Friendly Hotels in Aurangabad: City Overview

Aurangabad has quickly gained popularity for its myriad options in providing a number of tourist places ideal for a fun romantic trip. Couples can enjoy exploring the famous Ajanta and Ellora Caves or visit the Bibi Ka Maqbara, a historic symbol of love. The couple friendly hotels in Aurangabad offer a quaint atmosphere replete with well-equipped facilities. Unmarried couples will also have no trouble finding safe hotels for unmarried couples in Aurangabad. Hotels that accept unmarried couples can be easily found online and booked accordingly. Nicknamed ‘City of Gates,’ this city is one of the famous and sought after tourist destinations in Maharashtra.

What does Aurangabad offer to couples?

After settling into your chosen unmarried couple friendly hotel in Aurangabad, you can see the sights of the city and visit all the well-known romantic and stunning places. Aurangabad is popular for its plenitude of archeological marvels as well as its gardens. The best places to visit are Daulatabad Fort, Grishneshwar Temple, Zainuddin Shirzai's Maqbara, Lonar Crater Lake, Jayakwadi Dam, Pitalkhora Caves, Gul Mandi, Siddharth Garden, Shivaji Maharaj Museum, Goga Baba Hill, Sunheri Mahal, Bani Begum Garden and many more.

Couples can enjoy a romantic stroll through these gardens or enjoy a quiet moment at the lake. Those interested in history will enjoy the beautiful grandeur of these monuments from Mughal times and visiting the museum, and those with a religious affinity can seek blessings at the various religious places. Shopping enthusiasts would have the time of their life at the market places and bazaars where one can shop for traditional art and handloom crafts. You can also enjoy the local Aurangabadi cuisine at a number of restaurants as well as try delectable sweets with your partner.

When booking couple friendly hotels in Aurangabad it is recommended to ensure that certain features like privacy, hygiene, safety and security, and availability of amenities like TV, free Wi-Fi, air conditioning, hot and cold water supply, etc. are present. Additional facilities like wardrobe, dressing mirror, hairdryer in the washrooms, seating area, and spaciousness should also be checked. It is better for unmarried couples to verify with the hotels beforehand whether they accept unmarried partners or not to avoid any issues at the eleventh hour.

Thus, Aurangabad is very well suited to both married and unmarried couples for enjoying each other’s company on a romantic getaway.

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