Jayakwadi Dam, one of the largest earthen dams in Asia, is located around 52 km away from Aurangabad in Maharashtra. It is approximately 9,998 m long and 41.30 m high, forming a reservoir named Nath Sagar Jalashay that has a total storage capacity of 2909 MCM (million cubic metres). The dam with 27 water gates was built across the Godavari River to cater to the irrigation needs of the drought-prone region of Marathwada. This multipurpose irrigation project provides water to industrial units as well as to residents in Aurangabad and nearby areas. Residents and tourists often visit this dam near the town of Paithan to escape from their boring life and to soak in the natural environs. The place is especially popular with nature buffs and bird lovers because of Nath Sagar Jalashay and the nearby Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary and Dnyaneshwar Udyan.  

Read on to know more about one of Maharashtra’s largest irrigation projects, including its history, timings, fee and nearby attractions. 

Jayakwadi Dam, Aurangabad Information 


Jayakwadi Village, Near Paithan


Earthen dam

Also Known as

Nath Sagar Dam, Jayakwadi-I D02995 (officially)

Distance from Aurangabad

52 km

Distance from Major Transportation Hubs

Aurangabad Airport (58.5 km); Aurangabad Railway Station (49 km); Paithan Bus Stand (2.5 km)

Entry Fee



08:00 am to 05:00 pm

Photography and Videography

Allowed; no charges

Construction began


Inaugurated on


Built on

Godavari River


2909 MCM (million cubic metres)


Nath Sagar Lake, Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary, Dnyaneshwar Udyan

 Jayakwadi Dam, Aurangabad: History

The idea to build a dam across the Godavari River near the village of Jayakwadi in Beed district was first conceived during the reign of the state of Hyderabad. However, post the division of the state, the plan was revised and the site of the earthen dam was moved 100 km upstream at Paithan, which resulted in longer canals that irrigated more regions of the drought-prone Marathwada. After the completion of the proposal in 1964, the foundation stone was laid on 18 October 1965 by the then Prime Minister Lal Bahadur Shastri. It took more than a decade for the completion of this project, which was executed under the expertise of Chief Engineer A.A.A. Siddiqui. Finally, Jayakwadi Dam was inaugurated by the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi on 24 February 1976. 

Jayakwadi Dam, Aurangabad: Structure and Features

With a height of 41.30 m and a length of 9998 m, Jayakwadi Dam is one of the largest earthen dams in Asia. Impounding the Godavari River, its total catchment area is 21,750 sq. km and total storage capacity is 2,909 million cubic metres (MCM). This dam has a total of 27 gates and forms 350 sq. km wide reservoir known as Nath Sagar Jalashay, which stretches up to 55 km in length and 27 km in breadth. Owing to its reservoir, the dam is often referred to as Nathsagar Dam. 

Jayakwadi Dam, Aurangabad: Today

Jayakwadi Dam was built to cater to multiple needs of the Marathwada region of the state of Maharashtra and till today, it is serving its various purposes. This multipurpose project not only provides water for irrigation in the drought-prone areas of the region like Aurangabad, Ahmednagar, Beed, Jalna, and Parbhani, but also for drinking, industrial usage, and electricity generation. With its extensive canal system, the dam provides irrigation to approximately 237,452 hectares of cultivable land. 

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Things to Do at Jayakwadi Dam, Aurangabad

  • Escape the chaos of the city at its reservoir Nath Sagar Jalashay which is home to over 37 species of flora, including aquatic vegetation like chara and hydrilla
  • Capture flamingos, pintails, teals and numerous other migratory and resident birds at Jayakwadi Bird Sanctuary, created near the dam.
  • Have a whale of a time at Dnyaneshwar Udyan, one of the largest gardens in the state, is located on the banks of Nathsagar Lake. With stunning flowerbeds, lawns, and musical fountains, the garden resembles the renowned Brindavan Gardens of Mysore in its layout. This popular tourist attraction also has a swimming pool, play area for children, boating facility, and other things to cater to visitors of all age groups.

Places to see near Jayakwadi Dam, Aurangabad

With so much to offer, Jayakwadi Dam is definitely going to feature in your list of top places to visit near Aurangabad (within 100 km).

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