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Couple Friendly Hotels in Pondicherry

Set on the mesmerising Bay of Bengal coast, Pondicherry is a city like no other. Its iconic White Town and magnificent churches remind one of the colonial era mostly dominated by the French. And, being on the coast, needless to say, Pondicherry or Puducherry is home to several sandy beaches. As far as the atmosphere goes, Pondicherry displays two distinct personalities: the lively and buzzing one with its European-style cafes and hip pubs, and the peaceful one with its ashrams and meditation centres. Owing to this, loads of people including large number of youngsters come here. Reflecting the modern ideals of the locals, getting accommodation for unmarried couples here is easy. There are numerous budget hotels or similar in Pondicherry that welcome unmarried guests to have the time of their life in each other’s company.

Are unmarried couples allowed to stay at FabHotels in Pondicherry?

Keeping up with the easy-going vibe of the coastal city, unmarried couples are allowed to check-in at most of our hotels in Pondicherry. Apart from this former French colony, we also offer couple-friendly hotels in Chennai and Coimbatore.

Terms & conditions to check-in at a couple-friendly hotel in Pondicherry

The first condition that applies to couples seeking accommodation at hotels in Pondicherry is that both of them should be at least 18 years in age. Further, you valid government photo ID, such as Voter’s Card, Passport, Driver’s License and Aadhaar, is required at check-in. For unmarried adults to stay at hotels in Coimbatore too, the same terms and conditions apply.

Are couple-friendly hotels in Pondicherry safe?

It is completely legal for adults, even if unmarried, to enjoy a healthy and mature relationship. To ensure couples utmost privacy, we offer the highest levels of safety at our couple-friendly hotels in Pondicherry as well as couple-friendly hotels in Coimbatore.

How to book a couple-friendly hotel in Pondicherry?

You will have no trouble while making online hotel booking in Pondicherry for unmarried couples. Just enter “hotels near me” on Google or directly come to our website. We also have our hotel booking app for you to book hotels on our iOS or Android device. After typing in your destination and check-in and check-out dates in the space provided on our homepage, click on “Search”. You can segregate the Pondicherry hotels list, which now appears, by setting the “Couple Friendly” filter. Now, simply choose your hotel, pick the room and make the payment. Same is the process to book hotels in Chennai for unmarried couples.

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Pondicherry Hotels Reviews

400,000+ Fabulous Reviews
  • 5/5 hafsa Dec 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Just awesome...very cooperative staffs, nice room.food was amazing."

  • 5/5 Dhanraj Kumar Jan 31
    FabEscape Queens Paradise Puducherry

    "Hotel is more like home, where you will be more comfortable. It has abundant open space and if you are planning a visit with kids or babies, it will be just perfect place. Location wise you can say, you must have your vehicle with you."

  • 5/5 Kiruthi K Nov 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Nice colourful Rooms.. Happy stay here.."

  • 5/5 Aakash Kumar Aug 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "It was nice and comfortable stay here. Behaviour of staff is friendly."

  • 5/5 Dr Asha Bhat Oct 31
    FabEscape Queens Paradise Puducherry

    "The rooms were very well kept and clean ..staff very polite and helpful esp mr.manoj . Only a proper well established restaurant is necessary as it is away from the main town of pondicheery ..the lack of restaurant was not mentioned at the time of booking ..this the pricing is a bit too high only for stay as no pool or restaurtant ..we had to drive back and forth into town for lunch ,dinner etc ..."

  • 5/5 Kiruthi K Jul 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Best budget hotel in prime location.. Over all happy in my stay..."

  • 5/5 Ashok Kumar Ds Jul 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Smooth checkin and check out. Helpful staff. Had a great stay. Highly recommended"

  • 5/5 Akash Shetti Jul 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "I got Very Good service from the hotel staff, definitely I will stay in same hotel next time, Thank you. Thank you"

  • 4/5 Japamala Chakraborty Aug 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "The reception staffs are very good and helpful. Though bit expensive and also the room size as well as the bed size is not that big as expected, still it's good. Easily connected by all the nearby places. Rock beach is very near, walkable distance."

  • 5/5 Salma Feb 29
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Loved the location of this properly as it has all famous tourist places, shopping, multi cuisine restaurant's very closely located (gives a nice feeling of local life at Pondi). The staff at the reception was also very helpful to guide us for the must visit places & also helped in renting a bike to ride. The manager & Sathish Kumar was very helping & kind enough to guide us for our further travel & stay at Fab Hotel in Channai."

  • 5/5 MISS SHUBDHA Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "The hotel exceeded our expectations in every single way! The staff were amazing! The room was amazing!"

    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "The Hotel staff is very cooperative and do help you out , And the rooms and serivice are upto mark"

  • 5/5 JITENDER Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Big room with a very comfortable bed. Clean bathroom. Great and helpful staff."

  • 5/5 DEEPAK RAGHAW Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Ambience was awsome and yes food was delicious and had a great variety which was really woww for me."

  • 3/5 MAYUR SHUKLA Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Breakfast was fantastic. Great service from all the staff! and good location to get around."

  • 4.5/5 DEEPAK Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Absolutely fantastic. Amazing experience must stay. Will be back"

  • 4.5/5 SITA RAM PANDEY Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Ambience, people, Food, Hospitality everything was perfect."

  • 5/5 JAGJIT DUTTA Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Very good location very friendly staff best place for kids"

    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Lovely large rooms, really comfortable beds and great staff. We had a great stay"

  • 5/5 RAM HET VERMA Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "My stay was super excellent and worth every penny i paid."

    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Convenient location, great facilities and friendly staff"

  • 4/5 SACHIN KUMAR Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Cleanliness, service, food, ambience, everything was outstanding"

  • 3/5 TANJIT SINGH SYAL Sep 30
    FabHotel Queens Paradise Puducherry

    "I like the room and the staff is very polite and helpful specially when you are firstcomer and later also.i dont feel i am away from home when i am actually away from home. In my view this is the best room i ever stayed for the price paid . 10 out of 10 from my side."

    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Place is comfortable and good location, hotel is beautiful with great staff, everybody will make your stay comfortable and feel like home, you don't have to wait for anything, everything is there.. I loved it, if get time, will definitely stay as long as I can. ))"

  • 3.5/5 RAM PRATAP Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Very nice Hotel. Cooperative staff. Perfect ambiance."

  • 4/5 VANDNA CHAUHAN Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "The hotel was very centrally located..... our stay was short but very pleasant.... . the room and facilities were excellent with a luxurious bathroom.... he staff was especially hospitable and friendly.... would not hesitate to come back...."

  • 5/5 CHARAN JIV SINGH Aug 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Really good hotel, I look forward to staying here . The staff are the best feature, genuinely helpful and kind. It is always a good sign to see the same staff members when you return to a hotel. Rooms are spacious and good value for money."

  • 5/5 Ipsita Dhar Mar 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Excellent location..right at the middle of the main market..all the popular cafes and tourist spots are at walkable distance.. room was clean.. bathroom was clean and big.. breakfast was good .. and staff was very polite.."

  • 5/5 JATIN ARORA Jul 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Nice hospitality,good bed, cooperative staff,good social sense,food was fine ,it was a beautiful ambience around , location was good ,things were taken care at short notice , overall a beautiful stay, would surely recommend."

  • 5/5 M Chetan Mar 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "I had a fabulous time staying at this hotel with my family for two nights. Very close to all tourist attractions and shoppings, helpful staff, very good aminities, very clean room, i would recommend 100% ."

  • 5/5 Vivan Menezes Oct 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "We had to come in at about 1 am early morning, but inspite of the short stay, we were very happy with the ambience of the rooms, the breakfast was awesome and it's a very good value for money !"

  • 5/5 Jagruti Gamit Jan 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "We booked three rooms for one day clean rooms breakfast is good restaurant is classic.. Location is good near to all tourist places & Beach Over all very happy....."

  • 5/5 Jagruti Gamit Dec 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Colourful Rooms breakfast is awsome supported front office staffs Neat and clean rooms located in heart of the city Recommended to all dear friends..."

    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "The place, its cleanliness and there supportive staff was excellent.This hotel is completely value for money. Silence and thee behavior was also a great quality of them."

  • 5/5 Ritesh Kumar Jan 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Thank you for hosting us this has been amazing service by you guys Mr Kapilnan and Mr Venkat both are fabulous persons with great local knowledge made our stay pleasant"

  • 5/5 Aadil Akhtar Mar 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "We booked four rooms and really enjoyed the stay ,we take food from the restaurant it was nice ,I recommend this hotel!!!!!!"

  • 5/5 IQBAL SINGH Sep 30
    FabHotel Queens Paradise Puducherry

    "Absolut wonderful. You really feel like in heaven. Very very Friendly, helpful people work there, had a lot of fun. Quiet."

  • 3/5 SHYAM Jul 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "The room allocated to us was very beautiful and comfortable. The price was very reasonable and the breakfast was excellent"

    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "staff most courteous, excellent food, excellent clean, very relaxing rooms and wonderful ambiance ,I have travelled manyplaces but nothing like this"

  • 3/5 RAM CHANDER Jun 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Another great experience here, stayed very recently and back again. Staff are the main highlight of this hotel, always lovely, helpful and genuine."

  • 3/5 PREM CHAND Sep 30
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "The staff was exceptionally courteous and professional, and this extended through all the departments, right from the Front Desk to Housekeeping."

  • 5/5 bhupesh Dec 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Best Rooms & Good Restaurant Clean linen very Responsible Staffs , location is awsome over all happy stay."

  • 5/5 ManishJoshi Aug 31
    FabHotel Queens Paradise Puducherry

    "Food was delicious and portion really big. The owner was very kind, welcoming and helpfull. He helped us to reach hotel, find ATM."

  • 5/5 Aijaz Feb 29
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "Excellent hotel in the heart of the with all amnities . recommended this hotel to my friends and family"

  • 5/5 Kabilan K Dec 31
    FabExpress Santhi Inn Puducherry

    "I felt very nice experience here Good & neat rooms i love it very much Over all happy stay...."

    FabHotel Queens Paradise Puducherry

    "Staff is very friendly / warm they go beyond and helped us whatever special request we made they provided bespoke services."

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FAQs: About Couple Friendly Hotel booking in Pondicherry

Q:Are unmarried couples allowed in FabHotels in Pondicherry?


Select FabHotels in Pondicherry welcome all guests – whether married or unmarried. Couple-friendly Pondicherry hotels can be easily booked online via app and website.

Q:Is FabHotels safe for unmarried couples in Pondicherry?


FabHotels is a 100% safe place to stay for unmarried couples in Pondicherry. Guests only need to provide a valid government ID as age and identity proof.

Q:What is the age limit for couples to stay in Pondicherry hotels?


All hotels in Pondicherry allow check-in to adults of at least 18 years of age. A valid Government ID is required as proof of age.

Q:What all ID proofs are required for couples to stay at a Pondicherry hotel?


Couples can provide any valid government ID like a driver’s license, voter’s card, Aadhaar or passport to stay at a Pondicherry hotel.

Q:Is it legal for an unmarried couple to stay at a FabHotel in Pondicherry?


Absolutely! There is no law in Pondicherry that prohibits any two consenting adults whether married or unmarried to stay together in a hotel.

Q:Are couple-friendly in Pondicherry FabHotels economical?


Yes. FabHotels in Pondicherry offers a relaxing and safe stay at budget prices.

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