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Reviews for Hotel in Ahmedabad

300,000+ Fabulous Reviews
  • 5/5 Sandeep Jan 31
    FabHotel Darshan Ahmedabad

    "· Very convenient location on Ahmedabad bypass road. Nice spacious rooms. Hot water. Good South Indian breakfast at attached restaurant."

  • 5/5 Suresh Dalwadi Jan 31
    FabHotel Darshan Ahmedabad

    "Good Room service, complete staff cooperative, also one can stay with family. Fully satisfied, good food"

  • 5/5 Vineet Upadhyay Jan 31
    FabExpress Classic Inn Ahmedabad

    "Very nice hotel"

  • 5/5 Jeya Ganesh Nov 30
    FabExpress Classic Inn Ahmedabad

    "I stayed here while travelling to gujarat. One of the best and cheap hotel to stay while traveling. Service of hotel is also great."

  • 5/5 Shubham Raut Dec 31
    FabExpress Classic Inn Ahmedabad

    "the hotel was really good. Location was very convenient and rooms were super clean. done."

  • 5/5 Sanjay Kashyap Oct 31
    FabExpress Navjivan Ahmedabad

    "Staying in this property is really a wonderful experience always. It is a perfect place to relax. Very well suited property for a group stay."

  • 5/5 Parshant Tomar Oct 31
    FabExpress Navjivan Ahmedabad

    "Everything is just perfect..! The hotel is maintained well with all amenities & cleanliness is given high importance. The staff is extremely courteous. Really enjoyed the stay."

  • 5/5 dharmendra chauhan Dec 31
    FabExpress Classic Inn Ahmedabad

    "nice hotel"

  • 4/5 Life At 30 Nov 30
    FabHotel Darshan Ahmedabad

    "Very good food, the ac is not upto the mark, in all rooms...we finally stayed after changing 3 rooms...."

  • 5/5 Jay Soni Dec 31
    FabExpress Classic Inn Ahmedabad


  • 3/5 Om Prakash Mehta Dec 31
    FabExpress Classic Inn Ahmedabad

    "good hotel...clean room"

  • 5/5 Durga Prasad Dec 31
    FabExpress Classic Inn Ahmedabad

    "As it is colloborated with OYO the facilities are very changed and we have booked the room online without paying the money online. I have paid money at the time of check-in. Their hospitality is awesome. Outside foods are not allowed"

  • 5/5 Gaurav Bhardwaj Oct 31
    FabExpress Navjivan Ahmedabad

    "I was very much impressed by the services offered by the hotel Really liked the interiors of the room"

  • 5/5 Jaswant parmar Nov 30
    FabExpress Classic Inn Ahmedabad

    "all the best service in room service is very fast"

  • 5/5 Jyoti pradeep Aug 31
    FabExpress Classic Inn Ahmedabad

    "good hotel , facilities are very good , location is good , service is very good , this hotel is very comfortable in minimum price , this is comfortable for business trip , holiday trip , A AFSAR BASHA02 August 2017 Good service within time Clean room with good lighting & ventilation and hygenic atmosphere Good hospitality Location of the hotel is good for go anywhere at proper time Food is good with fresh and hot. Overall good hotel to stay with family."

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