Apart from being the first UNESCO World Heritage City ever and a food haven for vegetarians, Ahmedabad is visited for its culture and Gujarati snacks or farsan. Weather, though, is the only hitch in the city as it generally remains on the hotter side. The heat here is dry and scorching, which at times you feel is piercing your skin. If you are here in summers and feel that visiting the tourist places in Ahmedabad is not really a good idea, the hill stations around would be perfect for a respite. Towards its north is the Aravalli Range, while towards its south lies the Sahyadri Range or Western Ghats. While there are not many hill stations in Gujarat, the neighbouring states of Maharashtra, Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh have some pleasant hill stations that also act as great tourist places near Ahmedabad. Here is a detailed list of hill stations near Ahmedabad sorted according to their distance from the city:

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List of Top 10 Hill Stations near Ahmedabad:

  1. Polo Forest, Gujarat (159 km)
  2. Mount Abu, Rajasthan (227 km)
  3. Wilson Hills, Gujarat (365 km)
  4. Mandu, Madhya Pradesh (366 km)
  5. Toranmal, Maharashtra (367 km)
  6. Saputara, Gujarat (400 km)
  7. Don Hill Station, Gujarat (416 km)
  8. Jawhar, Maharashtra (459 km)
  9. Suryamal, Maharashtra (496 km)
  10. Matheran, Maharashtra (573 km)

Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 300 Km 

1. Polo Forest, Gujarat (159 km)

Polo Forest, Gujarat (159 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 300 Km

Polo Forest, Gujarat (159 km)

Located in the Aravalli range, this is a relatively newly developed hill station. With small hillocks covered in a vast, lush forest spanning over 400 square km, Polo forest is, in fact, quite an old settlement with a lot of archaeological remains from as far as the 10th century. The place was mostly unknown till the government opened a highway leading up to here about 5 years ago. Since then, the Government of Gujarat also hosts the annual Polo Utsav here, much similar in nature to the Rann of Kutch festival. Owing to its abundant greenery and tranquillity, polo forest is indeed the perfect location for a one day picnic near Ahmedabad.

Best time to visit Polo Forest: Considering it is hardly 3 hours’ drive from Ahmedabad, you can visit this place almost any time of the year. However, it is best visited from August to March. Even during other months, you can experience a temperature drop as soon as you enter the forest.

Things to do in Polo Forest: Visiting Jain temple, trekking to Echo Point, spotting resident and migratory birds, rock climbing, night treks, night safaris on tractors, eco-camping

2. Mount Abu, Rajasthan (227 km)

Mount Abu, Rajasthan (227 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 300 Km

Mount Abu, Rajasthan (227 km)

The forested hills of Mount Abu are the perfect getaway at a 5 hours’ drive from Ahmedabad. The only hill station in Rajasthan, Mount Abu is located on the highest peaks of the Aravalli Range. The spiralling roads leading up to Mount Abu would definitely fancy the rider within you. With cool weather round the year, this rocky plateau is often called an “oasis in the desert”. It tops the list of places to visit near Ahmedabad owing to its scenic beauty.

Best time to visit Mount Abu: October to March

Things to do in Mount Abu: Visiting Dilwara Temples, boating on Nakki Lake, hiking to sunset point and honeymoon point, exploring wildlife sanctuary, walking to Adhar Devi Temple

Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 400 km

3.Wilson Hills, Gujarat (365 km)

Wilson Hills, Gujarat (365 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 400 km

Wilson Hills, Gujarat (365 km)

At an average elevation of 2500 feet, Wilson Hills is one of the rarest hill stations in the world that provide a view of the sea. This spectacular scene along with some breath-taking waterfalls make it a widely loved hill station near Ahmedabad. This is a popular place to visit during summers as one can enjoy cool breeze here with less humidity as compared to other places in the region.

Best time to visit Wilson Hills: March to June

Things to do in Wilson Hills: Visiting Shankar Waterfalls, Sunset Point, Lady Wilson Museum and Bilpudi Twin Waterfalls, horse riding, trekking

4. Mandu, Madhya Pradesh (366 km)

Mandu, Madhya Pradesh (366 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 400 km

Mandu, Madhya Pradesh (366 km)

Mandu is a fortress town located on a rocky outcrop in Dhar district of Madhya Pradesh. Well-known for its medieval architecture, the place displays miraculous construction from as early as 10th and 11th centuries. In those years, it used to be an important military outpost, a fact which is visible in the 37-km long battlemented wall with 12 gateways. Along with providing a respite from the city life, this place also throws important insights on our rich heritage and history.

Best time to visit Mandu: June to September

Things to do in Mandu: Visiting Roopmati’s Pavilion, Baz Bahadur’s Palace, Rewa Kund, Jami Masjid, 12 Darwazas, Jahaz Mahal, Hindola Mahal,

5. Toranmal, Maharashtra (367 km)

Toranmal, Maharashtra (367 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 400 km

Toranmal, Maharashtra (367 km)

A hill station located in the Satpura Range, Toranmal attracts hordes of tourists and pilgrims from Gujarat, Maharashtra as well as Madhya Pradesh. The Gorakhnath Temple here is flocked by thousands of devotees during the Mahashivratri festival. Toranmal is surrounded by beautiful lakes, waterfalls and forests that add to the beauty of the plateau that is shaped like a saucer.

Best time to visit Toranmal: October to March

Things to do in Toranmal: Visiting Gorakhnath Temple, Yashwant Lake, sunset point, Lotus Lake, Sita Khai, coffee garden, Forest Park & Medicinal Plant Garden

Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 500 km

6. Saputara, Gujarat (400 km)

Saputara, Gujarat (400 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 500 km

Saputara, Gujarat (400 km)

A popular tourist destination during monsoon, Saputara is a hill station in the Western Ghats. Its scenic magnificence can be noticed from its picturesque gardens, hilltops and Saputara Lake. Those, for whom just wandering from place to place, sightseeing and relaxing in cool climes isn’t enough, there are several adventure activities to try here. So, you see, Saputara is the perfect place for a vacation away from the humdrum of the urban areas.

Best time to visit Saputara: August to February

Things to do in Saputara: Boating, trekking, fun ride on Pushpak ropeway, rock climbing, paragliding, and visiting botanical garden, Echo Point, Sunset Point, artist village

7. Don Hill Station, Gujarat (416 km)

Don Hill Station, Gujarat (416 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 500 km

Don Hill Station, Gujarat (416 km)

A hill station in the Dang region near Saputara, Don is situated on a plateau in the Western Ghats. With pleasant temperature round the year, it has been a highly visited place since the construction of a direct road. The hill station has rich tribal heritage, culture and bio-diversity that make it a must visit.

Best time to visit Don Hill Station: August to February

Things to do in Don Hill Station: Trekking across dense forests, climbing Dronacharya Hillock, visiting waterfalls and caves, exploring Pandav village, interacting with locals

8. Jawhar, Maharashtra (459 km)

Jawhar, Maharashtra (459 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 500 km

Jawhar, Maharashtra (459 km)

One of the tribal regions of Maharashtra, Jawhar is famous for its waterfalls, dams, and rich cultural heritage. Warli paintings are a popular peculiarity of this place, so whenever you come here, make sure you buy one. The mid-20th century Jai Vilas Palace is the most popular tourist spot in Jawhar. Given its unique location and architecture, which fuses Western and Indian aesthetic elements, this palace has been featured in multiple movies and shows.

Best time to visit Jawhar: August to February

Things to do in Jawhar: Buying Warli paintings, interacting with local tribals, and visiting Jai Vilas Palace, Hanuman point, Dabhosa Waterfall, Kal Mandavi Waterfall, Khadkhad Dam

9. Suryamal, Maharashtra (496 km)

Suryamal, Maharashtra (496 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad within 500 km

Suryamal, Maharashtra (496 km)

A lesser-known station, Suryamal is located at an altitude of 1800 feet in the Thane district. Surrounded by lush, green mountains, the place is a tribal village with breath-taking views from hilltops. The stunning Suryamal Peak is regarded as a paradise for trekkers. Far away from the modern advancements of city life, this is the perfect place for a respite from the hustle bustle.

Best time to visit Suryamal: All around the year

Things to do in Suryamal: Trekking to Suryamal Peak, visiting Amala Wildlife Sanctuary, Deoband Temple

Hill Stations near Ahmedabad beyond 500 km

10. Matheran, Maharashtra (573 km)

Matheran, Maharashtra (573 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad beyond 500 km

Matheran, Maharashtra (573 km)

Matheran, being declared as an eco-sensitive region, is the only automobile-free hill station in Asia. In its forests, you can find animals like the leopard, fox, mongoose and barking deer. The semi-evergreen forests here are very dense as the region experiences heavy rainfall and experiences strong winds. If you drive to this place, you will have to park your vehicle outside and go either by foot or hire a horse.

Best time to visit Matheran: November to March

Things to do in Matheran: Enjoying the toy train ride, trekking to Panorama Point for a miraculous 360-degree view of the surrounding area (sunrise and sunset from here are magical), and visiting Louisa Point, Monkey Point, Porcupine Point, One Tree Hill Point

11. Khandala, Maharashtra (593 km)

Khandala, Maharashtra (593 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad beyond 500 km

Khandala, Maharashtra (593 km)

After its mention in the movie Ghulam, Khandala became famous all across India. Located in the Western Ghats, this hill station can be easily reached via the Mumbai-Pune Expressway. So, even f you are staying at hotels in Mumbai or Pune, you have direct connectivity to it. Due to its proximity from these two major cities, Khandala attracts a lot of tourists, especially during the rainy season. As it is at a short distance of 3 km from Lonavala, you can club both these hill stations in a single trip. Whether visiting it alone or together, you’re sure to have a great time.

Best time to visit Khandala: July to March

Things to do in Khandala: Visiting Karla & Bhaja Caves, Bhushi Dam, Tiger’s Leap, Amrutanjan Point, Duke’s Nose, hiking

12. Lonavala, Maharashtra (596 km)

Lonavala, Maharashtra (596 km) | Hill Stations near Ahmedabad beyond 500 km

Lonavala, Maharashtra (596 km)

Famous for its chikkis, Lonavala is another celebrated tourist spot between Pune and Mumbai. Lonavala & Khandala are regarded as twin hill stations in the Western Ghats that border the Deccan Plateau and Western Coast. A combined trip to these two hill stations is definitely a great pick for some relaxing time away from the city life.

Best time to visit Lonavala: July to March

Things to do in Lonavala: Apart from the places mentioned above in Khandala, you can also visit the fortresses of Lohagad and Visapur, Lion Point, Shooting Point, Narayani Dham, Della Adventure Park, Lonavala Lake

These hill stations act as the perfect gateway to pleasant weather conditions for those who are finding it difficult to negotiate the summer heat of Ahmedabad. Talking of hill stations, wherever there are hills, there are waterfalls. As several of these places are near Mumbai, you might be interested in knowing about the most popular waterfalls near Mumbai, where you can even try adventure activities like waterfall rappelling. On that note, also make sure to check out our curated list for top hill stations near Mumbai.