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    Amritsar is one of the most spiritually significant cities in India. After its settlement in 1574, it became the religious center for the Sikh community across the globe, and later attracted freedom fighters in large numbers during the British Raj. But, the spiritual vibe and history are not the only reasons Amritsar is a prime choice among travelers. In the recent time, Amritsar has also emerged as an educational hub; the Indian Institute of Management is the most prestigious higher-education institution here. Businesspersons are also attracted to the city regularly as it is home to many textile, machinery, printing and chemical industries.

    All this has led to a steady increase in the number of people coming here, who have loads of hotels in Amritsar to choose from. They can pick 5-star properties or even budget hotels in Amritsar for a comfortable stay. Those, who are not looking to spend much on accommodation, yet do not want to compromise on modern amenities, can opt for FabHotel KK Continental. You can easily make an online hotel booking for it and be assured of the available facilities.

    Tourist Attractions in Amritsar
    There are numerous places to visit in Amritsar, ranging from sites of religious importance to those with an interesting past. Listed below are the top 5 attractions in Amritsar that travelers must not miss out on visiting:

    - Harmandir Sahib
    - Jalliawala Bagh
    - Durgiana Temple
    - Attari-Wagah Border
    - Maharaja Ranjit Singh Museum

    For a glimpse into the local history, tourists can also visit the Partition Museum, dedicated to one of the most important events in post-Independence India. Similarly, the Central Sikh Museum depicts photos and paintings glorifying the history and culture of the world's newest religion. Gurdwara Baba Atal and Hall Gate Circle are other great places to explore in Amritsar.

    Shopping and Dining in Amritsar
    Apart from a pilgrimage destination, Amritsar is a paradise for avid shoppers. It is home to both street markets that remind people of the olden days as well as humongous malls that make for a more contemporary experience. From colorful juttis and attire with intricate Phulkari work to jewelry and local snacks, the variety of goods available in the city is staggering. Guru Bazaar is renowned for its large number of shops dealing exclusively in locally made jewelry in gold and silver. Hall Bazaar is the place to shop for Phulkari fabrics, carpets and shawls with incredible embroidery, as well as lamps. Punjabi culture can be taken along by purchasing the famous Patiala salwar at Kapda Bazaar. Other popular places to shop in Amritsar are Old City Bazaar, Katra Jaimal Singh Market, Papad Warian Bazaar and Lawrence Road.

    Among the essential things to do in Amritsar is tasting the local dishes. Full of flavor and color, Punjabi cuisine is among the most popular in the country as well as overseas. Local meat preparations like tandoori chicken and butter chicken have already taken the global culinary scene by storm. Some of the most popular vegetarian dishes originating in Punjab are kadhai paneer, shahi paneer and dal makhani. However, a staple in the rural area around Amritsar is the humble, yet superb makke di roti and sarson da saag (maize flat bread with a preparation of mustard leaves). Another Punjabi essential is the lassi, which is an especially effective way to cool off during the summer season.

    Bharawan Da Dhaba (Town Hall), Pal Da Dhaba (Hathi Gate), Beera Chicken Corner (Sehaj Avenue), Ahuja Milk Bhandar (Dhab Khatikan), Kulcha Land (Ranjit Avenue) and Kesar Da Dhaba (Chowk Passion) are among the most popular places to eat in Amritsar.

    Upcoming Festivals and Events
    Everybody knows that Punjabis are the liveliest of people in the country, singing and dancing their heart out whenever they can. The first big opportunity for them to do so is Lohri, the harvest festival of the region, celebrated on January 13th. During the day, the city streets are at their most vibrant, with shops displaying their best collection of colorful ethnic attire. Popular Punjabi numbers and folk songs can be heard, and dances like Giddha and Bhangra seen in every nook and corner of Amritsar. After sunset, huge pyres are built on major road crossings, in colonies and in front of individual houses. Once they are lit, revelers sing and dance around the flame and throw several eatables in it as offering to the god. Special cultural shows are also organized at several spots to mark this event. People also fly kites, which is an important event during Lohri and Makar Sankranti (January 14th).

    How to Reach Amritsar
    Being a major city and pilgrimage center, Amritsar is well connected to the rest of India by road, rail and air. One of the most important highways in the entire Asian continent, the Grand Trunk Road passes through the city, linking it directly with the national capital, New Delhi. Punjab Roadways, the state-owned transport authority, runs regular buses to Amritsar from Delhi, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Haridwar and Jammu.

    Amritsar Railway Station is the main rail transit point in the city with daily trains from all major cities and towns. Those, looking for budget hotels near Amritsar Railway Station, can stay at FabHotel Aay Kay Model Town.

    The primary air transit hub in the city is Sri Guru Ram Dass Jee International Airport. It has direct flights to and from Delhi, Dubai, Birmingham, Mumbai, Jammu and many other cities.

    Travelers, who want to explore the national capital on an extended stay or are using it as an intermediate stop, have loads of economy hotels in Delhi to choose from. FabHotel Pallvi New Delhi Station and FabHotel Sunstar Karol Bagh are some preferred options in New Delhi.

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