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Kolkata Metro Route Map Guide

Kolkata Metro is a rapid transit system currently serving Kolkata and eventually planned to connect its twin city of Howrah. The system has one line under operation, while four are under construction and three more have been planned. Presently, the system uses 1676 mm (broad gauge) tracks, while the electricity is supplied by third rail, carrying 750 V DC. Trains, which are of either 4 or 8 coaches, travel on the ground, underground and on elevated viaducts. The maximum speed of the trains is 80 km/h, while the frequency varies from 5 to 20 minutes. Every day, over 7 lakh people travel on Kolkata Metro.

Kolkata Metro Quick Info

  • Owner: Metro Railway, Kolkata
  • Serving Cities: Kolkata, Howrah (in future)
  • Number of Lines: 1 (4 under construction)
  • Headquarters: Metro Rail Bhavan, Nehru Road
  • Started Operations in: 1984
  • Daily Timings: 6:45 am to 9:55 pm (Mon–Sat); 9:50 am to 9:55 pm (Sun)
  • Fare: ₹5–25

Kolkata Metro Lines

Line No. Length (Km) Stations Starting Point – End Point
1 27.2 24 Kavi Subhash – Noapara

Kolkata Metro Line 1

With the opening of Kolkata Metro Line 1 on October 24th, 1984, it became the first modern mass transit system in the country. In its 35 years of operational history, it has been the only metro line operational in the city. The line uses 1676 mm (broad gauge) tracks, while 750 volt direct current is supplied via third rail. Every train has eight coaches, and it runs at a maximum speed of 55 km/h with 5–7 minute headway. It runs in a north–south direction through some of the most prominent and busiest areas of the city.

Stations on Line 1

Station Interchange/Connections
Kavi Subhash New Garia Railway Station
Shahid Khudiram  
Kavi Nazrul  
Masterda Surya Sen  
Mahanayak Uttam Kumar  
Rabindra Sarobar Tollygunge Railway Station
Jatin Das Park  
Netaji Bhavan  
Rabindra Sadan  
Park Street  
Chandni Chowk Sealdah Railway Station
Mahatma Gandhi Road  
Girish Park  
Shobhabazar Sutanuti  
Belgachhia Kolkata Railway Station
Dum Dum  
Noapara Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose International Airport

Further Extension of Line 1

Under Phase II development of Kolkata Metro, Line 1 is being extended by two stations beyond Noapara to Dakshineswar.

Top Attractions Connected by Line 1

Attraction Nearest Station Distance from Nearest Station (Km)
Royal Kolkata Golf Club Mahanayak Uttam Kumar 2.6
Rabindra Sarobar Rabindra Sarobar 1.8
Kalighat Mandir Kalighat 0.9
Netaji Bhavan Rabindra Sadan 0.8
Nehru’s Children Museum Rabindra Sadan 0
St Paul’s Cathedral Rabindra Sadan 0.8
Victoria Memorial Rabindra Sadan 1
Fort William Maidan 3.9
Prinsep Ghat Maidan 3.9
MP Birla Planetarium Maidan 0.6
Indian Museum Park Street 0.4
Shaheed Minar Esplanade 0.8
Eden Gardens Esplanade 1
Marble Palace MG Road 0.4

Kolkata Metro Lesser-Known Facts

  • Oldest metro system in India
  • Only metro in India to be controlled by Indian Railways; designated as ‘deemed’ Zone 17 of the railways in 2010
  • Has the lowest fares of any metro system in India
  • 10 stations named after eminent Bengalis
  • Built with consultation and support from East Germany, France and Soviet Union
  • Not all rakes are air conditioned

Kolkata Metro to have India’s first underwater section in future

Kolkata Metro Route Map

Kolkata Route Map

Kolkata Route Map | (Source

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