A blend of old and new, Nashik is renowned for its dual identity. On one hand, it has charming, ancient temples and on the other, you will find luxury wine retreats which have become quite popular. After all, Nashik is called the ‘Wine Capital of India’ for a reason.

Moreover, the salubrious climate of the city and its proximity to Mumbai and Pune makes it ideal for a weekend getaway. If you are planning a trip to this beautiful old city, start your exploration from its temples. There are nearly 100 temples in Nashik, all situated on the banks of the Godavari River.

Places to Visit in Nashik:

Trimbakeshwar Temple Muktidham
Ramkund Pandavleni Caves
Anjaneri Hills Dugarwadi Waterfall
Sula Vineyards Someshwar Temple
Sita Gufa in Panchvati Tapovan

1. Trimbakeshwar Temple – For the Devotees of Lord Shiva, Nashik

Trimbakeshwar Temple, Nashik

Trimbakeshwar Temple | #1 of 10 Best Places to visit in Nashik

Renowned for being one of the 12 jyotirlinga sites, the Trimbakeshwar Temple is among the most revered places to visit on a Nashik tour. It is believed that Lord Shiva appeared as a pillar of light here. The auspicious Kumbh Mela of Nashik takes place around this temple only. Besides its holy ambience, the fact that Trimbakeshwar Temple lies between three hills, namely Nilgiri, Brahmagiri and Kalahari, makes it all the more alluring.

  • Location: Shrimant Peshwe Path, Trimbak (30 km from Nashik city centre), Nashik
  • Timing: 5:30 AM – 6 PM

2. Muktidham – Site of all the Jyotirlingas, Nashik

Muktidham, Nashik

Muktidham | #2 of 10 Best Places to visit in Nashik

You can see replicas of all the 12 jyotirlingas at Muktidham. A beautiful temple made out of marble, Muktidham has walls with inscriptions about Mahabharata and the life of Lord Krishna, who is also the presiding deity here. One of the prime attractions in Nashik, the temple is visited by crowds from all walks of life and the frequency increases manyfold during the Kumbh Mela.

  • Location: Mahatma Gandhi Rd, Gayakhe Colony, Nashik Road, Nashik
  • Timings: 6 AM – 7 PM

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3. Ramkund – Sacred Ghat on Godavari River, Nashik

Ramkund, Nashik

Ramkund | #3 of 10 Best Places to visit in Nashik

Located in the old city of Nashik, Ramkund is a bathing ghat swarmed by devotees all year round. It is believed that Lord Rama performed the death rituals of his father here. People come here with the ashes of their loved ones and immerse it in water hoping they would find salvation.

4. Pandavleni Caves – Holy Buddhist Site, Nashik

Pandavleni Caves, Nashik

Pandavleni Caves | #4 of 10 Best Places to visit in Nashik

The Pandavleni Caves are a group of 24 rock-cut caves dating back to 2nd century AD. Around 10 km from Nashik city centre, this is a holy Buddhist site. You will find inscriptions and carvings dating back to the inception of Buddhism. Cave number 18 is the most prominent cave where you will find a prayer hall and a stupa.

While most of the caves lie in ruins, cave number three is structurally intact. Spend a day exploring the ancient ruins and immersing yourself in its serene ambience.

  • Location: Pandav Lene Rd, Buddha Vihar, Pathardi Phata, Nashik
  • Timings: 8:30 AM – 5:30 PM
  • Entry Fees: INR 15 for Indian Adults, INR 200 for Foreigners

5. Anjaneri Hills – Birthplace of Lord Hanuman, Nashik

Anjaneri Hills, Nashik

Anjaneri Hills | #5 of 10 Best Places to visit in Nashik

An uphill trek of 10 km from Trimbakeshwar will take you to Anjaneri Hills. A beautiful tourist attraction, the highlight of the hills is the cave at the top. It is believed that this is the cave where Goddess Anjana Devi gave birth to Lord Hanuman. It is named after her and has become a prominent place of worship for all devotees. Inside the cave, there is a temple dedicated to Lord Hanuman. The image of the lord has five heads. This is unlike any Hanuman temple you will find across the country.

Spend some time inside the cave, explore the nearby area or simply soak in the views around you.

  • Distance from Nashik city centre: 30 km

6. Dugarwadi Waterfall – Nature’s Gift to Mankind, Nashik

Dugarwadi Waterfall, Nashik

Dugarwadi Waterfall | #6 of 10 Best Places to visit in Nashik

That first downpour of monsoon is not only refreshing but also special. And if you want to enjoy it fully, nothing is better than witnessing a waterfall. While in Nashik, visit the Dugarwadi Waterfall. Located at a short distance from Nashik, this scenic tourist attraction is a delight for nature lovers.

You will have to trek for 1-2 km amidst forest. The route can be a little daunting and landslides are common here so take precaution and tread slowly. However, all this will not matter once you reach the waterfall and witness its beauty.

  • Location: Trimbakeshwar, Near Trimbak, Maharashtra (36 km from Nashik city centre), Nashik

7. Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Sula Vineyards, Nashik

Sula Vineyards | #7 of 10 Best Places to visit in Nashik

A laid-back vacation amidst vineyards and large estates is what Nashik is off late gaining popularity for. One of the most prominent wineries in the entire region is the Sula Vineyards. Renowned for its excellent quality of grapes, the vineyard is open for a tour where you can try grape-stomping and sample some of the finest wines.

The USP of the Sula vineyards is that it processes wines according to the Indian palette. You can also stay in a wine retreat or simply take a tour of the wineyard to know how a grape goes on to become the most revered drink of them all.

Apart from these places, Nashik is also surrounded by scenic hill stations that offer serenity and are perfect for weekend getaways from Mumbai and Pune.

8. Someshwar Temple, Nashik

Located on the banks of river Godavari, Someshwar Temple is around 7 km from the main city of Nashik. Surrounded by lush greenery, the temple is a picturesque sight in the monsoon season. Apart from the idol of Lord Shiva (the main deity), the temple also has a shrine dedicated to Lord Hanuman. Visitors can take a tour of the temple, say a prayer in reverence to the lords and sit outside to spend some time in the peaceful environs of this sacred site. 

  • Location: Gangapur Road, Someshwar, Nashik

9. Sita Gufa in Panchvati, Nashik

Panchvati in Nashik is an important site for Hindu devotees. It is, after all, the place where Lord Rama stayed during his 14 years exile from Ayodhya. As you enter the Panchvati region, you will come across the cave where Goddess Sita stayed. 

On normal days, you will find a long queue to enter the cave as hundreds of devotees swarm the place. But if you visit during monsoon season, it’s a quiet place. Visit the Sita Gufa if you are planning a trip to Panchvati. This sacred place was an important part of the epic Ramayana and a must-visit attraction for the devotees of Lord Rama & Goddess Sita. 

  • Location: Panchavati, Nashik, Maharashtra

10. Tapovan, Nashik

The literal meaning of Tapovan is ‘a forest for meditation and penance’. Located close to Panchvati, Tapovan is yet another spiritual place integral to Hindus. This is the place where sages came to meditate in search of enlightenment. 

It is also believed that this is the site where Lord Laksham famously cut Shurpnakha’s nose. Do visit this famous place and sit here for a couple of hours meditating. With the river Godavari flowing nearby, you are sure to experience serenity.

Frequently Asked Questions About Nashik:

Q: What is Nashik famous for?

A: Nashik is known for a lot of things -- for its oranges, for silverware craftsmanship, for being one of the four cities in India that host the holy Kumbha Mela, for being the gateway to Shirdi and Trimbakeshwar, for its contribution to art and literature, and for Sula Wine.

Q: How to reach Nashik?

A: Taxis and frequent buses are available from nearby cities like Mumbai and Pune to reach Nashik. From places that are farther, you can reach the city by train via Nasik Road railway station or by air via Nashik Airport.

Q: Where to shop in Nashik?

A: Popular shopping places in Nashik include Main Road, Saraf Bazaar, Canada Corner, MG Marg and Nashik City Centre Mall in Lavate Nagar.

Q: What are the different things to do in Nashik?

A: Go for a temple tour, hike to Anjaneri Fort, explore Pandavleni Caves, spend some leisure time at Gangapur Dam, take a dip in the holy Ram Kund, go shopping, chill at amusement parks and the best of all, become a wine connoisseur for a day.

Q: Suggest some good places in Nashik to enjoy food and drinks.

A: The Sidewalk, Barbeque Nation, Sadhana Restaurant, Al Arabian Express, Sayantara, Rasa at Sula, Kokni Darbar and Barbeque Ville are some of the best restaurants in Nashik. For drinks, you can head to Sula Vineyards or The Foundry.