Regret not having planned enough vacations in 2023 and unchecked items from your bucket list? Fret not, as with the New Year just around the corner, it’s time to look at the calendar once again and ensure you get your vacation plans right for 2024.

And do you know what’s amazing about the forthcoming year? Apart from a whole lot of new opportunities and exciting destinations, it is also full of long weekends. So, if you plan smartly, you can easily sneak in as many as six vacations in the year without needing to petition your office for those extra leaves. Get ready then, and bring out the travel enthusiast inside you who’s always on the lookout for an opportunity to go out and explore! Check out the list of long weekends 2024 to start your Long Holidays /Vacation or travel destination planning.

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Long Weekend 2024 Dates  & List of Places to Visit



Dates/Days of the Week

Popular Places to Explore

Jan 2024

New Year’s Day

29 Dec 2023 – 01 Jan 2024 Friday – Monday

Goa, Manali, Jaisalmer, Sikkim

Jan 2024

Republic Day

26 Jan 2024 – 28 Jan 2024 Saturday – Monday

Gulmarg, Mahabaleshwar, Munnar 

Mar 2024

Maha Shivratri, Gudi Padwa

08 Mar 2024 – 11 Mar 2024 Friday – Monday

Kodaikanal, Udaipur, Ooty

Mar 2024

Good Friday, Easter

28 Mar 2024 – 31 Mar 2024 Thursday – Sunday

Darjeeling, Amritsar, Shimla 

May 2024

Buddha Purnima

23 May 2024 – 26 May 2024 Thursday – Sunday

Bir Biling, Rishikesh, Kerala,  Coorg

June 2024

Bakri Eid

14 June 2024 – 17 June 2024 Friday – Monday

Mcleodganj, Wayanad, Kasol, Meghalaya

Aug 2024

Independence Day

15 August 2024 – 18 August 2024 Thursday – Sunday

Udaipur, Lonavala, Varanasi

Aug 2024


23 August 2024 – 26 August 2024 Thursday – Monday

Kodaikanal, Jaipur, Cherrapunji

Sep 2024

Eid Milad Un Nabi

13 Sep 2024 – 16 Sep 2024 Friday – Monday

Ziro, Daman and Diu, Nainital, Kodaikanal

Oct 2024

Maha Navami, Dussehra

10 Oct 2024 – 13 Oct 2024 Friday – Monday

Agra, Udaipur, Andaman Islands, Ladakh

Nov 2024

Guru Nanak Jayanti

15 Nov 2024 – 19 Nov 2024 Friday – Monday

Delhi, Pondicherry, Shillong, Gujarat

Dec 2024


25 Dec 2024- 29 Dec Wednesday-Sunday

Goa, Manali, Jodhpur, Assam, Auli

1. January – New Year’s Weekend and Republic Day Weekend

New Year’s Weekend

  • 29th December: Take a day off
  • 30th December: Saturday
  • 31st December: Sunday
  • 1st January: New Year’s Day

Republic Day Weekend

  • 26th January (Friday) — Republic Day
  • 27th January: Saturday
  • 28th January: Sunday
  • 29th January (Monday)- Take the day off

January is the month of starting new year with new experiences and explorations. From the northern to the southern and eastern to the western part of the country, there are several mind-blowing tourist destinations that you can explore on a fun-filled vacation with family or friends. You can travel to Goa to explore beaches, Manali for a snowfall, Jaisalmer to immerse in culture, and Sikkim to witness the scenic beauty. Apart from these places, you can explore some handpicked places to visit in January in our blog.

2. March – Maha Shivratri Weekend and Good Friday Weekend

Maha Shivratri Weekend

  • 8th March (Friday): Maha Shivratri
  • 9th March: Saturday
  • 10th March: Sunday
  • 11th March (Monday): Take a day off

Good Friday Weekend

  • 28th March (Thursday): Take a day off
  • 29th March (Friday): Good Friday
  • 30th March: Saturday
  • 31st March: Sunday

March is one of the best times of the year to travel as it marks the onset of the summer season. The long weekend that follows Maha Shivratri will present an excellent opportunity to embark on a tranquil trip. Some of the popular places to visit in March are Kodaikanal, Udaipur, Ooty, and Darjeeling. You can check out some other options for places to visit in March in our blog.

3. May – Buddha Purnima Weekend

  • 23rd May (Thursday): Buddha Purnima
  • 24th May (Friday): Take a day off
  • 25th May: Saturday
  • 26th May: Sunday

May is the bonafide holiday month all over the country, and if you’re not planning a vacation in May, you are probably working too hard. There are many options to explore, from beaches to mountains, from cities to villages. Some popular places are Bir Biling, Rishikesh, Kerala, and Coorg. Apart from these places, you can also explore these places to visit in May.

4. June – Bakra-Eid Weekend

  • 14th June (Friday): Take a day off
  • 15th June: Saturday
  • 16th June: Sunday
  • 17th June (Monday): Bakra-Eid

Just in case you missed vacationing in the long weekends during the first half of 2024, you still have another chance to redeem yourself by planning a short trip during the Bakra-Eid festival period. Popular places to visit in June are Mcleodganj, Wayanad, Kasol, and Meghalaya.

5.  August – Independence Day Weekend

Independence Day Weekend

  • 15th August (Thursday) — Independence Day
  • 16th August (Friday) — Take a day off
  • 17th August: Saturday
  • 18th August: Sunday

Janmashtami Weekend

  • 23rd August (Friday): Take a day off
  • 24th August: Saturday
  • 25th August: Sunday
  • 26th August (Monday): Janmashtami

The first long weekend in August jostles with Independence Day. July to September is the best time to visit nature as you can witness flowers and plants in full bloom. Another long weekend in August 2024 is during Janmashtami when you can take a day off to go on a four-day vacation. Some popular places to visit in August are Udaipur, Lonavala, Varanasi, and Kodaikanal.

6. September – Eid Milad un Nabi Weekend

  • 13th September (Friday): Take a day off
  • 14th September: Saturday
  • 15th September: Sunday
  • 16th September (Monday): Eid Milad un Nabi

As the monsoon starts retreating, the climate across the country becomes quite pleasant and makes for a great opportunity to put on travel shoes. Hill stations to beaches, temples to museums, and wildlife sanctuaries to forts; there are so many places to visit in September. Some popular places are Ziro, Daman and Diu, Nainital, and Kodaikanal.

7. October – Dussehra Weekend

  • 10th October (Friday): Take a day off
  • 11th October: Saturday
  • 12th October (Sunday): Dussehra
  • 13th October (Monday): Take a day off

The weekend during Dussehra in 2024 is a four-day long period wherein you can plan a holiday to relax your mind and senses. Starting this month, tourists swarm to the best travel destinations in the country with their family and friends for vacations. Some of the popular places to visit in October are Agra, Udaipur, Andaman Islands, and Ladakh.

8. November – Guru Nanak Jayanti Weekend (Hampi in Karnataka)

  • 15th November (Friday): Guru Nanak Jayanti
  • 16th November: Saturday
  • 17th November: Sunday
  • 18th November (Monday): Take a day off

November is perhaps one of the best times of the year to travel to any destination in India as the weather is calm and pleasant and nature’s beauty is at its best. If you are planning a leisure trip during this time, get ready to be spoilt for choices from the best places to visit in November in India. Some popular destinations are Delhi, Pondicherry, Shillong, and Gujarat

9. December – Christmas Weekend (Udaipur)

  • 25th December (Wednesday) — Christmas
  • 26th December (Thursday): Take a day off
  • 27th December (Friday): Take a day off
  • 28th December: Saturday
  • 29th December: Sunday

You can end 2024 on a great note by making the most of the long weekend during Christmas. We suggest that you explore the stunning places to visit in December, as the weather remains pleasant during this time. There are quite a few destinations that you can choose, like Goa, Manali, Jodhpur, Assam, and Auli.

This is our quick roundup of the top destinations you can visit to make the best use of the long weekends 2024. Consider making bookings for flights, trains, and hotels in advance to avail the best bargains.

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