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Duronto Express: Timings, Route, Timetable, Train List

Published Date: 09-Jul-2019

What are Duronto Express Trains?

In Bengali, the word Duronto means non-stop or restless. Living up to the name, Duronto Express is a series of long-distance high-speed point-to-point trains that were introduced by the Indian Railways. One of the fastest trains in India, Duronto was introduced in 2009-2010.  The first train of this series ran between Sealdah in Kolkata and New Delhi and was flagged off by Mamata Banerjee, the then Railway Minister. One of the defining characteristics of Duronto is the yellow-green color of its coaches which look like a field full of flowers.

Duronto Expresses were initially launched as non-stop trains that run from the source station to the destination station without any commercial stoppages in between. They stopped only at their designated technical stoppages and didn’t have any ticketing stops between the source and destination. Booking was available only from the source station. However, the technical stoppages were converted into commercial stoppages since January 2016. Today, passengers can book Duronto train tickets from those technical stoppages.

At present, there are 26 pairs (52 in total) of Duronto trains that connect various state capitals and metro cities in India.   

Features and Facilities of Duronto Express Trains

  • Like Rajdhani and Shatabdi trains, Duronto Expresses count among the premium trains running on India’s railway tracks. As a result, they get priority on the Indian Railway Network as against many other express rains.
  • With a maximum speed limit of 130 km/hour, Duronto trains are among the fastest trains in India.
  • In comparison to the other high-speed express trains operating in India, Duronto trains operate on lower fares and with fewer stops.
  • At the time of launching, Duronto trains had five different classes – AC First Class (1A), AC Two Tier (2A), AC Three Tier (3A), AC Three Tier Economy (3E), and Non-AC Sleeper Class (SL). However, later the 3E class was removed.
  • Currently, there are two types of Duronto Express trains – with only 1A, 2A, and 3A classes (fully air-conditioned trains) and trains that also have non-air conditioned sleeper coaches (SL) in addition to 1A, 2A, and 3A classes.
  • An exclusive feature of Duronto Expresses is the Linke Hofmann Busch (LHB) coaches. These are designed out of stainless steel and have aluminum interiors, which makes them lighter in weight when compared to traditional coaches in the Indian Railway system.
  • The LHB coaches of the Duronto trains are anti-telescopic in nature. This means they are derailment-proof and won’t flip or get turned over in the event of a collision, mainly head-on collision.
  • The ticket prices of Duronto Express trains are inclusive of food prices. Depending on when you board the train and the duration of your journey, you will be provided with morning tea, breakfast, lunch, dinner, evening tea/coffee, a bottle of water, etc. based on a pre-decided menu.
  • The coaches of Duronto Express trains are equipped with mobile charging points, bottle holders, fire extinguishers, LED night lamps, light switches, dustbins, and transparent sliding doors between coaches.
  • Passengers traveling in the AC coaches of Duronto trains are provided with bed-rolls. For the non-air conditioned sleeper class passengers, bed-rolls are made available if demanded and on payment of specified charges.
  • Indian Railways follows the dynamic pricing system on all Duronto Express trains. This means the ticket fares of Duronto trains are not fixed and they increase depending on the demand and the number of seats booked.

Duronto Express Routes

As of now, the 26 pairs of Duronto trains connect a number of state capitals and metro cities, such as Kolkata, Mumbai, Delhi, Pune, Indore, Jaipur, Chennai, Allahabad, Bhubaneswar, Secunderabad, Nagpur, Patna, and Jammu Tawi. The longest route is covered by Ernakulam Duronto Express that connects Kochi to New Delhi and traverses around 2943 km in the process.

List of Duronto Express Trains

Here’s a complete list of Duronto trains running across the country, with timingstimetable, other details, as of July 2019:

Train From To Arr. Dep. MTWTFS
Duronto Express (12213) Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction Delhi Sarai Rohilla 06:50 23:40 NNNNNNY
Ypr Duronto Express (12214) Delhi Sarai Rohilla Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction 07:30 23:00 NYNNNNN
Sc Duronto Express (12219) Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Secunderabad Junction 11:05 23:05 NNNYNNY
Duronto Ac Express (12220) Secunderabad Junction Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus 11:05 23:05 NNYNNYN
Howrah Duronto (12221) Pune Junction Kolkata Howrah Junction 19:40 15:15 NYNNNNY
Hwh Pune Duront (12222) Kolkata Howrah Junction Pune Junction 11:35 08:20 NNNNYNY
Ltt Ers Duronto (12223) Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Ernakulam Junction (South) 17:45 20:50 NNYNNNY
Ers Ltt Duronto (12224) Ernakulam Junction (South) Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus 18:15 21:30 YNNYNNN
Indore Duronto (12227) Mumbai Central Indore Junction BG 11:15 23:15 NNNNYNY
Mumbai Duronto (12228) Indore Junction BG Mumbai Central 11:50 23:00 YNNNNYN
Jaipur Duronto (12239) Mumbai Central Jaipur Junction 14:35 23:15 YNYNNNN
Jp Bct Duronto (12240) Jaipur Junction Mumbai Central 12:05 19:15 NNYNYNN
Hwh Ypr Duronto (12245) Kolkata Howrah Junction Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction 16:00 11:00 YNYYNYY
Duronto Express (12246) Bangalore Yesvantpur Junction Kolkata Howrah Junction 16:00 11:15 YYYNYYN
Ndls Duronto (12259) Kolkata Sealdah New Delhi 11:25 18:30 YYNYYNN
Sdah Duronto Ex (12260) New Delhi Kolkata Sealdah 12:30 19:45 NYYNYYN
Howrah Duronto (12261) Mumbai CST Kolkata Howrah Junction 19:40 17:15 YNYYYNN
Hwh Cstm Duront (12262) Kolkata Howrah Junction Mumbai CST 10:30 08:20 NYYYNYN
Nzm Duronto Exp (12263) Pune Junction Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 06:55 11:10 NNYNNYN
Pune Duronto Ex (12264) Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin Pune Junction 07:10 11:00 NYNNYNN
Dee Jat Duronto (12265) Delhi Sarai Rohilla Jammu Tawi 07:10 22:15 YNYNNYN
Duronto Express (12266) Jammu Tawi Delhi Sarai Rohilla 04:00 19:25 NYNYNNY
Adi Duronto Express (12267) Mumbai Central Ahmedabad Junction 06:00 23:25 YYYYYYY
Bct Duronto Express (12268) Ahmedabad Junction Mumbai Central 06:15 23:45 YYYYYYY
Duronto Express (12269) Chennai Central Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 10:35 06:40 NYNNNYN
Mas Duronto Exp (12270) Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin Chennai Central 20:10 15:50 NNYNNNY
Hwh Ndls Duront (12273) Kolkata Howrah Junction New Delhi 06:05 12:50 NYNNNYN
Hwh Duronto Exp (12274) New Delhi Kolkata Howrah Junction 06:00 13:00 NNYNNNY
Ndls Duronto Express (12275) Allahabad Junction New Delhi 06:05 22:40 YNYNYNN
Ald Duronto Express (12276) New Delhi Allahabad Junction 06:20 23:00 NYNYNYN
Bbs Duronto Exp (12281) Bhubaneswar New Delhi 06:05 08:10 NNNYNNN
Bbs Duronto Exp (12282) New Delhi Bhubaneswar 11:05 13:00 NNNNYNN
Ers Nzm Duronto (12283) Ernakulam Junction (South) Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 19:30 23:30 NNYNNNN
Nzm Ers Duronto (12284) Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin Ernakulam Junction (South) 15:25 21:35 NNNNNNY
Nzm Duronto Ex (12285) Secunderabad Junction Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin 10:35 13:30 YNNNYNN
Nzm Sc Duronto (12286) Delhi Hazrat Nizamuddin Secunderabad Junction 14:00 15:50 NYNNNYN
Nagpur Duronto (12289) Mumbai CST Nagpur Junction 07:20 20:15 YYYYYYY
Ngp Cstm Duront (12290) Nagpur Junction Mumbai CST 07:55 20:40 YYYYYYY
Ald Duronto Express (12293) Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus Allahabad Junction 12:25 17:25 NYNNNYN
Ald Ltt Duronto (12294) Allahabad Junction Mumbai Lokmanya Tilak Terminus 14:50 19:30 NNYNNNY
Pune Duronto (12297) Ahmedabad Junction Pune Junction 07:00 22:30 YNYNNYN
Adi Duronto Express (12298) Pune Junction Ahmedabad Junction 06:15 21:35 NYNNYNY
Duronto Express (22201) Kolkata Sealdah Puri 04:00 20:00 NYNYNYN
Duronto Express (22202) Puri Kolkata Sealdah 04:00 19:45 NNYNYNY
Sc Duronto Express (22203) Visakhapatnam Junction Secunderabad Junction 08:00 22:30 YNYNYNN
Vskp Duronto E (22204) Secunderabad Junction Visakhapatnam Junction 06:05 20:30 NYNYNNY
Mdu Duronto Express (22205) Chennai Central Madurai Junction 06:45 22:30 NYNYNNN
Mas Duronto Express (22206) Madurai Junction Chennai Central 07:10 22:45 NNYNYNN
Super Ac Express (22207) Chennai Central Trivandrum Central 05:45 16:30 NNYNNYN
Super Ac Express (22208) Trivandrum Central Chennai Central 10:30 21:30 NNNYNNY
Ndls Duronto Express (22209) Mumbai Central New Delhi 16:55 23:15 NYNNNYN
Bct Duronto (22210) New Delhi Mumbai Central 16:15 23:30 NNYNNNY
Shm Pnbe Duront (22213) Kolkata Shalimar Patna Junction 06:40 22:05 NYNYNYN
Duronto Express (22214) Patna Junction Kolkata Shalimar 05:40 20:40 NNYNYNY
Shivalk Dlx Exp N G (52451) Kalka Shimla 10:15 05:30 YYYYYYY
Shivalik Deluxe Express (52452) Shimla Kalka 22:25 17:40 YYYYYYY

Duronto Express FAQ:

Q: Is it possible to travel in Duronto trains without prior reservation? Do they have the General or Unreserved class?

A: No. Duronto trains don’t have any General or Unreserved classes (GEN/UR) that allow passengers to travel without reservation. You can board Duronto trains only with a Confirmed or RAC ticket.

Q: Can I board Duronto trains with a Waitlist ticket?

A: No. You can’t travel in Duronto trains with a Waitlist ticket.

Q: Is food price included in Duronto ticket fare?

A: Yes. Duronto ticket charges are inclusive of food charges. You don’t need to pay extra money for the food served onboard.

Q: Do they serve vegetarian food in Duronto trains?

A: Yes. Duronto trains serve both vegetarian and non-vegetarian food based on the preference of the passengers. You have to indicate your food preference at the time of booking the tickets.

Q: Is Tatkal facility available for booking Duronto train tickets?

A: Yes. You can book 2A, 3A, and Sleeper (if available) category seats in Duronto trains through the Tatkal Scheme. However, as per the general Tatkal rule, you can’t book 1A seats under this scheme.

Q: Do I have the option to opt out of meals while booking Duronto train tickets?

A: Yes, you may opt out of the onboard catering service by ticking the ‘No Food’ option while booking your tickets.

Q: If I opt for no food, will I get a discount on Duronto ticket fares?

A: Yes. If you forgo food, catering charges will be removed from your ticket fare.

Q: If I opt for ‘No Food’ at the time of ticket booking, can I change that option later and opt for food?

A: No. You can’t change your option for food choice once you have booked your ticket and paid the fare.

Q: Do Duronto trains allow outside food?

A: Yes. Duronto trains apply no restriction on passengers bringing on board their own food. You can even buy food from stations or the vendors selling food items inside the trains.

Q: Are there any concession available in Duronto train fares for senior citizens?

A: Yes. Men who are above 60 years and above and women who are above 58 years and above can avail senior citizen concessions in Duronto trains. This concession is 40 percent for men and 50 percent for women. However, the senior citizen concession is available only when you book tickets on General Quota. Tickets booked under the Tatkal scheme don’t get any concession.

Q: Can I avail Ladies Quota in Duronto trains?

A: Yes. Duronto trains have a reservation quota for ladies in AC Three Tier (3A) and sleeper coaches. Any female, irrespective of age, journeying alone or in a group of female passengers can avail this quota.

Q: Do Duronto trains provide pillows, blankets, towels, etc. to passengers?

A: Yes. Duronto trains provide bed-roll to the passengers of AC coaches. Passengers traveling in non-air conditioned coaches can opt for bed-rolls against the payment of a specified amount.

Q: Is Lower Berth Quota available in Duronto trains?

A: Yes, the Lower Berth Quota is available in 2A, 3A, and SL coaches. This quota is available for senior citizens, pregnant women, and female passengers above 45 years of age.

Q: Is there any facility to charge my mobile or laptop inside Duronto trains?

A: Yes. Duronto trains have power ports where you can charge your laptops and smartphones.

Q: Why is the price of tickets different today from yesterday on the same Duronto train for the same route?

A: This is because Indian Railways has introduced the dynamic pricing system on Duronto trains. According to this system, the base price of tickets increases by 10% for every 10% of tickets booked. This means if a train has 200 seats, the first 20 seats will be available for booking at the original rate. However, the prices will start to increase with every 10% of bookings till 50% of the total seats are booked. So, an increase in the fare charges means that the seats are getting booked fast.

Q: Is dynamic pricing applicable to all classes in Duronto trains?

A: No. Dynamic booking is not applicable for 1 AC class.

Q: What is the cancellation rule for dynamic fare or flexi-fare system in Duronto trains?

A: Normal cancellation rules apply. If you have paid extra due to dynamic pricing, your refund will also include the dynamic extra fare.

Q: Do all Duronto trains have sleeper class coaches?

A: No. Only some Duronto trains have sleeper class coaches. Others are fully air-conditioned trains with 1A, 2A, and 3A classes.

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