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Air India Web Check-in Online, Step by Step Guide 2024

Published Date: 19-Jun-2019

All About Air India Web Check-in

Air India is the national carrier with a fleet of new and refurbished aircraft connecting about 100 cities around the world. The airline is part of the renowned Star Alliance network that enables passengers to travel to over 1300 destinations across continents without any hassle. For seamless service, Air India offers web check in, mobile check in and numerous other facilities. Web check-in service is one of the most popular check-in options as it is time-saving and quite convenient. The check-in time window to avail the facility of check-in online starts 48 hours prior to departure and up to 2 hours before the take-off. The whole web check-in process, including seat selection, check in baggage, etc. can be completed in just a few minutes. So, don’t waste time and effort, just opt for the easy Air India web check in option.

Steps to Follow for Air India Web Check-in

  1. Log on to the Air India website and click on the Manage Your Trip section. Thereafter, select the web check-in facility amongst the listed check-in options to get started. Alternatively, click on to directly access the web check in page.
  2. Next, choose either Electronic Ticket Number/Booking Reference or Frequent Flyer Card Number, as applicable. Those who select the former, have to provide the 13-digit E-Ticket number or the 5-8-digit Booking Reference, date of journey and departure airport. On the other hand, those who have used the Frequent Flyer Card Number for booking the tickets, need to provide the Frequent Flyer Card number, name of the airline or program, date of journey and departure airport.
  3. After this, seat selection needs to be done.
  4. Once the seat is confirmed, the boarding pass is issued.
  5. Print the boarding pass to complete the Air India web check-in process. For international flights, one has to follow the aforementioned steps, except for a minor alteration. Herein, a confirmation slip is issued instead of a boarding pass. On the date of journey, carry a printout of this confirmation slip and complete the remaining check-in formalities at the airport to get the boarding pass.

Things to Remember While Doing Air India Web Check In

  • Generally, Air India web check-in can be done 48 hours to up to 2 hours prior to the departure time. However, there are a few flights for which the check-in window is 54 hours in advance.
  • Along with the printout of the boarding pass, make sure to carry a valid photo ID.
  • In case of check in baggage, report well in time to complete the requisite formalities. However, if there is just hand baggage, directly proceed to the security check counter at the airport.
  • If you forget to print the boarding pass, don’t worry as Air India mails it to the registered email address once you have successfully check-in online. So, you can print whenever you want. Alternatively, you can use the self-check-in kiosks at the airport to get the boarding pass.
  • While doing seat selection, note that some seats are available for free while others are not.
  • A maximum of 9 passengers can use Air India web check-in service at a time.
  • International travellers get confirmation slip and not boarding pass post Air India web check in. After the completion of all the check-in formalities at the airport, the boarding pass is issued.
  • The check-in options, be it web check in or mobile check in, help save time, but not for all – minors travelling alone or people with special prerequisite such as a wheelchair cannot avail web check-in service.

Air India Customer Care Support

For any query, contact the customer care toll number 1860-233-1407 from anywhere in India. From outside India, call on international chargeable numbers +91-22-25818515 and +91-44-66921455.

Air India email contact details are and

Air India Web Check-In FAQs:

Q: What is web check in?

A:  Web check in is a facility provided to passengers with a confirmed ticket to check-in in advance. Web check-in time spans from 48 hours to up to 2 hours prior to take-off.

Q: Does Air India provide web check-in option?

A:  Yes, Air India provides web check in to all its passengers with a confirmed ticket in any class of booking.

Q: How can I do web check in with Air India?

A:  Air India web check in process is quite easy – log on to the Air India website on a PC or a laptop, then open the web check-in page under the Manage Your Trip section. Fill in the requisite details and get the boarding pass/confirmation slip on completion of the process.

Q: When can I do web check-in?

A:  Air India Web check-in service is available 48 hours to up to 2 hours before the time of departure of the flight. For some flights, passengers can check-in online around 54 hours in advance.

Q: Can everyone access Air India web check-in service?

A:  Yes, this facility is available to almost everyone, except unaccompanied minors and passengers with special requests, such as a wheelchair. The web check-in service is also unavailable for passengers travelling from Dhaka and other Code Share flights.

Q: Will I get a boarding pass after web check in?

A:  Passengers travelling on domestic flights get the boarding pass on successful completion of the Air India web check in process. Those travelling abroad receive a confirmation slip as there are a number of other formalities that they have to complete at the airport before boarding an international flight. Once all the formalities are completed, they can get a boarding pass in exchange for the confirmation slip at the airport.

Q: Can I enter the airport using my web check-in boarding pass?

A:  No. You need to carry a valid photo ID along with web check-in boarding pass to enter the airport.

Q: Will I get a seat of my choice if I avail Air India web check-in service?

A:  Yes, you can get the chosen seat through Air India web check in if it’s available. You must note that there are some preferred seats that are prepaid and are not available through web check-in service. Besides, the emergency exit row seats are not available for pregnant women, elderly, unaccompanied minor, children below 15 years and passengers with special needs, etc. Moreover, Air India has the right to refuse or change the seat due to operational reasons.

Q: When do I have to reach the airport after Air India web check in?

A:  It is advisable to reach the airport well in time to complete all the requisite formalities, such as security check, dropping the check in baggage, etc. The Air India counters close 45 minutes before the departure of domestic flights and 60 minutes before the departure of international flights. Hence, it is better to reach at least 90 minutes prior to departure to avoid any inconvenience.

Q: What about my check in baggage?

A:  For those who have done Air India web check in with luggage have to deposit the check in baggage at the dedicated counter for tagging. These counters are open only up to 45 minutes (domestic flights) and 60 minutes (international flights) prior to the time of departure. So, careful consideration should be given to the check-in time and one must reach the counter well in time to drop the baggage.

Q: Can my entire family use the web check-in service?

A:  Yes, you can use the web check-in service for getting the boarding pass/confirmation slip for your entire family. However, only 9 members can check-in online at a single time. For more family members, you will have to log in again for Air India web check in within the stipulated check-in time window.

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