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Delhi Metro Grey Line Map, Timings, Lines, Facts & Stations

Published Date: 22-Oct-2019

Inaugurated on October 4, 2019, Grey Line or Line 9 is the newest line of Delhi Metro. At just three stations and 4.2 km, it is also the shortest line on the system. With its inauguration, most of Delhi Metro Phase III has been completed. The line, just like others in Phase II and Phase III, uses standard gauge (1435 mm) tracks and overhead wires carrying alternating current at 25 kilovolts. All the stations on the line have platform screen doors.

Quick Info

  • Inaugurated on: 4 October 2019
  • Number of Stations: 4 Stations and 1 Interchange
  • Timings: 6:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Ticket Price: Rs.10 to Rs.20

Grey Line Map

Stations on Grey Line

Station Interchange Nearby Accommodation
Dhansa Bus Stand ढांसा बस स्टैंड    
Najafgarh नजफगढ़    
Nangli नगली    
Dwarka द्वारका Blue Line Hotels in Dwarka

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Q. How many metro stations are there on the Grey Line?

A. There are 4 stations on the Grey Line of the Delhi Metro with 1 interchange. 

Q. Which is the 1st station on the Grey Line metro in Delhi?

A. Dwarka and Dhansa Bus Stand are the initial stations on both ends of the route line.

Q. Who made the Grey Line metro in Delhi?

A. Delhi Metro Rail Corporation (DMRC) manages all the operations of the Delhi Metro.

Q. Which is the cleanest metro line in Delhi?

A. The Delhi Metro has made significant efforts to maintain cleanliness by implementing regular cleaning schedules, and waste management systems, and educating passengers about maintaining cleanliness inside the trains and stations.

Q. Which metro line is the longest in Delhi?

A. The Pink Line is the longest with 59 km and 38 stations.

Q. Where is the fastest metro in Delhi?

A. The 23 kilometres-long Airport Express Line is the fastest Metro connection in India providing seamless connectivity from the New Delhi Railway Station to Dwarka Sector 21 through IGI Airport Terminal-3 and Aerocity.

Q. Which is the shortest Delhi Metro line?

A. The shortest line in Delhi Metro is the Grey Line with a distance of 5.19 km with 4 stations.

Q. What is the timing of the first train from a Grey Line in Delhi?

A. The first train departure time on the Grey Line of the Delhi Metro is 6:00 am.

Q. What is the timing of the last train from the Grey Line in Delhi?

A. The last train departure time on the Grey Line of the Delhi Metro is 11:00 pm.

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