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Best time to visit Patna

Best Time to Visit Patna

Situated on the southern bank of river Ganges, Patna has a humid subtropical climate with summer, monsoon, and winter seasons….

Popular Lakes in Patna

Popular Lakes in Patna

Patna, one of the oldest cities in India, presents an enticing mixture of historic monuments, temples, museums, and architectural masterpieces….

Beautiful Temples In Patna

Beautiful Temples in Patna

Patna, formerly known as Pataliputra, is a quintessential stop for all the spiritual people. From Buddhist shrines and sacred Jain…

Top 6 Churches in Patna

Top 6 Churches in Patna

Patna’s architectural masterpieces and historic monuments are among the main attractions that draw tourists to this city. From museums and…

Tourist Places and Things to do in Patna

Patna boasts of a long, rich past and thus has many historical places for tourists to explore. Golghar, the ruins at Kumhrar, and the UNESCO World Heritage Site of Nalanda Mahavira are among the top places to visit in Patna, besides others such as Patna Museum, Harmandir Takht and Gandhi Maidan. Spending some relaxing time at Buddha Smriti Park, going for a drive on Mahatma Gandhi Setu and exploring the Kesaria Buddha Stupa are other things to do when in this over 2500-year-old city.

Wildlife lovers will like exploring the diverse flora and fauna at Sanjay Gandhi Botanical Garden while adventure seekers can plan a trip to the magnificent forts near Patna. With many shopping malls and local street markets, Patna also has enough to entertain shoppers. There are some great restaurants in Patna, especially on Fraser Road, serving multi-cuisine treats for food connoisseurs. Lounges and cafés in the city also make for great places to hang out after the sunset and enjoy the nightlife.

Getting away from the city is also quite convenient as there are many options for weekend getaways from Patna like Vaishali, Rajgir, Hazaribagh, and Kathmandu. Hill stations like Siliguri, Darjeeling, and Kalimpong are also easily accessible from the city and make for perfect holiday destinations.

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