Patna, one of the oldest cities in India, presents an enticing mixture of historic monuments, temples, museums, and architectural masterpieces. While these sites feature as the main attractions in the city, they are not the only things to explore once you step out of your hotels in Patna. Did you know that the lakes in Patna are ideal places to spend some time, especially in the evenings? Since these water bodies do not feature among the top tourist places, you can expect to find them less crowded and more peaceful than some of the over-crowded attractions in the city.

Want to know more about the lakes in Patna where you can enjoy some serene moments? Here you go.

Lakes in Patna:

1. Mangal Talab, Patna

Mangal Talab, Patna

Mangal Talab | #1 of 2 Lakes in Patna

Mangal Talab is a freshwater, man-made lake constructed by a local zamindar way back in 1876. The lake was originally built for the purpose of irrigation and water supply to nearby areas. Today, it has turned into a spot for hanging out with family and friends and counts among the top lakes in Patna.  

An interesting trivia about this lake is that the trench that was dug for the lake’s creation revealed wooden planks inside it. Later, these planks were identified to be part of the city walls of the kingdom of Chandragupta Maurya. The area around the trench was believed to be the entrance of that city. No wonder, this place holds a lot of importance for the history buffs and visitors who want to explore the offbeat things to do in Patna.

Mangal Talab stands surrounded by trees that lend the place a touch of greenery. Every year, the Patna Sahib Mahotsav is held at a location near this lake, which draws lots of visitors. The Khanqah Emadia Qalandaria located adjacent to the lake is another key attraction to be explored. The annual six-day festival of Urs that takes place here attracts thousands of travelers, including people from Bangladesh and Pakistan. Other attractions at the lake include dancing fountains and laser shows that turn the lake into a scenic sight.

  • Location: Kali Asthan, Patna
  • Timings: Morning till evening
  • Entry Fee: Free

Nearby Attractions

  • Sher Shah Suri Masjid (1 km)
  • Jalan Museum (1.5 km)
  • Padri Ki Haveli (1.5 km)

2. Kachchi Talab, Patna

Kachchi Talab, Patna

Kachchi Talab | #2 of 2 Lakes in Patna

Another one of the popular Patna Lakes, Kachchi Talab is an ideal place for early morning or evening walks. The lake is located close to the Surya Mandir, and you can see people coming here to perform Chhath Puja. Whether you are looking for a quiet place to enjoy an evening out with family or go for long strolls with friends, Kachchi Talab is indeed an ideal choice.

The lake is located about 3 km from the Fraser Road Area, one of the most happening hubs where you can find the best restaurants in Patna. After spending an evening at the lake, you can head out to the Fraser Road and enjoy a sumptuous dinner at Bansi Vihar, Basant Vihar, Patna Rasoi, Kapil Dev’s Eleven or other popular eateries dotting the area.

  • Location: Gardanibagh, Patna
  • Timings: Morning till evening
  • Entry Fee: Free

Nearby Attractions

  • Mahavir Mandir (3 km)
  • Patna Museum (3.5 km)
  • Golghar (5.5 km)

While these lakes are ideal places to spend a few hours relaxing, do not miss out on visiting other popular tourist attractions in Patna such as Golghar, Ruins of Pataliputra, and Nalanda Mahavihara, among others. If you are a night bird, you can also enjoy the nightlife in Patna before retiring to your hotel. So, why wait anymore? Plan your itinerary and start preparing for an amazing trip.