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Best Places to Visit in Chikmagalur in 2024

Imagine starting your day with the rich, warm and exotic smell of coffee and views of verdant green hills or dense forests or the sound of a playful waterfall – that’s Chikmagalur for you! At an elevation of 1090 m, this quaint hill station is also known as the ‘Coffee Land of Karnataka’. Picturesque trails, lush grasslands, breathtaking waterfalls and lakes, exciting wildlife sanctuaries and architectural beauties dot the length and breadth of Chikmagalur to satiate travellers of every kind. Whether you are seeking a bit of adventure, want to pump up your adrenaline, or hope to unwind and let go of that everyday stress, exploring this hill station will do the trick. So, read on to know more about the top 25 places to visit in Chikmagalur.

List of Best Places to Visit in Chikmagalur in 2024 with Friends and Family


Kodandarama Temple

An exemplary piece of Dravidian architecture, the Kondandarama Temple attracts devotees of Lord Rama. Inside the temple, the idol of Rama is flanked by Sita on the right (as the...

Mahatma Gandhi Park, Chikmagalur

Mahatma Gandhi Park is the perfect example of what happens to a wild forest when a bit of order and aesthetics is introduced in it. Whether you are desperately seeking some quie...

Coffee Museum, Chikmagalur

Remember how we told you that Chikmagalur is the place to be if you are a coffee connoisseur and cannot function without this hot, rich and aromatic beverage? This is why the Co...

Hirekolale Lake, Chikmagalur

Yearning for tranquillity away from the mad rush of city life? A trip to Hirekolale Lake, surrounded by the charming Western Ghats, can feel like therapy. It was originally buil...

So, did this list of places to see and love in Chikmagalur give your traveller spirit the boost it needs to explore new things, embrace adventures and live the good life? Then plan in advance, chart out a doable itinerary, and get ready to grab the best deals on flights and hotels in Chikmagalur, so that you can have that perfect holiday!


Q. What is Chikmagalur famous for?

A. It is mostly popular for its coffee plantations and pleasant climate.

Q. Is 2 days enough for Chikmagalur?

A. There are many places to visit in Chikmagalur like Mullayanagiri, Kudremukh National Park, Hebbe Falls, Baba Budangiri, Kallathigiri Falls, and Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.

Q. Which month is best to visit Chikmagalur?

A. September through February is the ideal time to explore all the amazing places to visit in Chikmagalur.

Q. Is Chikmagalur a hill station?

A. Yes, Chikmagalur is a hill station in the state of Karnataka.

Q. What is special food in Chikmagalur?

A. Snacks like Halasina Hannina Kadubu, Jackfruit Idli and Kayi Kadubu are the most popular food items of Chikmagalur.

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