Once Tipu Sultan’s summer retreat, Nandi Hills is one of the best places in India for hiking and bird watching. On the hill, there are temples that date back to the Chola period, which makes it an ancient place in India. Nandi Hills is a popular weekend getaway in the Bengaluru area. The area of Bandi Hills is a source of abundant rivers, which include the South Pennar, North Palar, Arkavathi, Chitravathi, and Papaghni.

Talking of the past, there were many kings and kingdoms that ruled the Nandi Hills. Some of the famous ones include the Marathas, Tipu Sultan, Paleyagars of Chikkaballapura, and the British. Formerly, the Nandi Hills were known as ‘Nandigiri,’ and it functioned as a summer getaway for the Tipu Sultan and British owing to its excellent air and serene surroundings at an elevation of 4850 feet.

When it comes to the weather, it is good all year, allowing for leisurely strolls and other activities for thrill seekers. There’s no doubt the fact that Nandi Hills is an excellent hiking location and, of course, an aesthetic place to travel. What makes it a popular attraction are the adjacent places such as Brahmagiri, Channakeshava Betta, Skandagiri, and the cliff known as “Shravana Tirtha,” which is worth seeing.

Nandi Hills Information

Explore the exact address, location coordinates, map directions and more in this table.

Address Nandi Hill Station, Chikkaballapur Taluk, Kolar district, Karnataka State, India.
Location Coordinates 77° 53′ E., and 13° 22′ N
Map Directions https://www.google.com/maps/dir//13.36674,77.683296
Nandi Hills Weather 10 to 32 Degree Celsius (September – February)
Nandi Hills Timings 6 AM to 6 PM
Nandi Hills Height 1,478 m (4,849 ft)

History of Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is a historical site, which was also known as Task-e-Jannat. It offers an architectural marvel that was allegedly used as a summer retreat by Tipu Sultan, a Mysorean king. Nandi Hills was a passive witness to battles between monarchs before surrendering to British bureaucratic power. After capturing control, the British turned it into a popular summer retreat of their kind.

Perched at a high altitude, the Nandi Hills location offers an exceptional view of the world below, the elevation forming an intimate link with the encircling clouds. The attractiveness of this location is heightened by the breathtaking spectacle of sunrise and sunset under billowing clouds, which is a strong pull for aficionados. The high topography not only promotes the growth of different exotic plant species but also creates an exquisite atmosphere characterized by continual coolness and pleasantness, fostering a rise in horticultural initiatives.

This ideal hilltop environment has given home to a blossoming assortment of gorgeous floral plants, and the region remains unspoiled primarily, adding to the area’s inherent serenity. As a result, this ancient place has become a shelter for individuals seeking refuge in the midst of nature’s untainted majesty.

Why Visit Nandi Hills?

Nandi Hills is undoubtedly one of the most popular hill stations near Bangalore but there are a number of other reasons why you should definitely visit this beautiful attraction.

1. Historical Significance

The first reason to visit Nandi Hills Bangalore is its historical significance. The fortification walls situated at this specific location were initially erected by the Paleyagars of Chikkaballapura, with subsequent reinforcement undertaken by both Hyder Ali and Tipu Sultan.

Following a brief period of control by the Marathas, the southwestern precipice gained the appellation “Tipu’s Drop,” serving as the reputed site where individuals condemned to death met their demise by being forcefully propelled down into the valley below.

Positioned at the heart of the plateau, an expansive water reservoir known as “Amrit Sarovar” is surrounded by a carefully crafted rectangular stone edifice designed for the purpose of water storage.

2. Ancient Temples

In the Hills, there stand two venerable temples devoted to Lord Shiva. Perched atop Nandi Hills, the Yoganandishwara Temple exemplifies the distinguished Chola architectural style. Noteworthy features include intricately adorned brass-covered doors at the garbhagriha entrance, flanked by dwarapalakas (doorkeepers), rumoured to be bestowed by Krishnadevaraya, the Vijayanagara ruler.

Meanwhile, nestled in the village of Nandi Grama near these hills, the Bhoganandishwara Temple, originating from a period preceding the 9th century A.D., underwent subsequent enhancements during the Chola, Hoysala, and Vijayanagara eras. Within the Bhoganandishwara temple complex, a captivating layout unfolds, with two distinct garbhagrihas aligned in a seamless trajectory, accompanied by separate Nandimantapas.

One of these Nandimantapas boasts a diminutive garbhagriha as well. The temple to the north venerates Lord Bhoganandishwara, while its counterpart to the south pays homage to Lord Arunachaleswara. Noteworthy are the exquisite stone fringes within, showcasing a masterful blend of ornate workmanship and artistic finesse.

3. Sunrise, Parks, and Play Areas

Nandi Hills location provides an expansive and carefully designed garden and recreational space strategically curated to cater to the diverse needs of families and children, offering an idyllic setting for relaxation and an array of engaging activities to enhance the overall experience. At Nandi Hills, witness the awe-inspiring sunrise at the summit of Nandi Hills, ensuring that you savour every moment of the captivating panoramic view that unfolds before you.

4. Food

A multitude of diverse dining establishments positioned atop the elevated Hills, as well as numerous culinary options dotting the journey along the highway leading to the Hills, enthusiastically attend to the varied and sophisticated gastronomic preferences of discerning visitors.

Tips for Visiting Nandi Hills

Bicycles are the best way to explore the magnificent terrain of Nandi Hills, a decision that not only accords with ecological concerns but also shows to be economically wise. This lovely location, which caters to nature lovers’ tastes, provides a perfect environment for a relaxed and pleasurable riding journey.

To truly immerse oneself in the exceptional ambience, it is best to start the journey early in the day, allowing for the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to watch the glorious dawn that blesses the undulating crests of these renowned hills.

Travel tips for a smoother visit to Nandi Hills:

  • Keep a close eye on your kids due to steep roads.
  • Bring your camera to capture scenic spots.
  • Plan activities before 6 pm to avoid closed areas and enhance safety.
  • Refrain from feeding monkeys or stray dogs.
  • Respect Nandi Hills as a plastic-free zone by preventing litter.

Best Time to Visit the Hills of Nandi?

A top weekend getaway from Bangalore, this hill station is enjoyable year-round, but the best time to visit Nandi Hills is from October to February.

How to Travel to Nandi Hills?

Nandi Hills, located 210 kilometres from Mysore, 166 kilometres from Mandya, 80 kilometres from Kolar, 75 kilometres from Tumkur, and 61 kilometres from Bangalore, provides a variety of transit alternatives, including rail, road, and air. Because single-person admittance is prohibited, make sure you go with at least one buddy. If you are covering this Nandi Hills distance alone, join and integrate with another group before going to the ticket desk to provide a shared and richer experience.

1. By Road

Buses run by the government transport passengers from Nandigram, Bangalore, and Chikkabellapur to the scenic Nandi Hills. While tourists have the choice of taking these public buses or hiring private transportation, those who choose the latter must park their automobiles in specially designated places at the base of the hills. Furthermore, Nandi authorities provide alternate transit choices, such as buses, which are a more advantageous arrangement because they avoid the obstacles created by traffic congestion on hilly roads.

2. By Air

The Kempegowda Foreign Airport, located around 33 kilometres from the scenic Nandi Hills location, is a bustling centre catering to the different demands of both local and foreign travellers. Following your arrival at this well-located airport, a convenient and well-organized bus service will carry you to the picturesque destination of Nandi Hill, providing a smooth and enjoyable journey.

3. By Train

The nearest train station, Chikkaballapur train Station, is located around 9 kilometres from the magnificent Nandi Hills and provides a handy starting point for your excursion. From this station, one may quickly get to the final destination by taking a cab or taking a bus. Furthermore, the city’s principal rail hub, Bangalore Railway Station, serves as a substantial nexus with an enormous network that closely connects significant towns across India, including Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, and Kolkata.

Best Restaurants near Nandi Hills

  • Tribal Cafe
  • Falcon Greens
  • Motor City Cafe
  • Nandi Upachar
  • Indian Paratha Palace
  • The Olives Multi-Cuisine Restaurant

Activities to do in Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills Bangalore is renowned for its tourist spots and offers exciting adventure activities. Here are three thrilling things to do:

1. Trekking

Nandi Hills Trek has a range of hiking possibilities for hikers of all skill levels. Beginners can take a more straightforward route, while intermediate trekkers can take on a more difficult journey to Channarayana Hills. Extreme hikers can choose a multi-terrain walk that includes rivers, meadows, rocky pathways, and paved roads. Regardless of the route, you’ll enjoy the charm of the town and capture the beauty of nature on your journey.

2. Paragliding

Nandi Hills offers exhilarating paragliding from 8 am to 1 pm every day. Tandem trips with an experienced pilot cost INR 3000 for a 20-minute flight. Individual packages start at INR 15,000 and include a 5-day training program that allows you to fly solo by the third day. Check the weather forecast before embarking on your Nandi Hills paragliding excursion!

3. Cycling

Biking across these hills is a thrilling experience. The visual grandeur of the woods, along with the early fog, makes for a beautiful riding experience. Because of the deserted roadways and milder weather, many Bangalore bikers like to go to Nandi Hills in the early hours.

Main Attractions in Nandi Hills

Explore beautiful destinations and places to visit near Nandi Hills on your ecstatic journey. While Nandi Hills itself doesn’t have set hours, each of these places has its own schedule, so be sure to check before you go.

1. Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple

The Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, also known as the Nandi Temple and devoted to Lord Shiva, is one of Karnataka’s oldest temples, dating back to the 9th century. This Dravidian architectural masterpiece is located at the base of Nandi Hills and has elaborate sculptures.

2. Brahmashram

The cave, once used by the sage Ramakrishna Paramhansa for meditation, is now a popular tourist attraction near Nandi Hills in Bangalore. Open daily from 7 am to 7 pm, it’s an ideal spot for those seeking silence and solitude to rejuvenate their body, mind, and soul.

3. Tipu’s Summer Residence

Tipu Sultan finished what Haidar Ali started – Tipu’s Summer Residence, also known as Rashk-e-jannat, is a must-see in Nandi Hills. The beautifully painted ceilings, walls, arches, and pillars adorn the wooden building. It is open every day from 8 am to 6:30 pm and does not charge admission.

4. Amrita Sarovar

Visit Amrita Sarovar, a lovely lake with clean waters near Nandi Hills. It’s a must-see for nature enthusiasts, and it’s open every day from 7 am to 7 pm with no admission price.

5. Nehru Nilaya

The Horticulture Department of India presently manages Nehru Nilaya, formerly Sir Mark Cubbon’s summer hideaway in Nandi Hills. It is a renowned tourist site due to its British architecture and lovely surroundings. During your visit or overnight stay, take in the magnificent garden managed by the Horticulture Department.

6. Grover’s Zampa Vineyard

Grover Zampa is a 410-acre vineyard located 27 kilometres from the hill’s foot. Consider stopping by on your route to or from Nandi Hills if you love wine sampling. The peaceful setting and pleasant air provide a relaxing experience. Take a guided tour to learn about the subtleties of winemaking. You may encounter exotic species such as puff-throated babblers, blue-capped rock thrushes, Asian paradise flycatchers, and tawny eagles while exploring.


Q. What is the Nandi Hills location famous for?

A. Nandi Hills, located near Bangalore, is a prominent hill station at a height of 4,851 feet. It has monuments and shrines with magnificent pillars, delicately carved arches, and gorgeously painted walls. Weekend visitors seeking captivating vistas flock to this hidden jewel, with many coming early to catch the beautiful dawn.

Q. What is the best time to see Nandi Hills?

A. The Nandi Hills weather is pleasant all year, but it is preferable to visit Nandi Hills between September and May because the roads can be slick and difficult during the rainy season.

Q. How high is Nandi Hills in feet?

A. Nandi Hills, standing at 4850 feet above sea level, offered a peaceful summer getaway for the British and Tipu Sultan, with its refreshing air and tranquil surroundings.

Q. Is it safe to go to Nandi Hills by scooty?

A. Yes, a scooter can climb the Nandi Hills location in Bangalore if it is properly maintained. Also, it is safe to go to Nandi Hills by a scooter.

Q. Is Nandi Hills safe for kids?

A. The Nandi One trek offers a safe and enjoyable adventure for kids, featuring hopping boulders and stunning views. It’s a one-day trek lasting 4-5 hours, with plenty of opportunities for kids to explore and have fun. Keep an eye out for diverse flora and fauna along the way.

Q. Do Nandi Hills have hairpin bends?

A. The Nandi Hill journey is a scenic adventure on a twisting road with stunning city views. Don’t forget your camera to capture the fantastic sights along the way.

Q. What is the distance from Bangalore to Nandi Hills?

A. The distance from Bangalore to Nandi Hills is 61.2 km which takes around 1.5 hours to reach.

Q. What are the Nandi Hills timings?

A. The Nandi Hills are open to the public from 6 am to 6 pm. It is recommended to reach the location early in the morning to enjoy the stunning views of the Nandi Hills sunrise.

Q. Are there any waterfalls near Nandi Hills Bangalore?

A. Muthyala Maduvu, Chunchi Falls, Shivagange Falls, Hogenakkal Falls, and Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta are some of the famous waterfalls near Nandi Hills Bangalore.