“Life ek khel. Khilaadi khada ring me…”

The first line of the Fab hotels new TV ad says it all…life’s a game and you’re standing in the ring, facing the punches like the unstoppable rock star you are! But even the toughest of player needs a safe corner to take a breath and recharge.

And that’s where FabHotels comes in. With a robust network of more than 400 business budget hotels across India, FabHotels is that comfortable place you retreat to when work and travel start pushing you down; this is the place to recharge and refresh and come back with the next big punch.

Conceptualized and executed by BBH, FabHotels latest ad targets the millennial business travelers. The lyrics are spread over a fast-paced montage of an executive busy at work, dealing with a hundred crises a day and still dealing with it, loving it; contrasted with the sure, helping hands and quality amenities at a FabHotels’ property. Directed by Arun Gopalan of Storytellers.in, our very first TVC is a 360-degree campaign, streaming across all social media platforms & other digital platforms.

The FabHotels TVC lyrics with a zingy tune are earning kudos for catching on the very essence of millennial life – road warriors, tough-as-nails achievers who love being in the thick of things. We’re sure, the FabHotels rap lyrics will definitely get stuck in your head too.

You can find the FabHotels recharge refresh TV ad campaign here and sing along.

The FabHotels ad video is also available in Kannada, Bengali, Malayalam, Tamil, Marathi and Telugu.

Then, what’re we trying to tell you with FabHotels maiden TV campaign? Just go ahead, take on that next challenge and fight it out. FabHotels is right here in your corner to pick you up and get you ready for the next round.


For you to keep singing!!!

Life ek khel. Khilaadi khada ring me
Kaarnaame aise dikha doon taare din mein
Kaam na mumkin banaata mumkin main
Muh pe mukke bina ruke situation tang hai
Phir bhi badha rahe aage kadam hain
Farak na padhe kyunki dhun mein magan hain
Dikkat na kum hai, hum mein dum hai. Tang hai, sang hai, zindagi jaise bhi hai humko ye pasand hai!
Karte hain hum, Kar sakte na woh
Shaq hai jisko yahaan dekh lo
Kaan khol suno ye baat
Haafega dil, Dhadkega dimaag
Palle padne waali naa baat ye aaj
Toh gaur se sun na har vakye janaab
Naaqaab utaaro chalo chehron se
Waqt se na pucho kab thehroge
Thokar marna jaanti hai galliyan ye shehro ke
Fabulous hai cheez har ek Fab ki
Baahon mein leke sulata hai bed pe
Na padta farak jo bhi ho raha hone do
Chahe baje 12,1, ya baje paune 2
Saanson ko mila hai chain sone do
Recharge Refresh