After a wonderful day of exploring the magnificent forts and palaces of Jaipur, what better way to keep things rolling than stepping into a buzzing nightclub?! The Pink City may be revered by tourists for its iconic monuments and traditional Rajasthani hospitality, but it hasn’t stayed untouched from the advancements of the 21st century. The past few years have seen the coming up of myriad trendy nightclubs in Jaipur, where the young at heart can dance the night away. These are also a great option for businesspersons to raise their spirit after a long day at work. So, without taking any more time, let us get straight to the list of the most popular nightclubs in Jaipur.

Nightclubs in Jaipur (List):

Amigos Bar & Discotheque M.I. Road
Blackout C Scheme
The Extreme Discotheque Vidhyadhar Nagar
F Bar and Lounge M.I. Road
60 ML Adarsh Nagar
Grunge Tonk Road, Durgapura
House of People Sehkar Marg
Colorbar Radisson Blu Jaipur
Lounge 18 Jaipur Marriott Hotel
Kasbah Radisson Jaipur City Center

1. Amigos Bar & Discotheque, Jaipur

Amigos Bar & Discotheque, Jaipur

Amigos Bar & Discotheque | #1 of 10 Nightclubs in Jaipur

 As you may have already guessed from the name, Amigos Bar & Discotheque is a Mexican-themed place that has become one of the most loved nightlife spots in Jaipur in the recent past. It promises a good time to visitors with delicious food and a well-stocked bar. Whether you are here for some good time with your friends or a date with that special someone, Amigos Bar & Discotheque will never disappoint you. Moreover, it is a great option for those who want to groove to some good music without breaking the bank. Check also – Pubs in Jaipur

  • Cost for Two: ₹ 1300 (approx.) 
  • Timings: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Location: Hotel Om Tower, M.I. Road

2. Blackout, Jaipur

Blackout, Jaipur

Blackout | #2 of 10 Nightclubs in Jaipur

Blackout is one of those rare nightclubs in Jaipur that can give any prominent lounge or bar in the National Capital Region a run for its money. The place is beautifully designed, exuding a welcoming vibe. The DJs playing their peppy songs will make it irresistible for you to stay seated. The place also features an exquisite outdoor dining space that is just perfect to enjoy the pleasant Jaipur nights and capture the cityscape.

  • Cost for Two: ₹ 1650 (approx.)
  • Timings: 2:00 pm to 12:00 am
  • Location: Golden Oak Hotel, C Scheme

3. The Extreme Discotheque, Jaipur

The Extreme Discotheque, Jaipur

The Extreme Discotheque | #3 of 10 Nightclubs in Jaipur

The Extreme Discotheque is perfect for those who are looking for an electrifying place to lose themselves in thumping music. The place typically remains packed during the weekends with hordes of young locals who want to party the night away. Cheap drinks and food is another thing that makes this place worthy of a visit. However, the discotheque closes a bit sooner than many of the other places on this list. So, that’s something to consider when you are zeroing in on your party place in the city of Jaipur.

  • Cost for Two: ₹ 1200 (approx.)
  • Timings: 11:00 am to 11:30 pm
  • Location: Dana Pani, Vidhyadhar Nagar

4. F Bar and Lounge, Jaipur

F Bar and Lounge, Jaipur

F Bar and Lounge | #4 of 10 Nightclubs in Jaipur

The opulent F Bar and Lounge is undeniably one of the most happening places in Jaipur to make the most of your night. The expansive place, sprawling over about 500 square metres, features indoor as well as outdoor areas that appease one and all. The on-site pool adds another unique dimension to the aesthetics of this place. Its menu is another highlight of F Bar and Lounge as it boasts several regional and international dishes that will take your taste buds on a heavenly ride. Regular events are hosted here that see some of the most famous DJs giving locals and travellers some moments to remember.

  • Cost for Two: ₹ 1900 (approx.)
  • Timings: 2:00 pm to 2:00 am
  • Location: Hotel Golden Tulip, M.I. Road

5. 60 ML, Jaipur

60 ML, Jaipur

60 ML | #5 of 10 Nightclubs in Jaipur

Stylish, sophisticated, hip…these are some words that describe 60 ML disc and lounge. You can choose to simply relax or head to the dance floor to show off your cool moves. It is a great option for those who are scouting for a place for a casual meeting with colleagues or business associates. It serves delicious North Indian food, and you can pick your drink from a wide range of options at the bar.

  • Cost for Two: ₹ 800 (approx.)
  • Timings: 11:00 am to 11:00 pm
  • Location: Hotel Rockland, Adarsh Nagar

6. Grunge, Jaipur

Grunge, Jaipur

Grunge | #6 of 10 Nightclubs in Jaipur

Those who are ready to splurge a little can make their way to the Grunge lounge, housed within The Fern An Ecotel Hotel. This place really knows how to give a memorable time to its guests. It hosts regular shows, featuring renowned DJs from near and far, who play their best tunes and give party goers a night to remember. Grunge also boasts a vast collection of handcrafted cocktails, and liquors by renowned as well as up-and-coming labels. You might not find a table for your party during the weekend, so it would be best to book one in advance.

  • Cost for Two: ₹ 2700 (approx.)
  • Timings: 3:00 pm to 11:00 pm (Monday-Thursday); 3:00 pm to 2:00 am (Friday-Sunday)
  • Location: Airport Plaza, Tonk Road, Durgapura

7. House of People, Jaipur

House of People, jaipur

House of People | #7 of 10 Nightclubs in Jaipur

House of People, or as the locals call it, ‘HOP’, is one of the favourites of the people of Jaipur. For no less than two nights a week, the place hosts live bands so you can move your body to some nice tunes or simply enjoy while you gorge on delicious food. The music performances are held in the al fresco area, while live cricket matches are streamed in the indoors section. So, if you ever decide to leave your hotel in Jaipur, House of People is something you should try.

  • Cost for Two: ₹ 1,500 (approx.)
  • Timings: 7:00 pm to 2:00 am
  • Location: Hotel Las Vegas, Sehkar Marg, Bais Godam

8. Colorbar, Jaipur

Colorbar, Jaipur

Colorbar | #8 of 10 Nightclubs in Jaipur

Radisson Blu Jaipur is home to one of the liveliest rooftop bars in the city. Colorbar gives you a chance to see aircraft taking-off from and landing at the nearby Jaipur International Airport while you relish sips of your favourite liquor or cocktail. Moreover, this Miami-style, al fresco bar also features a kitchen area so guests can enjoy lip-smacking dishes along with their drinks.

  • Cost for Two: ₹ 3000 (approx.)
  • Timings: 7:00 pm to 12:30 am (Monday to Thursday); 7:00 pm to 01:30 am (Friday to Sunday)
  • Location: Radisson Blu Jaipur, Durgapura, Tonk Road

9. Lounge 18, Jaipur

Lounge 18, Jaipur

Lounge 18 | #9 of 10 Nightclubs in Jaipur

Foot-tapping music, welcoming ambience, well-stocked bar and a menu featuring a gamut of international dishes…that’s Lounge 18 for you. This is one of the classiest bars in the city, with elegant wooden flooring, modernistic lampshades that hang from the ceiling and luxurious-looking chairs. It is a great pick, whether you are looking to have a deep conversation with your special someone or a good time dancing.

  • Cost for Two: ₹ 2500 (approx.)
  • Timings: 12:00 pm to 12:00 am
  • Location: Jaipur Marriott Hotel, Ashram Marg,

10. Kasbah, Jaipur

Kasbah, Jaipur

Kasbah | #10 of 10 Nightclubs in Jaipur

Located in the heart of the city, Kasbah is a contemporarily designed lounge that is ideal for a laid-back cocktail and mouth-watering snacks. You can also head to the lounge during the Happy Hours between 3:00 pm and 8:00 pm on any day of the week to grab incredible deals on drinks and food. Its defining aspect is perhaps its interior that is reminiscent of a dhaba with its bamboo roof and rather plain furniture.

  • Cost for Two: ₹ 2600 (approx.)
  • Timings: 3:00 pm to 12:00 am
  • Location: Radisson Jaipur City Center, D Circle, Gopalbari,

These are the most popular places to make your nights as happening as your days in Jaipur. So, if ever on a trip you are getting bored and pondering what to do, just head to one of these spots. Because as they say, “Work hard. Party harder.”