Browsing hotels online can be the most confusing thing while planning a trip. There are a lot of options along with a lot of confusing tags and all you want is to find the perfect hotel that fits in your pocket as well as your heart. There are always questions like what distinguishes 3-star hotels from 5-star hotels and is there any category of 4-star hotels? Well, this article will clear all the clouds of doubt about the classifications of hotels so you can set your expectations right while planning your trip.

What do Hotel Ratings Mean?

The rating of a hotel represents the quality of services they are providing. It usually varies from 1-star which is the lowest to 5-star which is the highest according to the quality, cleanliness and other standards. The hotels with a rating of 1 star are the cheaper staying options that lack even the basic services. In contrast, hotels with 5-star ratings provide luxury stays with world-class facilities. There are some 7-star hotels as well which provide more than exceptional services.

Comarison Between 3-Star,4-Star, and 5-Star Hotels in India


3-star Hotels

4-star Hotels

5-star Hotels


It offers a comfortable stay with basic amenities

Provides a higher level of comfort, more spacious rooms, and additional amenities

Represents luxury, offering first-class service and facilities, and a wide range of amenities






Budget Stay

Upscale Comfort

Luxury Stay

Services and Amenities

Basic amenities and good service

Deluxe services and additional amenities

Wide range of amenities with top-notch service


Proximity to railway stations, bus stations, and airports

It has a decent location and easy accessibility

Usually at prime locations


8-12 rooms

15-20 rooms with gym and swimming pool

25-50 rooms with gym, spa, garden, swimming pool, restaurants, shopping stores





Room Service

Quick but basic services

Additional services like 24X7 concierge and in-room dining

Exceptional services


Clean sheets, toiletries, free wifi

Comfortable bedding, spacious rooms, swimming pool 

World-class facilities like laundry service, stocked mini-bar, freebie snacks and drinks, comfortable sitting area, luxury toiletries

What is a 3-star Hotel?

A 3 star hotel provides a decent staying option with basic amenities on a budget. These hotels provide quality services without making you spend a fortune.

  • Price: ₹1500-₹3000
  • Facilities: Clean sheets, toiletries, free wifi, TV, air conditioning, parking
  • Unique: Basic amenities at budgeted prices

What is a 4-star Hotel?

The 4-star hotels have an upscale comfort and deluxe services. The 4-star hotel offers well-appointed rooms with enhanced amenities, on-site dining options, room service, and various recreational facilities.

  • Price: ₹3000-₹8000
  • Facilities: Comfortable bedding, spacious rooms, swimming pool, 24X7 concierge, restaurants, in-room dining
  • Unique: Comfortable and upscale experience

What is a 5-star Hotel?

A 5 star hotel is a luxury accommodation establishment that provides exceptional levels of comfort, service, and amenities. The designation “5-star” signifies the highest standard of luxury and is associated with a premium and indulgent experience for guests.

  • Price: ₹8000-₹20000
  • Facilities: World-class facilities like laundry service, stocked mini-bar, freebie snacks and drinks, comfortable sitting area, luxury toiletries, swimming pool, 24X7 concierge, restaurants, in-room dining
  • Unique: Luxury experience

Are Hotel Stars Ratings Still Relevant?

While hotel star ratings can provide a general idea of the level of service and amenities a hotel offers, their significance has evolved in recent years. Today, factors like online reviews, guest feedback, and specific preferences play a crucial role in influencing travellers’ decisions. Some reasons why hotel stars may still matter include:

  • Expectations and Standards: Star ratings can set expectations regarding the overall quality and service standards of a hotel.
  • Brand Recognition: For renowned hotel chains, star ratings contribute to brand recognition and can assure guests of a consistent level of quality across different locations.
  • Guidance for Budgeting: Travellers often use star ratings as a guide to understand the expected price range and allocate their budget accordingly.
  • Quick Assessment: In a crowded market, star ratings offer a quick and standardised way for travellers to assess the relative quality of hotels.

How to Find a “True” Five-Star Hotel?

Finding a true five-star hotel involves a combination of research, understanding personal preferences, and considering reliable sources. Here are some tips to help you identify a genuine five-star hotel:

  • Check Official Ratings: Look for official ratings from recognised organisations or government bodies. These ratings are often based on a set of criteria, and a genuine five-star hotel will have met specific standards.
  • Read Reviews: Consider reading reviews on reputable travel platforms. Real experiences from other travellers can provide insights into the actual quality of service and amenities offered by the hotel.
  • Look for Consistency: If the hotel is part of an established chain, check for consistency in ratings and reviews across various locations. A reliable chain often maintains a certain standard of quality.
  • Review Amenities: Genuine five-star hotels offer a comprehensive range of amenities, including upscale dining options, spa and wellness facilities, 24-hour room service, and luxurious accommodations. Check if the hotel provides the expected features.
  • Verify Official Website Information: Visit the hotel’s official website and cross-verify the information provided there with other reliable sources. Look for detailed descriptions of rooms, facilities, and services.
  • Consider Awards and Recognitions: Awards from reputable organisations in the hospitality industry can be an indicator of a hotel’s excellence. Check for accolades and recognitions received by the hotel.
  • Location and Accessibility: While not directly related to the star rating, consider the hotel’s location and accessibility to key attractions. Some five-star hotels are strategically located in prime areas. Just search on Google “5 star hotels near me” and it will provide the results for the hotels.
  • Personal Preferences: Consider your own preferences and requirements. A true five-star experience aligns with your expectations, whether it’s personalized service, exclusive amenities, or a particular ambience.
  • Consult Travel Advisors: Travel advisors or consultants with expertise in luxury travel can provide valuable insights and recommendations for genuine five-star hotels.
  • Ask for Recommendations: Seek recommendations from friends, family, or colleagues who have had positive experiences at five-star hotels. Personal referrals can be trustworthy sources of information.


Q. What makes a 4 star and 5 star hotel?

A. A 4-star hotel offers upscale services with a focus on comfort, while a 5 star hotel provides luxury amenities and exceptional service. You can google for 4 star hotels near me and five star hotels near me on Google to look for the different options.

Q. What is the difference between a 4 star and 5 star hotel in India?

A. In India, the difference lies in the level of luxury and services. A 5 star hotel generally offers more opulent facilities and a higher standard of service compared to 4 star hotels.

Q. What exactly is a 5 star hotel?

A. A 5 star hotel is a luxury accommodation that provides top-notch services, high-quality amenities, and a superior overall guest experience. You can search for hotels on the web by typing 5 star hotels near me on Google.

Q. Who decides the star rating for hotels?

A. Star ratings are often determined by independent rating agencies, government bodies, or international hotel associations based on specific criteria that evaluate the quality of service, amenities, and overall guest experience. Look for three star hotel near me for nearby 3 star hotel options.