Come Sunday, it’s the annual holiday that celebrates one of the most cherished relationships in our lives… yes, it’s Mother’s Day! But given the current situation, many of us will have to make do with at-home celebrations this year, while some won’t even be able to see their moms in person on this special day due to Coronavirus lockdown. Under such circumstances, you might feel like Mother’s Day 2020 is cancelled but it doesn’t have to be that way. All you need to do is get creative and find out clever, virtual ideas to make your mother feel special while ensuring her safety and health.

So how about this year you celebrate Mother’s Day at home, social-distance style. Wondering how? Well, here are some great virtual Mother’s Day celebration ideas, which thanks to the Internet, can help you tell your mom “I Love You” from right down the street or even a thousand miles away.

1. Host a Virtual Mother’s Day Party

There’s no Mother’s Day gift in this world that your mom would want more than to see you. So plan a surprise virtual party for her on Zoom, WhatsApp or any other group video calling app with all your siblings and family members. To make it all the more special, you can ask everyone to share a special story, some photos, or even a heartfelt note or song that can bring a smile on your mom’s face.

2. Create a Special Mother’s Day Video

Surely your phone or drive is loaded with pictures of you and your mother, from the times when you two could meet. How about you put some of them together using a free online video maker/editor, and make a beautiful slideshow or video collage to share with your mother. She’s definitely going to cherish it! You can even add a personalised video message wishing her a ‘Happy Mother’s Day’.

3. Watch a Movie Together Virtually

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to go to the theatre this year but if you’re going to be stuck inside, might as well make the most of it with your #1 woman. Just pick from a list of your mom’s favourite movies and celebrate Mother’s Day virtually with online streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video or Hotstar. This will not only make her feel good but also make you two feel like you are together.

4. Do Virtual Activities Together

Being physically apart doesn’t mean you can’t indulge in your usual Mother’s Day activities together anymore. There are many options on the internet that will allow you to relive your most memorable moments with your mother virtually. You can bake cookies together, cook food, play games, have a karaoke night and whatnot. You can also take virtual classes together like dancing or painting.

5. Take a Virtual Tour Together

If taking a trip together is your idea of Mother’s day celebration, you need not change your plans on account of the ongoing lockdown. You and your mom can still tour dozens of places across the world from your own homes, courtesy virtual tours. There are many theme parks, museums and zoos that are offering virtual tours during the pandemic so get ready to check places off your bucket list.

Even the littlest things count so you can send your mother a nice online Mother’s Day card, or order some pretty flowers and a cake for her (in case delivery is allowed at her address). Also, considering how tech-savvy mothers have become nowadays, remember to post some of your most memorable pictures together on social media with a heartfelt caption; and don’t forget to tag her. These small-small gestures are sure to bring your mom happiness and make the day a little special for her.