KidZania, an indoor theme park in Delhi-NCR, is popular with both kids and adults. This safe, built-to-scale city-like park has a range of entertaining role-play activities designed to inspire and educate kids in a fun and interesting way. From paved roads and buildings to battery-operated cars and its own currency, KidZania has almost everything a real city has.

The theme park is a wonderful place for children to learn about different works and careers, money management, social values, and many other things related to the real world in a simple and exciting manner. Kids can also participate in over 100 role-playing activities and learn a range of life skills.

If you are planning a trip to this amazing indoor entertainment and learning centre, here’s some information about KidZania location, ticket prices, operating hours, and more.

KidZania, Noida Information


Sector 38-A, Entertainment City, near The Great India Place Mall, Noida, Uttar Pradesh


Amusement Park

Distance from Major Transportation Hubs

Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi (25 km); New Delhi Railway Station (18 km)


10:00 AM to 8:00 PM (Mondays to Sundays)


Time Required

4-5 hours

Entry Fee (Full day pass)

Kids – INR 1350, Toddlers – INR 700, Adults – INR 650, Senior Citizen – INR 300

KidZania price for any 5 hours

Kids – INR 1200, Toddlers – INR 600, Adults – INR 600, Senior Citizen – INR 300

KidZania price for any 3 hours

Kids – INR 1000, Toddlers – INR 550, Adults – INR 500, Senior Citizen – INR 300

Group Packages

For families, school trips, birthday parties, corporate events, annual pass

KidZania Offers

Large Family Combo: 10% off on 4-6 tickets

Extra-large Family Combo: 15% off on 7-10 tickets


Lounge area for parents/guardians, food kiosks, elevators, facilities for children with special needs and disabilities

KidZania ticket price is free for babies below 2 years of age. The theme park also has early bird packages for that last 3 hours.

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KidZania Information and Activities

Here’s a look at the range of activities that KidZania has for kids and adults:

Activities for kids (2-16 years):

KidZania has 60+ interesting role-play and other activities for toddlers and kids that help them develop their psychomotor, cognitive, emotional and social skills. Some popular activities include:

  1. Delivery Services: If your child is interested in role-playing activities, KidZania has some brilliant options. Kids can pretend to be delivery experts at DHL or learn how to assemble modular furniture at Pepperfry. Role-play as Dabbawalas is also a wonderful activity for developing collaboration, communication, and motor skills.
  1. Factory Tours: This is an interesting section in which kids learn how to make biscuits, candies, donuts and other items from start to finish. They work in teams and learn to communicate freely with each other. KidZania’s Factory Tours includes Kinder Joy product factory, Parle biscuit and candy factory, and M.O.D donut factory.
  1. Talent Zone: If your talented child likes dancing, acting, painting, and other similar activities, this zone is perfect for them. It will allow them to rehearse lines, learn acting and dancing, and perform on stage and at KidZania’s flashmobs and street parades. The painting school here helps your child try a hand at mural painting, portrait painting, stained glass painting, and more. 

Talent Zone includes Bollywood, Dance Academy, ArtZ and Crafts Studio, and ArtZ Painting Studio.

  1. Shopping Hubs: A wonderful place for little shoppers to learn to browse and shop at Big Bazaar Supermarket and Department Store. Apart from that, they can learn about stock management and customer service.
  1. Archaeological Site: In this fun activity, children can pretend to be archaeologists and palaeontologists as they explore the remains of an ancient civilisation. The activity encourages kids to utilise their psychomotor, cognitive, and social skills to find prehistoric fossils and artefacts.
  1. Hospital Emergency Room: In this activity, children can play the role of paramedics and work in Dettol Hospital and Emergency Room. This is a fun and simple way to teach kids about attending to an injured person and administering first-aid. Children also understand how to use different medical equipment, show empathy, and work as a team while treating a patient.
  1. Aviation Academy: The aviation academy is a wonderful opportunity to learn about different tasks of a pilot before, during, and after every flight. Those who are interested can also learn about the cabin crew’s duties, such as giving safety instructions, serving meals and more.

Apart from these, Amiown preschool, party hub, police department, courthouse (Supreme Court), Bajaj Culinary School and Nick Dubbing Studio are some interesting activities for little ones.

Activities for Adults (17+ years):

If you go to KidZania with your child, you can have your own share of fun in the theme park. Adults can participate in the following activities:

  1. Parachute Hair Spa: You have the option of having your hair styled or learning how to style someone else’s hair. Those who are interested can also get advice on how to keep their hair long and healthy.
  1. Sport’s Hub- Games Room: Parents can play different games with their children or simply relax at the sports hub. There are different games available, like Foosball, Pool and Mini Golf. You can also play interesting board games here.
  1. Steel Structure: This is an interesting activity in which participants walk through the steel structure that looks like a construction site. They must overcome the obstacles that stand in their way while and also performing certain tasks.

Parents can also participate or watch their kids participate in different activities. KidZania also has a Parent’s Lounge where you can relax, watch TV, play games, and browse the internet. The lounge is quite spacious and has comfortable couches, so you can sit and read the books and magazines that are kept here. There are many food kiosks nearby that sell a range of foods and beverages.

For security reasons, the theme park gives special RFID bracelets to kids and parents. A child’s bracelet is linked to the bracelet of the parent So, there’s no reason to worry about your child’s safety and location because these bracelets allow you to easily track and trace your child.

Things to keep in mind when visiting KidZania, NCR

  • Purchase KidZania tickets online to avoid long queues
  • Carry ticket printout and a valid ID proof with you
  • Do not carry outside food in the theme park
  • Certain activities may be closed due to operational glitches

Here’s a list of water parks and amusement parks in Noida

Attractions near KidZania, NCR

  • Worlds of Wonder
  • Snow World (2 km)
  • Okhla Bird Sanctuary (4 km)
  • Atlantic Water World (6 km)
  • Waste to Wonder Theme Park (9 km)
  • Lotus Temple (13 km)

KidZania is an amazing place where kids can enact the roles of different professionals and develop important skills in an enjoyable way. They can also participate in dancing, acting, and other fun activities while learning important life skills. The place is safe and hygienic, making it perfect for both casual tours and events such as school meets and birthday parties.