Want to explore Lakshadweep? In the glimmering waters of the Arabian Sea lies a hidden treasure, a string of 36 coral islands collectively known as Lakshadweep. This island, with its pristine beaches, crystal-clear waters, and vibrant marine life, beckons travellers to a paradise untouched by the hands of time. As we embark on this extensive journey, we will delve deep into each of the eight places to visit in the Lakshadweep Islands, unravelling the unique experiences and breathtaking beauty that make these islands a coveted destination.

8 Famous Places to Visit in Lakshadweep in 2024

Here are the eight best tourist places in Lakshadweep to explore:

1. Agatti Island – Gateway to Paradise

Agatti Island in Lakshadweep

One of the best places to visit in Lakshadweep is Agatti Island, a destination known for its palm-fringed beaches and coral reefs. It’s not just a gateway to Lakshadweep but a destination itself. The surrounding lagoon offers a diverse life, making it ideal for snorkelling and scuba diving. The beaches, along with resorts, create a tranquil atmosphere. Walking along the coastline during the sunset provides stunning views, making Agatti a perfect blend of adventure and relaxation.

  • How to Reach: Agatti Airport, at a distance of around 3 km, serves as the gateway, connected with regular flights from Kochi. You can also take boats from Agatti to transport visitors to other islands.

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2. Kavaratti – The Capital of Serenity


Kavaratti, the administrative capital of Lakshadweep, showcases the archipelago’s cultural legacy. The Ujra Mosque, with its intricately carved wooden ceilings and domes, is an architectural marvel. The island’s lagoons offer visual delights and water sports opportunities. Kavaratti combines its rich cultural heritage with the wonders beneath its azure waters. Exploring its narrow lanes, engaging encounters with locals, and traditional dance performances make Kavaratti a holistic exploration of Lakshadweep’s treasures.

  • How to Reach: The nearest airport is Agatti, which is around 79 km away, and regular boats ferry passengers to Kavaratti.

3. Kalpeni – A Slice of Paradise


Kalpeni, surrounded by emerald green lagoons, is an atoll with coral reefs and sandy beaches, attracting snorkelling and scuba diving enthusiasts. The renowned Tip Beach, known for tidal waves, adds a dramatic element to the serene landscape. Kalpeni is a must-visit destination, offering a blend of tranquillity and adventure.

  • How to Reach: The nearest airport to Kalpeni is Agatti Airport, 181 km away. Boats operate from Agatti Island to Kalpeni, providing a scenic journey.

4. Minicoy – The Maldives of India


Minicoy, often called the Maldives of India, captivates with its crescent-shaped lagoon and imposing lighthouse. Beyond its natural allure, the island invites cultural exchanges with locals, featuring traditional dances. Minicoy promises an authentic Lakshadweep experience, extending beyond leisurely moments on its beaches. It’s an opportunity to forge connections with the community and engage in celebrations, making it a cultural and sensory journey.

  • How to Reach: The nearest airport to Minicoy is Agatti Airport, around 300 km away. You can take boats from Agatti to transport visitors to Minicoy.

5. Bangaram Island – The Jewel of Lakshadweep

Bangaram Island

One of the famous places to visit in Lakshadweep for your honeymoon is Bangaram Island. This island offers secluded beaches adorned by coconut palms. Water sports activities cater to enthusiasts, while the island’s exclusivity serves as a sanctuary for those seeking escape. Bangaram’s resorts create an immersive experience with personalised services, creating a haven where love blossoms amidst natural beauty and tailored luxury.

  • How to Reach: The nearest airport to the place is Agatti Airport, located at a distance of 12 km. Regular boats operate from Agatti Island to Bangaram.

6. Thinnakara – A Pristine Getaway


Thinnakara welcomes nature enthusiasts with its untouched beauty. The coral formations surrounding the island serve as a haven for underwater photographers, unveiling a canvas of marine life. A walk along Thinnakara’s beaches provides a sense of isolation, allowing visitors to interact with nature.

  • How to Reach: The nearest airport to this place is Agatti Airport, located around 14 km. Boats from Agatti offer a scenic journey to Thinnakara.

7. Bitra Island – Tranquility Unveiled

Bitra Island

Bitra Island, though petite, reveals a realm of tranquillity with limited access, making it ideal for solitude seekers and makes it one of the best places to see in Lakshadweep. Adorned with coconut groves and coral gardens, Bitra is a hidden place for bird watchers and nature enthusiasts. The island’s limited human footprint preserves its natural beauty, offering a peaceful escape untouched by commercialization.

  • How to Reach: The nearest airport to the place is Agatti Airport, located at a distance of 108 km. Boats are also available from Agatti, which provides access to Bitra.

8. Kadmat Island – A Diver’s Delight

Kadmat Island, nestled amidst turquoise waters, is a diver’s paradise with coral reefs and diverse marine life. Whether a novice or experienced diver, the clear waters unveil an underwater world showcasing nature’s artwork. Kadmat’s allure extends beyond diving, with the Marine Wealth Awareness Center providing an educational journey into the delicate ecosystems. It emphasizes conservation, transforming Kadmat into a holistic destination where beauty harmonizes with ecological awareness.

  • How to Reach: The nearest airport to the place is Agatti Airport, located at a distance of 14 km. Boats from Agatti transport visitors to Kadmat.

These eight captivating places to see in Lakshadweep aren’t just places; they are gateways to a world of natural wonders and cultural richness. From the breathtaking landscapes of Agatti to the cultural tapestry of Kavaratti and the pristine beauty of Thinnakara, each island offers a unique experience. As you traverse the azure waters and immerse yourself in the vibrant marine life, Lakshadweep unfolds a canvas of enchantment.

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