A blend of both traditional and modern, Bhopal, the capital of Madhya Pradesh, is a beautiful city to explore. It has a couple of lakes, dividing it; north of these lakes, you will find its archaic persona, resplendent in its labyrinthine lanes, ornate mosques and even the crowded bazaars. While these places to visit in Bhopal have their own charm, our focus today is on something more 21st century – nightlife spots.

You can find all the high-end restaurants, pubs, bars and clubs to the south of the lakes, in the recently developed areas of Shyamla Hills and Arera Hills. So, these are the ‘hoods’ you should head to if you want to explore the bars and pubs in Bhopal.

To make your night out easier and hassle-free, we have curated a list of the top pubs in Bhopal, where you can let your hair down and dance the night away. 

Pubs in Bhopal (List):

  1. Black Mamba Pub and Club
  2. 10 Downing Street
  3. TRIO Beer Pub and Restaurant
  4. High Spirits Pub and Grill
  5. The Royal Court
  6. Liquid
  7. Saltwater Restaurant Pub and Restaurant
  8. Ripples
  9. Xtreme Sports Bar
  10. Shergar Bar

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1. Black Mamba Pub and Club, Bhopal

Black Mamba Pub and Club, Bhopal

Black Mamba Pub and Club | #1 of 10 Best Pubs in Bhopal

“If ur a true party freak & die hard music lover… then Black Mamba is the place u should be.”, says the description of this hip pub on Facebook. And, when you come here, you will realise this is exactly what the place is all about.

Having an edgy decor with neon lights and a discotheque theme, the pub is becoming famous among the regular party goers of Bhopal. The live music with different DJs is what sets the mood for the night. This is by far the best night club in Bhopal for people who want to sway to the grooviest music and simply unwind.

And, if you don’t feel like dancing, how about you grab a stool and order a glass of Cosmo or LIIT with your side of finger foods. Because they have an excellent variety of alcohol, and the food is worth every penny. Plus, They have offers going on all days of the week, so check ‘em out as well.

  • Location: Hoshangabad Road, Gulmohar Colony, Bhopal
  • Cost for Two: ₹ 800
  • Timings: 11 AM – 10:30 PM

2. 10 Downing Street, Bhopal

10 Downing Street, Bhopal

10 Downing Street | #2 of 10 Best Pubs in Bhopal

Want to explore an English Pub, but cannot go to London right now? You won’t have to once you visit the famous 10 Downing Street. Designed along the lines of an exemplary English pub, this is one of the most popular beer bars in Bhopal. The cosy seating arrangement with leather-cushioned sofas and chairs, wooden decor, Art Deco ornamentation and framed paintings on the wall reminding you of the British era.

So, if you have been looking for an ‘ir’-regular spot to hang out at with some ‘after work’ drinks, this place might just be it. They have everything from cocktails and mocktails to finger foods to relish. And, people who want to simply have a nice, filling dinner, try their biryanis, noodles and north Indian fare.

If you want to celebrate an occasion or want to know about their events and DJ Nights, call up beforehand.

  • Location: DB City Mall, Maharana Pratap Nagar, Bhopal
  • Cost for Two: ₹ 1000
  • Timings: 12 PM – 10:30 PM

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3. TRIO Beer Pub and Restaurant, Bhopal

TRIO Beer Pub and Restaurant, Bhopal

TRIO Beer Pub and Restaurant | #3 of 10 Best Pubs in Bhopal

One of the best disco pubs in Bhopal, TRIO Beer pub and restaurant is for all those people, who want to experience the evolving and happening nightlife of Bhopal.

A great place to hang out with your friends and colleagues (especially on the weekends), this place caters to every kind of disco-going person. From a hardcore party person to a group of people, who simply want to lounge around and talk over excellent cocktails and mocktails, TRIO has something for everyone.

They host several live events and DJ Nights regularly, so it is better to enquire about these in advance. It gets a tad crowded on weekends, but you will never feel unsafe because the bouncers filter out the people who are allowed in at the gate itself. So, the next time you are in Bhopal and don’t know where to party, we suggest you check out this rad place.

  • Location: Ashima Mall, Bawaria Kalan, Bhopal
  • Cost for Two: ₹ 1200
  • Timings: 11:30 AM – 12 AM

4. High Spirits Pub and Grill, Bhopal

High Spirits Pub and Grill, Bhopal

High Spirits Pub and Grill | #4 of 10 Best Pubs in Bhopal

Live screenings of matches, soothing music and a rooftop seating area! Sounds like your kind of place to chill at? High Spirits Pub and Grill is just where your next hunt for amazing pubs and disco in Bhopal should culminate.

Their decor is simple yet makes you feel comfortable. On many evenings, you can catch the DJ playing some of the latest tunes of Bollywood, and if you are not in the mood to dance, just sit back and soak in the ambience. Try their cocktails and oh, did we tell you that they even serve complimentary peanuts and cheeselings with the drinks? Now you know where you have to go for a night wherein you can unwind with friends over a tall glass of Cosmo.

  • Location: Hotel Ranjit’s Lake View, Shyamla Hills, Bhopal
  • Cost for Two: ₹ 700
  • Timings: 11 AM – 12 AM

5. The Royal Court, Bhopal

The Royal Court, Bhopal

The Royal Court | #5 of 10 Best Pubs in Bhopal

Not just a pub but a happening place that can cater to a large number of people, The Royal Court with its sprawling lawns and full-service bar, is the place to host a large family gathering or party for your friends.

The music is always played according to the occasion. Apart from this, the bar has an assortment of both international and Indian brands of alcohol. Even with a small group of people, you can have a gala time here, thanks to the courteous staff, good music and excellent dishes. You can choose from the delectable North Indian or Chinese starters and mains.

  • Location: IT Plaza, Gulmohar Colony, Bhopal
  • Cost for Two: ₹ 800
  • Timings: 11 AM – 12 AM

6. Liquid, Bhopal

Liquid, Bhopal

Liquid | #6 of 10 Best Pubs in Bhopal

A blog on Bhopal night clubs will not be complete without the mention of Liquid. It is popular among the youngsters who like to go on regular clubbing sprees around the city. With the music always playing at the right volume and tempo, you will also be becoming a regular once you visit the place.

The dim lights of the place along with comfortable lounge seating and sofas will make you feel at ease the moment you enter the club. So, come here for a night of revelry or just of your ‘after-work’ drinks. But, if you want to catch any of their events or performance by a specific DJ, call up beforehand to get all the deets.

On the gastronomy front, you will find excellent dishes of every type, from starters to main course. It goes without saying that the assortment of drinks is also quite lavish.

  • Location: Zone II, Maharana Pratap Nagar, Bhopal
  • Cost for Two: ₹ 1500
  • Timings: 12 PM – 12 AM

7. Saltwater Restaurant and Pub, Bhopal

Saltwater Restaurant and Pub, Bhopal

Saltwater Restaurant and Pub | #7 of 10 Best Pubs in Bhopal

A new pub in Bhopal, SaltWater knows well enough how to ensure that their guests have a good time already. Complete with cool decor and catchy ambience, it has a large dance arena where you can groove the night away.

Their seating arrangement is quite comfortable, ensuring you can come here for a drink as well. They do have a selection of the choicest alcohols and delectable servings of various cuisines, which makes this place a good option for everyone. Read more about things to do in Bhopal

  • Location: City Trade Center, Malviya Nagar, Bhopal
  • Cost for Two: ₹ 1000
  • Timings: 11 AM – 11 PM

8. Ripples, Bhopal

Ripples, Bhopla

Ripples | #8 of 10 Best Pubs in Bhopal

A lively place for a night out, Ripples not just serves an excellent range of drinks and food, but also offers a breath-taking view of the Upper Lake. With a heady concoction of cocktails, soothing songs and a stunning view right from your seat, you are bound to have a good time.

And, if you want to feel the breeze on your face as you dwell on the deeper questions of life, we recommend you step out and pick a spot with a direct view of the lake. This might be the only night out place in Bhopal that not only offers a perfect environment to dance nonstop, but also sit back and soak in serenity.

So, next time you feel like relieving some of the stress, order your favourite cocktail, mocktail or hard liquor and complement this with their excellent Indian and Chinese cuisines. Of course, the company you would have also matters and will help in creating memories.

  • Location: Hotel Lake View Ashok, TT Nagar, Bhopal
  • Cost for Two: ₹ 1200
  • Timings: 11 AM – 11:30 PM

9. Xtreme Sports Bar, Bhopal

Xtreme Sports Bar, Bhopal

Xtreme Sports Bar | #9 of 10 Best Pubs in Bhopal

Not just a bar, but it’s an all-out sports bar complete with everything needed to cater to the sports fanatics of the city. If you are one of them and would love to spend a night downing some of the choicest alcohol while watching a match, then head to Xtreme Sports Bar after a hectic day of work.

Its decor surely resembles a sporting arena with multiple large TV screens for live matches, the one thing that truly grabs the attention of anyone entering this sports bar in Bhopal is the mini-F1 car at the entrance. The perfect element to get clicked with for your Insta feeds, no?

So, if your favourite team has a match scheduled in the near future, we recommend you gather your tribe, order a chilled beer and plomp yourself on the plush sofas. Happy cheering!

  • Location: Ashima Mall, Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal
  • Cost for Two: ₹ 1500
  • Timings: 11:30 AM – 11 PM

10. Shergar Bar, Bhopal

Shergar Bar, Bhopal

Shergar Bar | #10 of 10 Best Pubs in Bhopal

Probably one of the most high-end bars in the city of Bhopal, Shergar is not only popular for its clubbing scene but also for its decor, choicest selection of drinks and of course, the food. It is built on a sprawling lawn complete with wooden furnishings and a unique decor, which itself is enough to relax you after a long day of work. 

Their spirits menu has everything from international brands and domestic brands of liquors to delectable cocktails. Moreover, the staff is quite courteous and friendly, adding to your experience. While on a lot of days, you will find music to which you can groove to your heart’s content, the bar is mostly known for its soul-soothing 80s English songs. Blend in and simply lose yourself with good food, chilled beer and your favourite person for company.

Oh, did we tell you that the bar also has a valet parking service? Pretty smooth and hassle-free for all those people, who cannot stop complaining about the parking space!

  • Location:  Hotel Jehan Numa Hills, Shyamla Hills, Bhopal
  • Cost for Two: ₹ 2200
  • Timings: 11 AM – 7 3 PM and 7 AM – 11 PM

While the city of Bhopal is mesmerising in its own way and ideal for history and culture buffs, it is not far behind when it comes to a happening nightlife. click here to know more about water park in Bhopal

These are not the only pubs in Bhopal where you can head to, but these are pretty much the most happening ones, renowned not just for their drinks but also the decor and ambience. So, the next time you feel like taking a break and hitting the dance floor, you have a consolidated list right here.

If you think we missed out your favourite bar or pub in Bhopal, do let us know. And, for any other bars popping up on the night scene of Bhopal, we will definitely keep you updated. know about lakes in Bhopal

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