Located amidst one of the minor hill ranges in the Deccan Plateau, Avalabetta is emerging as a tourist destination. It is one of the few trekking destinations near Bengaluru, where you can enjoy the joys of sightseeing and photography without large crowds. The natural beauty and serenity of this place have earned it the name “Nandi Hills without the Crowds”.

So, the next time you book a hotel in Bangalore, be sure to keep a day off to visit this not-so-popular tourist destination near the city. Here is everything you need to know about this lesser-known place near Bangalore:

Avalabetta, Bangalore: Information


Yerramaranahalli, Karnataka


Trekking destination

Distance from Bangalore

92.6 km



Trek Duration

2 hours

Trek Distance

2 km

Trek Difficulty Level


Best Tim to Visit

October to February

Still Camera




Nearest Railway Station


Distance from Bangalore Airport

70.1 km

Avalabetta: History 

The history of the hillock is steeped deep in mythology. It is said that during the time of Samudra Manthan (churning of the ocean), the sea yielded all kinds of creatures, both good and bad. One of the novel creations of the ocean was a cow, which landed on the hillock. With time, a large number of cows started frequenting this place; hence, the hill received the name Dhenugiri, or Cow Hill. There are even some marks on the hill which are said to have been created by the paw of the cow, as it landed here.

Avalabetta: Today 

Avalabetta is popular among the youth, especially trekking enthusiasts. However, it is still one of the offbeat destinations near Bangalore, therefore offers a retreat from the city life as well as people. It is advisable to start the journey really early in the morning, so you can trek in the crisp air. Once the sun comes out, it can get pretty hot. Plus, the earlier you begin the trek, the sooner you can get back, as venturing there after sunset is not recommended. 

Avalabatta: Trek 

To reach the Avalabetta trek starting point, you need to drive to Chikkaballapur on National Highway 44. From the Chikkaballapur Exit, head to the town of Peresandra, where you exit the main road and enter the service road, to reach the hillock’s base. From here, you have two options: you can either walk on the cemented road or climb a flight of rock-cut stairs to reach the top of the hill. The hiking trail leads through lush vegetations and offers views of large cliffs and boulders. 

Places to See at Avalabetta 

  • Beak Rock: The primary attraction at Avalabetta among thrill seekers, it is an almost unsupported cliff, projecting away from the main hillock. Youngsters who come here can be seen making poses and taking selfies at the rock.
  • Lakshmi Narasimha Temple: It is a typical Dravidian-style temple with a pyramidal tower known as vimana above its sanctum. Locals offer cow milk to the local deity; you can ask the priest all about the significance and the mythical past of this place.
  • Hilltop Pond: There is a small pond on the hilltop, where you can sit, chill, have a nice conversation and look at the greenery all around. From the top, you would also be able to see the road which leads to the hilltop, winding left and right.

Attractions near Avalabetta 

  • Gudibande Fort (20.6 km)
  • Dandiganahalli Dam (23.7 km)
  • Srinivasa Sagara (23.9 km)

If you want to get away from the mundane noise and tension for a few hours, you must definitely modify your Bangalore tour itinerary to include Avalabetta. Make sure to visit this hidden place early in the morning and preferably on a weekday, as the crowds are almost non-existent then.