Know why Wonderla Bangalore stands apart from the others Amusement Park

Thrilling rides, wave pools and a tang of nostalgia, this is what an entire day out in an amusement park looks like. As 90s kids, we always waited for those years when we were finally old enough to head to a fun amusement park instead of a boring play park or museum for our school picnics.

Ah, the days gone by! If you can also relate to these incidents from your past, then a visit to one will make for that much-needed reunion with your extended family or old school friends. If you happen to be in Bangalore, Wonderla Park will do the trick.

From high-thrill rides to haunted houses and extremely fun water rides, Wonderla Bangalore has plenty of attractions to keep you jumping with joy for the entire day. However, if you want to spend more than a single day and explore the enormous park, a stay at Wonderla Resort Bangalore is an option.

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Wonderla Timings:

  • Amusement Park Timings 
    • 11:00 am to 6:00 pm (weekdays)
    • 11:00 am to 7:00 pm (weekends/holidays)
  • Water Park Timings –
    • 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm (weekdays)
    • 12:00 pm to 6:00 pm (weekends/holidays) 

All thrilled and excited? Let’s explore this famous Amusement Park in Bangalore chain to give you some of the must-visit rides and attractions. 

Wonderla Bangalore Rides (Land)

Wonderla Bangalore Rides (Land)

Wonderla Bangalore Rides (Land)

For people who don’t like to get wet, we suggest you stick to the land rides. These rides at the park are built with state-of-the-art technology; hence, you can be assured that you will have all the fun and no scary moments (of course, excluding places that are meant to induce the thrill and fun quotient). Some of the most interesting and exciting land rides that you shouldn’t give a miss are Termite Coaster and Train, Techno Jump, Dungeon Ride, Hang Glider, Pirate Ship and Cinemagic 3D. The Musical Fountain and Laser Show is another popular attraction in this zone.

Among the ones mentioned above, Techno Jump has been recently added. It has 14 spokes, with each connected to an open capsule having the capacity to seat three people. Now, imagine the spoke spinning. Good enough? You can handle that right? But, on this particular ride, not only the individual spokes spin around, but the entire ride revolves. Now can you handle the thrill? Find out for yourself at the park. For a fun family entertainment of sorts, you can head to Adventures of Chikku. A cinematic experience complete with surround sound and motions that make you feel that you are also part of the film in reality and not just virtually. The Dungeon Ride does the same, except that it makes you feel a part of a haunted house and is not for the faint-hearted. You can expect shrieking sounds coming from the ride as you are approaching it. 

Wonderla Bangalore Rides (Water)

Wonderla Bangalore Rides (Water)

Wonderla Bangalore Rides (Water)

Two words: Splash Pool! There is absolutely no use of going to an amusement park if you don’t go to the splash pool. The one at Wonderla Bangalore pushes you head down in a boogie. After traversing the entire distance of the long tube, you are released into a pool. Sounds fun? Well it is! Some of the other thrilling water rides you should not miss are the Boomerang, Harakiri, Fun Racers, Uphill Racers, Water Pendulum, Twisters and Banded Kraits.

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The Wavy and the Vertical Fall are the most daunting water slides that you will ever come across. I, for one, never had the heart to try this one because you are dropped from as high up as the top of a six-storey building into a pool via a slide. You will be in the pool before you know it, thanks to gravity. However, if you don’t feel like going for the thrill, sway to hit tunes in the Rain Dance or just laze around on a float in the meandering Lazy River. Or there are always the wave pools. These might not be lazy, but are a welcoming place after all the head-spinning rides. 

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Wonderla Bangalore Rides (High Thrill)

Wonderla Bangalore Rides (High Thrill)

Wonderla Bangalore Rides (High Thrill)

Get ready for the adventure of a lifetime. Suffice it to say that the high thrill rides are not meant for the weak. If you cannot handle the spinning and revolving, we suggest you stay away. For those who are still reading about these, start your tour of the high thrill rides with Recoil. One of the most popular and daunting rides in the entire park, this is a reverse roller coaster ride that is sure to give you the adventure of your life. This concept was first introduced by Wonderla itself, and since then it has become an instant hit. Up next is the Flash Tower, one of the oldest concepts present in almost every amusement park, but worth it all the more. It takes you up and then drops you from a height of 40 meters in a free fall. Apart from these two, if you still have the strength to discover more high-thrill rides, there is Mixer, Insanity, Y-Scream, Hurricane, Equinox, Drop Zone, Maverick and Wonderla Bamba.

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The Insanity ride drives you insane, while the Equinox twists and spins you in all possible directions. The catch at most of these rides is the anticipation and not knowing at what time you will be dropped, twisted or the entire ride will revolve. So, give in to the ride and the anticipation, and scream all you want because these rides are sure to stay in your mind, long after you have left the park. 

Wonderla Bangalore Rides (Kids)

Wonderla Bangalore Rides (Kids)

Wonderla Bangalore Rides (Kids)

A popular place for school picnics, the park caters to the needs of the kids as well. The Kids Rides are perfect for your little ones as these are not scary and offer a gala time. Be it the Magic Mushroom or the Mini Pirate Ship, there are plenty of such rides which children will thoroughly enjoy. Some other attractions in this section are Mini Venice, Kiddies Wheel, Merry Ghost, Mini Express, Moon Walker, Jumping Frog, Funky Monkey, Flying Jumbo, Carousel, Convoy and Lion Swing. 

Wonderla Restaurant, Bangalore

Wonderla Restaurant, Bangalore

Wonderla Restaurant, Bangalore

After all those thrilling rides and adrenaline coursing through your body, you would want to stop and recharge yourself. Nothing does this better than food, and Wonderla has lots of restaurants serving a range of dishes.

Start your day at the park with a hearty breakfast at Park View Restaurant. Located at the main entrance, it has a simple menu of signature South Indian dishes.

For your lunch or in-between snacks, you can choose from various restaurants. Be it the Chinese dishes served at Chillies Restaurant or the pure-vegetarian offerings at Greens Restaurant, there are several options at your disposal.

If you happen to spend a lot of time in the Wave Pool (I certainly did on my school picnics), you can spare a couple of hours and gorge on succulent kebabs and biryani at the Waves Restaurant. It overlooks the Wave Pool, so if you need to take a break and keep an eye on your children, this is the restaurant you should be at.

Apart from these restaurants, there is Courtyard Restaurant, specialising in biryanis. If you cannot spend a day without having that slice of pizza, Crazy Pizza, with its variety of sinfully delicious pizzas, has you sorted. 

Wonderla Resort, Bangalore

After all the trips to the various rides, especially the high-thrill rides, you are bound to feel exhausted. Exhaustion of the right kind but exhaustion nonetheless! So, if you don’t feel like heading back home after such an eventful day, you can spend the night and extend your holiday with a stay at the Wonderla resort. Complete with luxurious rooms, conference halls and a restaurant-cum-bar called Red Ice, the resort is ideal for families, solo travellers and businesspersons.

After spending the entire day in pools full of cold water, you can easily slip into the heated pool and spend your time unwinding at the resort. Couple this experience with a dinner of delectable dishes, and you are bound to forget all about your exhaustion and get lost in the stunning décor and relaxed ambience of the resort.

Details that matter of Worderla Bangalore:

Wonderla may be Bangalore’s most popular amusement park, but there is a lot you should know so you can make the most of your visit without facing any hassles.

Wonderla Bangalore Address:

Listed on Google maps accurately, you may simply put this location and follow the directions to reach the park. 

Wonderla Bangalore, 28th Km, Mysore Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109 

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Pro Tips 

Now that you know a lot about Wonderla Bangalore, you must already be planning your trip. But, wait. Here are some tips to make sure your visit is the best of your life yet:

  • Since most of the park has bleached water in the pools and is out in the open, UV protective sunglasses along with a good sunscreen (SPF15 or higher) are recommended
  • Keep drinking water throughout the day so that you don’t feel exhausted from dehydration
  • When you take children along, ensure that they are with you at all the time so that they don’t get lost in the crowd or among rides
  • For the sake of everyone’s sanity, decorum should be maintained when waiting in a queue
  • The pools are mostly shallow so diving is not a great idea. Also, hold on to your little ones when going in the deeper end of the wave pool
  • The fast/high-thrill rides are not recommended for pregnant women or heart patients. Also, people who have undergone surgeries recently and have high blood pressure should avoid these
  • There is a pre-defined dress code which should be followed at the amusement park. The basic one is that you should not wear loose clothes, and stick to nylon or synthetic clothes. If you are not able to carry an extra set of clothes, you can purchase them at Wonderla itself
  • Last but not least, the lifeguards, ride operators and other staff members are there for a reason. Follow their instructions at all times to avoid any unnecessary conundrum 

So, if you want to do something more than just being holed up at a hotel in Bangalore, we recommend a visit to Wonderla for endless splashing and screaming with joy!

Which is the best Wonderla?

Though present across multiple locations, including Kochi and Hyderabad; Wonderla Bangalore is the best.

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