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Kudremukh National Park (107 km from Chikmagalur)

Published Date: 10-May-2024

Indulge your wild side at Kudremukh National Park, where tigers, leopards, wild pigs, gaurs, common langurs, lion-tailed macaques, and sambars abound. Thick shola forests, resplendent green grasslands, and rolling hills make for an eye-catching landscape here. The Kudremukh Peak (1892m) draws trekkers in droves and is the reason behind the name of the national park. A fun fact – Kudremukha translates to horse-face in Kannada, which is how the peak is shaped! This sprawling park receives abundant rainfall and is home to the gently flowing Bhadra and Tunga rivers.

  • Best time to visit: December to February
  • Ideal duration: 4 – 5 hours (especially if you are trekking to Kudremukh Peak)
  • How to reach:
    • By Air: Fly to Mangalore Airport and take a taxi to reach the park.
    • By Train: You can reach Mangalore Central and then hire a taxi.
    • By Road: You can either drive from Mangalore or Bangalore or board a bus to reach Chikmagalur and then hire a taxi.
  • Best for: Nature walks, Birdwatching, Trekking
  • Tip: Take a walk through the lovely green plantations.
  • Nearby Attractions: Kudremukh National Park, Hanuman Gundi Falls, Kalasa, Gangamoola
  • Nearby Restaurants: Coffee Gudda, Hotel Kamadhenu, Tikka Point, Nine 11 Restaurant & Malnad Palace, The Prince Of Kalasa
  • Google rating and reviews: 4.8 rating and 509 reviews

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