One of the largest salt marshlands or deserts in the world, the great Rann of Kutch is a stunning attraction in the state of Gujarat. This natural splendour boasts a surreal landscape that looks even more beautiful when the place gets all decked up for the popular Rann Utsav. Also known as the White Desert Festival or Kutch Utsav, Rann Utsav is an important annual event organised by Gujarat Tourism every year. The festival is celebrated in the chilly yet pleasant winter season for a span of 4 months. The charm of the Rann of Kutch Utsav is such that people from across the globe come here in huge numbers to experience and celebrate the colours and culture of Gujarat. 

About the Tent City

Sprawling across an area of 5,00,000 sq. m, the tent city near Dhordo Village in Kutch is the largest tent accommodation in India. This is a temporary set-up in which over 350 AC and non-AC tents are created every year for Rann Utsav, and the entire tent city is dismantled after the festival. Each tent is equipped with state-of-the-art facilities for the comfort of guests. The tent city is one of the most amazing set-ups where you can enjoy a pleasant stay and experience the rich culture and heritage of Kutch. The calmness of the desert, beautiful surroundings and a host of fun activities add a distinctive charm to the event and make it a huge attraction among travel aficionados from around the world.

Rann Utsav 2022 – Important information


 26th October 2022 to 20th February 2023


 Tent City, Dhordo, Kutch, Bhuj District, Gujarat

Official Website

Nearest Bus Station

 Bhuj Bus Stop (81 km away)

Nearest Railway Station

 Bhuj Railway Station (80 km)

Nearest Airport

 Bhuj Airport (80 km)

Things to do at Rann Utsav 2022-23

Apart from offering a beautiful glimpse of the folk culture of Gujarat, Raan Utsav entertains tourists with a host of other activities. Here’s a look at some of the most interesting things to experience in the colourful Rann Utsav. 

1.Enjoy the moonlit night views:

The white desert looks mesmerising and surreal on a full moon night! The entire place sparkles with the bright moonlight, making it a stunning and unique creation of nature. If you are at Rann on Poornima, make it a point to spend quality time under the moon and soak in the beauty of the white desert at its best.

2. Take a hot air balloon ride:

Keen to see how the white desert looks from the top? Take a hot air balloon ride, and you will fall in love with the place even more! The desert looks stunning when viewed from a height. Apart from the white salt sand hues, you can enjoy some enticing panoramic views of the tent city and other attractions. The experience is sure to stay etched in your mind for long.

3. Get a taste of the rich and colourful local culture:

The Rann Utsav is a melting pot of cultures; it is a cultural fiesta where you can witness the best from the state of Gujarat. The colourful Garba and Dandiya Raas are the highlights of the tent city. Apart from local artists, Rann Utsav invites unique dancers and performers from across the country. The tribal dance of the Siddi community is yet another interesting thing to witness here. All-in-all, the colourful dance and music performances around the bonfire in the shimmering moonlit landscape is one of the most delightful experiences for tourists. 

4. Go on a camel safari:

A trip to the desert is incomplete without a camel safari on the sandy terrain. And when you are in Rann of Kutch, exploring the white desert on top of a camel is a truly exhilarating experience. The Rann Utsav organises camel safaris at night as well for those who wish to enjoy the sight of the boundless white desert under the moonlight.

5. Explore the nearby villages:

If you are looking to make the most of your trip, visiting the nearby villages is a good option. There are some beautiful villages around boasting of the unique culture and craftsmanship of Gujarat. Hence, exploring them will be a delightful experience. Some popular villages easily reachable from the tent city are Khavda, Hodka, Ajrakhpur, Nirona and Bhujodi, among others. While Khavda is famous for its skilled potters, Hodka houses some artisan families who can make exquisite Banni embroidery. Similarly, Ajrakhpur is known for its Ajrakh block printing style using natural dyes. The simplicity of the locals and their traditions are equally fascinating.

6. Relish the local cuisine:

The local cuisine is a highlight of the popular Rann Utsav. The tent city houses two huge dining halls that serve some lip-smacking and authentic Kutchi cuisine. You can relish 3 buffet meals every day, along with morning and evening tea. The tent city also has many food stalls worth exploring, especially if you are looking to beat those hunger pangs at odd hours. From Bhel, Dosa and Samosa to Pav Bhaji, Kutchi Dabeli, Sandwiches, and beverages, the food stalls here serve them all.

7. Indulge in shopping:

The tent city is known for its vibrant market, selling some of the finest Bandhani sarees, embroidered garments, accessories, handicrafts, jewellery, bedcovers, cushion covers, and decorative items at economical rates. There are many more products to discover in Rann Utsav, so make sure you spend quality time exploring different stalls. Most products here display intricate Gujarati art forms and make the best souvenirs to take home from the trip.

8. Explore the hidden gems:

During your stay in the tent city, you can also explore the hidden gems nearby. Some must-visit attractions include Kala Dungar or the Black Hills, Dholavira, Kadiya Dhro and Mandvi Beach, among others. The Rann also houses some popular historical places, palaces, museums, and temples.

9. Other activities to enjoy:

In addition to the above, there are many more activities to engage in at the tent city. Adventure enthusiasts can try different adrenaline-rushing sports, such as rock climbing, ziplining, pendulum swing, sky fall, giant swing, and rappelling. ATV rides, camel cart rides and rifle shooting are quite popular among guests. The tent city also has a yoga and meditation centre, gaming zone, spa centre, clubhouse, conference hall, and kids’ zone. The clubhouse is a wonderful recreational area with games like Chess, Carrom, Snooker, Table Tennis and UNO. 

Things to keep in mind

  • Rann Utsav is organised in the winter when days are balmy and nights are chilly. Hence, make sure you carry enough woollens along.
  • Everyone visiting the tent city must carry a valid ID card.
  • Keep sunscreen, caps, and sunglasses handy.
  • You may have to walk a lot, so carry comfortable footwear.

Rann Utsav is one of the most unique and unforgettable cultural fiestas worth visiting. You can enjoy a comfortable stay in the tent, explore the vibrant region of Kutch and experience the cultural diversity of Gujarat. So, if you are keen to witness the colours of Kutch with Rann Utsav, make all necessary bookings and arrangements well in advance. You can either stay in the tent city or at a hotel in Dhordo to experience this amazing festival. However, make sure you book hotel rooms beforehand for easy availability and better rates.