Ramoji Film City is an integrated film city located in Hyderabad, about 33 km from the city center. With a wide range of attractions spread over a sprawling land of about 2000 acres, it is touted as the best thematic holiday destination in India. The film city has also earned the title of the largest studio complex in the whole world. No wonder, it is a popular attraction for travelers who check in at the hotels in Hyderabad for a relaxing holiday. From permanent sets and live shows to bird parks, adventure zones, restaurants, and hotels, the attractions within the city will take you on a dreamy celluloid journey.

Are you all set to explore this colossal film city in India? Here is everything you should know about Ramoji Film City, including its timings, ticket prices, things to see, packages, etc.

Ramoji Film City Information:

Location Hyderabad
Type Film City
Distance from Hyderabad City 33 km (approx.)
Timings 9:00 am to 5:30 pm; every day
Packages Ramoji Day Tour, Ramoji Star Experience, Sahas Combo, Sahas Package, and Ramoji Adventure Experience
Ticket Charges Ranging between ₹ 799 and ₹ 2350, depending on the package chosen
Area Over 2000 acres
Established in 1996
Created by Ramoji Rao
Maintained by Ramoji Group
Photography Professional photography prohibited
Videography Prohibited

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad: History

Ramoji Film City came into existence as the brainchild of Cherukuri Rama Rao, better known as Ramoji Rao, who is a well-known media entrepreneur, businessman, and film producer in India. He wanted the city to be something similar to the ones in Hollywood, in scale as well as facilities. Over 2000 acres of land was procured for the purpose and Nitish Roy, a famous art director, was assigned the task of designing the whole complex. The film city was set up in 1996 and was opened to the public shortly after.

Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad: Today

Today, Ramoji Film City is a self-sufficient film studio with all the facilities required for end-to-end film production. It also serves one of the top tourist attractions and picnic spots in Hyderabad. The complex consists of film sets, theme parks, adventure parks, hotels, sound stages, restaurants, and more. From temples, hospitals, and railway stations to London Street, airports, and gardens, a wide range of permanent sets are created within the studio.

In addition to these sets, it boasts of the capacity to accommodate around 50 film units at any given time, with both pre and post-production facilities. Ramoji Film City also has several on-hire venues dedicated to corporate meetings, weddings, and other events.

Since its establishment, this gargantuan studio complex has won several awards, accolades, and titles, including the Largest Film Studio Complex in the World by the Guinness World Records. There are luxury, economy, and shared accommodations available at the hotels located within the film city for people who are planning to stay overnight.

Things to See in Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad

The attractions at the Hyderabad film city are diverse and will keep you engaged for an entire day or more. Here’s a list of the top things to see in Ramoji Film City. 

  • Studio Tour where you will be taken in an open bus through shooting sets such as Princess Street, North Town, Bhagavatam Set, Japanese Garden, Mughal Garden, Sun Fountain Garden, Askari Garden Set, Sanctuary Garden, Angel Fountain, Kripalu Caves, etc.
  • Movie Magic Park where you can explore real shooting locations and experience illusions, simulations, and visual effects such as earthquake tremors, sound effects, free fall, etc.
  • Eureka, a cultural theme park where you can soak in the grandeur of the Mauryan and Mughal era through the artifacts displayed
  • Wings – the Bird Park, an expansive green landscape with cascading waterfalls, where you can spot a variety of bird species
  • Fundustan, an exclusive kids’ park with various attractions such as Dadajinn’s Ark, Wonderville, Thrillville Rides, Timberland, Borasura, Enthraller, Ballerina Fount, and more
  • Live Shows including Spirit of Ramoji, Opening and Closing Ceremony, Wild West Stunt Show, and live street shows
  • Eco Zone that contains a 7,200 square feet butterfly park, a bonsai garden named Vaman, and a string of terrace gardens called Colors
  • Sahas – Ramoji Adventure Land where you can engage in a wide range of adventure activities such as paintball, zorbing, net courses, shooting and archery, ATVs, human foosball, mountain biking, and others

Ramoji Film City Tour Packages

  • Ramoji Day Tour – Adult : ₹ 1150 for adults and ₹ 950 for kids
  • Ramoji Star Experience – ₹ 2349 for adults and ₹ 2149 for kids
  • Sahas Combo – ₹ 1650 for adults and ₹ 1450 for kids
  • Sahas Package – ₹ 999 for adults and ₹ 799 for kids
  • Ramoji Adventure Experience – ₹ 2099 and ₹ 1799 for kids

Special Notes:

  • Kids – 33 inches to 54 inches of height
  • Free entry for kids less than 33 inches of height
  • There are Ramoji Film City packages offered by Hyderabad Tourism Department, private tour operators, etc.
  • The film city offers seasonal packages during monsoons, summers, and winters. The charges of such packages might differ.

Lesser-known Facts about Ramoji Film City, Hyderabad:

  • Ramoji Rao, the founder of the film city, was awarded the second highest civilian award in India, namely the Padma Vibhushan, in 2016.
  • In addition to the film city, Ramoji Rao also founded a production house called Ushakiran Movies.
  • It is estimated that more than 2500 films have been shot at the film city.
  • Some of the blockbusters shot here include Chennai Express, Krrish, Baahubali, and Dirty Picture.

Now that you know everything about Hyderabad’s Ramoji Film City, aren’t you all excited to explore it and learn the secrets behind the scenes you watch you on the screen? Next time when you are in the City of Nizams, don’t forget to spend a day visiting this wonderland of movies.