The Hauz Khas Village aka HKV in South Delhi is an urban hangout hotspot as well as a heritage place that traces its roots to the Delhi Sultanate reign. As surprising as it might sound, it is a posh neighborhood, a historical complex, and an upscale hub, all rolled into one. While Hauz Khas keeps its buoyant vibes with a wide range of modern restaurants, pubs, cafés, shopping places, and boutiques, it also retains its old-world charm through the historical complex that houses many structures from the Sultanate era. And this smooth merger of the past and the present makes it one of the top tourist attractions in Delhi.

When you plan your trip, remember to book your hotels in Delhi keeping a day aside to explore this one-of-its-kind neighborhood. Read on to know more about the Hauz Khas Village in Delhi.

Hauz Khas Village Information:

Location South Delhi
Type An urban neighborhood and a historical complex
Also Known as HKV
Origins 13th century
Timings (Complex) 10:30 am to 7:00 pm; Monday to Saturday
Entry Fee (Complex) Free
N Jha Park Timings 5:00 am to 8:00 pm (summer); 5:30 am to 7:00 pm (winter)
Park Entry Free
Still/Video Camera Free
Nearest Metro Station Hauz Khas and Green Park

Hauz Khas Village: History

Hauz Khas traces its roots to the 13th century when the Delhi Sultanate was ruling over the region. The name of the place is derived from a water tank by the same name, which was built by Alauddin Khalji as a means of supplying water to the newly built Siri Fort. Back in those days, the area around this reservoir also had a mosque, a madrasa, tombs, pavilions, and several other structures built in the Islamic style of architecture. All these structures are currently part of the Hauz Khas Complex.

The areas surrounding this medieval complex were developed into a modernized neighborhood by DLF around the 1960s. During the mid-1980s, the place started transforming into a posh urban zone with the arrival of designer boutiques by renowned fashion designers. By the end of the 1990s, the village saw the emergence of several restaurants followed by cafes, pubs, and bars in the coming years. All these changed the neighborhood into a happening party spot in Delhi.

Hauz Khas Village Architecture

Hauz Khas displays a mishmash of ancient and modern architectural styles. The place once teemed with splendid buildings featuring Mughal architectural styles. Currently, modern buildings have cropped up along these age-old edifices, lending the place a unique look. Surrounded by lush green open spaces and well-structured walkways, the place retains its quaint charm even in the face of new age buildings and an upscale ambiance.

Hauz Khas Village: Today

Teeming with a wide range of ancient and modern attractions, Hauz Khas is undoubtedly one of the most lively tourist places in Delhi. Some of the best bars, cafés, pubs, and restaurants in Delhi are located in this part of the city while chic boutiques and quirky stores all make it a shopaholic’s paradise.

That’s not all. The Hauz Khas Complex, where many of the 13th-century structures are housed, will take you back to the days of the Delhi Sultanate. The light and sound show held at the main complex in the evenings by Delhi Tourism Department is another key attraction here. If you are a shutterbug, the whole area will provide you with umpteen photo ops, especially the breath-taking sunset views.  

One of the main attractions in Hauz Khas is the A.N. Jha Deer Park, which is a favorite weekend picnic spot for the family crowd. This green oasis also visited by joggers and walkers every day. The park has a famous restaurant called Park Baluchi.   

Things to See in Hauz Khas Village and Complex

You won’t be short of places to explore in the Hauz Khas village and Complex. The top things to see in Hauz Khas include:

  • The reservoir built by Allaudin Khilji
  • The Siri Fort which was once fortified city that served as the Khilji Dynasty’s primary power center
  • The madrasa established in 1352 by Firoz Shah Tughlaq, which was considered the biggest Islamic theology school in the world at that time
  • Firoz Shah’s tomb, a domed structure
  • Six pavilions near the madrasa, featuring different sizes and shapes
  • A small mosque with a domed entryway
  • Shops and boutiques established in transformed old homes
  • Curio stores and vintage shops with all kinds of interesting stuff
  • Restaurants and cafes to indulge your taste buds
  • Pubs and bars to experience the vibrant nightlife in Delhi
  • Art galleries displaying fascinating artworks, including the Delhi Art Gallery, the Village Gallery, the Impulse Art, the Rang Art Gallery, and the Art View Gallery
  • N. Jha Deer Park
  • Chor Minar or the Tower of Thieves, a minaret having 225 holes

Restaurants, Cafes, and Pubs in Hauz Khas Village

While the place is inundated with numerous restaurants, pubs, and cafes, some of them score high on popularity. Our suggestions include:

  • Hauz Khas Social
  • Kunzum Travel Café
  • Yeti – The Himalayan Kitchen
  • Imperfecto
  • Levels HKV
  • Coast Café
  • The Beer Café
  • Elma’s Bakery, Bar and Kitchen
  • Lord of the Drinks Meadow
  • Naivedyam
  • Rehab Gastropub
  • Smoke House Deli
  • Rabbit Hole
  • Matchbox
  • Out of the Box
  • Garage Inc.

Lesser-known Facts about Hauz Khas Village

  • The domed tomb of Firoz Shah was built by the ruler himself.
  • The umbrella-like structures adorning the Hauz Khas Complex are believed to be the cenotaphs of the madrassa teachers.
  • Legend has it that Chor Minar was used by Alauddin Khilji to behead and exhibit the heads of thieves through its 225 holes.   

Attractions near Hauz Khas Village

  • Qutub Minar (3 km)
  • Dilli Haat (4 km)
  • Mehrauli Archeological Park (4.3 km)
  • Champa Gali (5 km)
  • The Garden of Five Senses (5.5 km)
  • Safdarjung Tomb (5.7 km)
  • Lotus Temple (7 km)
  • Lodhi Gardens (7.2 km)

Hauz Khas in Delhi is a place where the present and the past blend seamlessly. Whether you are in the mood for a gastronomic treat, some party fun, a dose of retail therapy or a tryst with history, Hauz Khas promises you a memorable time.