Pushkar, the very name evokes images of a vibrant desert carnival that is a cultural congregation of sights and sounds, and of course, camels! Did we say carnival and camels? Yes, you read that right! The humpy king of the desert is one of the biggest attractions of the Pushkar Mela that draws crowds from around the globe to this part of the world. But Pushkar is so much more than this enthralling annual phenomenon! On one hand, the serene town makes for a sacred pilgrimage for Hindus, thanks to its age-old temples and religious sites. On the other hand, it fascinates avid travelers with its quirky cafes, stunning architecture, colorful shopping spots, places to visit and culinary culture. Read ahead to know about the many things to do in Pushkar:

Things to do in Pushkar:

1. Camel Safari, Pushkar

Camel Safari, Pushkar

Camel Safari | #1 of 5 Things to do in Pushkar

A trip to this desert town can’t be deemed complete if you do not experience Pushkar camel safari. Riding on a camel as you navigate the town with the Thar Desert in the background is definitely an experience to enjoy and remember. You can have a glimpse of the nomadic tribes who have made Pushkar their home. 

2. Heritage Walk, Pushkar

Heritage Walk, Pushkar

Heritage Walk | #2 of 5 Things to do in Pushkar

You can take to exploring the city on foot as the place is not too big. There are also curated tours that will enable you to get a better understanding of the city’s heritage attractions with a guide explaining you various fascinating aspects of the town.

3. Pushkar Mela, Pushkar

Pushkar Mela, Pushkar

Pushkar Mela | #3 of 5 Things to do in Pushkar

If you happen to visit Pushkar in late October or early November, do not miss out on one of the biggest cultural spectacles of Rajasthan, the Pushkar Mela. It is a famous cattle and camel trading fair that takes place between different villages. Several other attractions such as the moustache competition, the bridal competition, the matka (clay pot) breaking competition, etc., make the fair a treat to visit.

4. Desert Camping, Pushkar

Desert Camping, Pushkar

Desert Camping | #4 of 5 Things to do in Pushkar

A tented stay in the desert is not something that you get to do every other day. While you are in Pushkar, you can experience this and take home a lasting memory. With the Aravali Hills on one side and the desert spreading in front of you, it will be a thrilling experience to spend the night in a tent under the starry sky!

5. Explore the Nightlife, Pushkar

Explore the Nightlife, Pushkar

Explore the Nightlife | #5 of 5 Things to do in Pushkar

When we say nightlife in Pushkar, we are not talking about the usual nightclubs and bars. Remember, Pushkar is a religious center, so it offers little nocturnal activities in terms of hard-core boozing. But that doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy the night in this town. Take a stroll through the city at night and walk down to the Main Market Square. You will be drawn into a land of tempting street foods laid out on carts. Once you have your fill, you can simply sit at one of the ghats of Pushkar Lake and enjoy the cool breeze there. Trust us, the experience is as intoxicating as boozing!

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