You can’t even step out of your house let alone be on the road on account of the lockdown imposed across the country to control the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic. But that doesn’t mean you have to stop exploring… there’s still a lot you can do to satisfy your wanderlust without leaving the home: read books about distant destinations, check out travel accounts on Instagram or binge-watch some classic travel movies and shows online (one of our favourite choices!).

While we’ve already listed our top picks for travel movies to watch during Coronavirus lockdown, there are some amazing travel shows available to stream right now as well. With their unique concepts, these shows have the power to virtually transport you to all the places you’ve been dying to visit from your couch itself. So, here are 5 best travel shows to include in your watch-list:

1. Departures

A beautifully shot show following two friends from Canada Scott and Justin as they head off to travel the world for a year. Over the course of the show, the hosts share their adventures and experiences across India, Indonesia, Cambodia, Thailand, Canada, Cuba, Morocco, North Korea, Japan and other such incredible places around the globe. You’ll get to see some interesting places and a good mix of tourist sites and exotic food as you join them on their exciting journey to their next destination.

2. An Idiot Abroad

This British travel documentary TV series has Karl Pilkington shipped off by his friends, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant (comedy writers), on a trip to see the Seven Wonders. Only 19 episodes long, this show is sure to leave you in splits as you see the ultimate reluctant traveller set off to travel the world, experiencing new places and cultures and ticking off some typical bucket-list activities, all the while wishing to go back home. This one has a unique take on travel that will keep you hooked!

3. Long Way Round

Watch actor Ewan McGregor take on the roads with fellow actor, travel writer and presenter Charley Boorman on the ultimate motor-biking challenge. Over the course of this two-season series, the pair covers a 31,000 km-long journey from London to New York via 12 other countries in 115 days on the motorcycle. What makes this show a must-watch is the chemistry between the two friends and how they deal with the highs and lows to successfully complete their journey. Sounds thrilling, right?

4. Parts Unknown

Parts Unknown sees the American celebrity chef and writer Anthony Bourdain travelling the world to discover some lesser-known places and explore their unique culture. Unfortunately, this show had to end in the midst due to the untimely demise of Bourdain but his legacy continues to leave an impact on travel enthusiasts like us. If you like this, you might enjoy his other travel shows too, which cover different aspects of travel and food, including A Cook’s Tour, No Reservations and The Layover.

5. Travels with My Father

Quite entertaining and fun, this show follows British stand-up comedian Jack Whitehall as he travels across Southeast Asia with his elderly father Michael in Season 1. What makes this show so amusing is the unique (and sometimes wild!) experiences the duo has throughout their journey. In Season 2, the comedic pair explores Eastern Europe while Season 3 sees Jack take his father on the American West tour in an attempt to convince him to move to the US. This one is everything you’d expect!

These are our top 5 picks, but with the number of travel shows streaming online right now, you will definitely be spoilt for choice. Here is a list of some other shows that you can binge on:

  • Travel Man
  • Globe Trekker
  • Conan Without Borders
  • Dark Tourist
  • Highway On My Plate
  • Frozen Planet
  • Street Food
  • Moving Art
  • Tales by Light
  • Planet Earth

If you have any other favourites you’d like to share with us, do leave your comments below.