What is the best part about summers in Delhi? The opportunity to escape to the mountains anytime you want. There is an abundance of hill stations near Delhi that are perfect not only for an escape from the heat, but also for a rich cultural and historical tour. Apart from being popular tourist destinations themselves, these hill towns also serve as a gateway to several natural wonders deeper in the Himalayas, most notably waterfalls. So, sit back as we tell you about some of the most scenic waterfalls near Delhi, you got to visit this summer.

Waterfalls near Delhi within 300 km

1. Neer Garh Falls

Neer Garh Falls

Neer Garh Falls | #1 of 15 Waterfalls near Delhi

Also known as Neer Gaddu Falls, Neer Garh Falls make for an excellent place to relax. A short hike from the iconic Lakshman Jhula leads you to the waterfall, which is actually comprised of three cascades. During summers, lots of people come here to bathe in the plunge pool. Therefore, if you want to avoid the rush, either visit it in winters or early in the morning. There are several bridges across rivulets nearby, which serve as perfect photography and viewing spots.

  • Location: Rishikesh
  • Distance from Delhi: 226 km
  • How to Reach: Take a train to Haridwar, and then travel to Rishikesh on a taxi or bus

2. Patna Falls

Patna Falls

Patna Falls | #2 of 15 Waterfalls near Delhi

One of the nearest waterfalls near Delhi, Patna Falls can be easily visited on a day trip from the national capital. An around 1.5 km hike leads you to the waterfalls, through lush broadleaf forests and past several brooks. Consider visiting the spot early in the morning because as the day progresses, the number of tourists increases substantially. Be warned that there is no signage to lead you to the spot, so you will have to depend on the locals’ directions.

  • Location: Rishikesh
  • Distance from Delhi: 221 km
  • How to Reach: Several trains connect Delhi to Haridwar, from where Rishikesh is a short drive away

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3. Corbett Falls

Corbett Falls

Corbett Falls | #3 of 15 Waterfalls near Delhi

Located within an extremely wildlife-rich region, these waterfalls are an oasis of tranquillity. Set in the Himalayan foothills, Corbett Falls is surrounded by lush forests of teak and oak. It is a rather small cascade, falling from a height of only 60 feet, but the experience of sitting nearby or frolicking in its plunge pool is something to cherish forever. Remember to carry along snacks and enough drinking water as there are no stores nearby.

  • Location: Jim Corbett National Park
  • Distance from Delhi: 238 km
  • How to Reach: Several trains are available for Ramnagar from Delhi, from where regular bus and taxi services are available for the protected territory. Alternatively, you can even travel to the national park from Haldwani

4. Machhrial Falls

Another among the bewitching waterfalls near Delhi, Machhrial Falls is located in the tea-growing region of Himachal Pradesh. The hills surrounding the waterfalls are some of the greenest you will see in the region, regardless of which season you come here during. The hike to it can be a little tricky because of the slippery rocks, loose soil and dense vegetation growth, so bear caution.

  • Location: Kangra
  • Distance from Delhi: 250 km (approx.)
  • How to Reach: You can take a train to Pathankot or a flight to Gaggal Airport and then reach Dharamshala or McLeodganj by road

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5. Badri Falls

This is one of the lesser-known waterfalls near Delhi, known only to those who have ventured there or live nearby. Nestled in Himachal Pradesh, Badri Falls calls for a trip for its exceptional scenery and peace.

  • Location: Solan
  • Distance from Delhi: 291 km (approx.)
  • How to Reach: Take a train to Kalka, and then ride the UNESCO-listed Kalka-Shimla toy train to the town of Solan

Waterfalls near Delhi within 400 km

6. Tiger Falls

Tiger Falls

Tiger Falls | #6 of 15 Waterfalls near Delhi

Tiger Falls drop from a height of approximately 312 feet from the hills of the Shivalik Range. To reach the spot, you need to hike for 5 km, which would take you past oak trees and rhododendron groves. During the tourist season, which is generally summers, the place witnesses a high footfall. So, you can come here in winters as its altitude is not too much to make the place really cold.

  • Location: Chakrata
  • Distance from Delhi: 300 km
  • How to Reach: Take a train or flight to Dehradun, and then complete the rest of the journey by road

7. Bhalu Gaad Falls

Bhalu Gaad Falls

Bhalu Gaad Falls | #7 of 15 Waterfalls near Delhi

You might not find this place on any list of waterfalls near Delhi. So, why am I including it in mine? Because I have been there myself, and the experience was amazing. Bhalu Gaad, meaning the ‘abode of bears’, is one of the few waterfalls in the region with an entry fee (₹ 300 for a group of 10). You can haggle with the old guide there, but I didn’t find it too much. For those, planning on hiking to the spot themselves, which I don’t recommend, you will see a bridge across a river as the hiking trail descends. Do NOT cross over, as it will lead you to a village in the valley below. Instead, keep to the trail which hugs the river.

On the trek, you will have to cross boulders higher than yourself. The guide will tell you exactly where to step; LISTEN to him. The place is extremely green and quite, without any soul for miles. You can go into the plunge pool, but be careful as it is said to be quite deep.

  • Location: Mukteshwar
  • Distance from Delhi: 321 km
  • How to Reach: Take a train to Kathgodam, then a bus to Mukteshwar. Local cabbies are well aware of the waterfall

8. Chadwick Falls

Chadwick Falls

Chadwick Falls | #8 of 15 Waterfalls near Delhi

Situated at an altitude of roughly 5200 feet, Chadwick Falls should definitely on your must-visit list if you are planning a Himachal tour. Located deep in the Glenn forest, this perennial waterfall is around 300 feet high. Its water is quite cold even in summers as it flows down straight from the snow-clad Himalayas. You can reach the spot after trekking for around 1 km from Summer Hill, the drive to where is extremely scenic.

  • L0ocation: Shimla
  • Distance: 334 km
  • How to Reach: The best way to reach is via the Kalka-Shimla toy train and then a bus or cab. Else, you can even do it as part of a road trip all the way from Delhi

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Waterfalls near Delhi within 500 km

9. Bhagsu Falls

Bhagsu Falls

Bhagsu Falls | #9 of 15 Waterfalls near Delhi

Bhagsu Falls are situated at the foot of the around 19000-feet high Dhauladhar Range, on the way to Triund. It is extremely well known owing to Bhagsunag Temple dedicated to Lord Shiva nearby, which draws devotees in large number. A short yet satisfying hike from the shrine takes you to the waterfall, which has endless greenery all around. The name of the temple and waterfall are a reference to a myth, which speaks of a battle between the Naag Devta and a local king, Bhagsu.

  • Location: McLeodganj
  • Distance from Delhi: 455 km
  • How to Reach: Taxis and buses are available for McLeodganj from Pathankot, which is itself reachable from Delhi via trains

10. Bundla Falls

Among the taller waterfalls near Delhi, Bundla Falls is around 328 feet high. While here, you might see many hermits meditating, as the area has significance as a pilgrimage site. The water is so clear that you will be able to see the stones in the plunge pool. Consider coming here in the non-monsoon months, as the rains can cause landslides and also because the waterfall is perennial, meaning it flows round the year.

  • Location: Palampur
  • Distance from Delhi: 457 km (approx.)
  • How to Reach: Reach Pathankot via train, and then take a bus or taxi to Palampur. Alternatively, you can ride the little-known Kangra Valley Railway toy train to the town

11. Palani Falls

At 492 feet, Palani Falls located near Manali are among the tallest surge waterfalls in the country. A huge volume of ice-cold water creates a roar and mist, which is enough to awe inspire anyone. Plus, the lush greenery all around works like a charm to make people forget all their woes. You can sit here for hours, just gazing at the scenery and getting refreshed from inside. So, after you are done with the regular sightseeing in the town, come here for an off-beat experience.

  • Location: Kullu
  • Distance from Delhi: 482 km (approx.)
  • How to Reach: Buses and taxis can be taken from Kullu-Manali Airport, which has direct flights from Delhi

12. Bhimlat Falls

Bhimlat Falls

Bhimlat Falls | #12 of 15 Waterfalls near Delhi

Would you call me a liar if I told you that Bhimlat Falls are in Rajasthan? If you will, then you are forgetting that the ‘desert’ state is home to the ancient Aravalli Ranges, which have several of these water cascades. These 180-feet high waterfalls are said to be formed due to an earthquake in the 8th century; however, legends say that Bheem created these to quench the Pandavas’ thirst during their exile. You can easily enter the plunge pool and stand directly below the falling water for a fun time.

  • Location: Bundi
  • Distance from Delhi: 493 km
  • How to Reach: Several trains are available till Kota, from where you can hire a bus or taxi

Waterfalls near Delhi beyond 500 km

13. Birthi Falls

Birthi Falls

Birthi Falls | #13 of 15 Waterfalls near Delhi

Being almost at the foot of the Great Himalayan Range, Birthi Falls is among the prettiest in the region. At 400 feet, it is also among the highest waterfalls near Delhi, one which definitely deserves a visit. Surrounding it are lush meadows and coniferous forests, whereas snow-bound peaks are in the distance. Remember, the water would be extremely cold, so think twice before you stand below it. The hike to the Birthi Falls might be short, but will it give you the real experience of trekking in the mountains.


  • Location: Munsiyari
  • Distance from Delhi: 509 km
  • How to Reach: You can either take a train till Kathgodam or a flight till Pantnagar Airport. At both these places, you can hire a cab for Munsiyari. But, it is advisable to first travel by road to Pithoragarh to spend a night, and then continue to Munsiyari in the morning.

14. Rehala Falls

Rehala Falls

Rehala Falls | #14 of 15 Waterfalls near Delhi

If ever you go on a road trip to Leh from Delhi, you must take some time out to visit Rehala Falls, also spelt Rahala Falls. Located near Manali, off the famous Leh-Manali Highway just before the ascent to Rohtang Pass begins, this cascade is surrounded by lofty peaks. The water comes straight from a glacier, so beware! This is why, summer is the best time to come here. Not just the waterfall, but the enveloping jungles of birch and deodar will also take your breath away.

  • Location: Marhi
  • Distance from Delhi: 548 km
  • How to Reach: Those who are not ardent bikers or off-roaders can take a train to Pathankot or a flight to Bhuntar Airport in Kullu, and then continue by road

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15. Sissu Falls

Sissu Falls

Sissu Falls | #15 of 15 Waterfalls near Delhi

Another pristine water cascade on the Leh-Manali Highway, this is definitely one of the most dramatic waterfalls near Delhi. A single stream of water falls from a cliff straight into a plunge pool, around 150 feet below. To reach Sissu Falls, you need to cross the Chenab River; your guide will take care of that. The hike to the base of the waterfall is not really tough, so even those with relatively less trekking experience can visit it.

  • Location: Sissu
  • Distance from Delhi: 603 km
  • How to Reach: Take any bus or taxi going to Leh from Manali or hire your own

Still wondering how to beat Delhi’s infamous heat? Stop thinking, pack your bags and head to any of these incredible places. And, don’t worry about accommodation, as hotels are easily available at all major towns.