If you’re wondering whether it’s possible to travel without, well, travelling… the answer is YES! With most of us homebound due to the Coronavirus lockdown, our travel-hungry souls can’t venture out to explore the world (until this global pandemic is over). But fortunately, there are other means for us to feed our wanderlust and experience the joy of travelling without even leaving the house.

Read on to know how you can travel round-the-world virtually while being home-quarantined:

1. Instagram your way to your favourite destination

If there’s one place where you can discover new places around the world from up close, very similar to having a first-hand experience, is Instagram. It’s visual and it’s available at the tip of your fingers, 24X7. All you need to do is seek some of the best travel accounts to follow that put out honest, real and interesting content, inspiring you to follow your own wanderlust dreams when you can.

2. Binge-watch some classic travel movies and series

A good film or TV show holds the power to pull you into its own world and away from the reality. So, there really can’t be a better travel companion for you while you’re lounging on your sofa than some of the best travel content streaming online today. Create your ultimate watch-list of travel movies to binge on today or find the most inspiring travel shows to set off on an exciting, virtual trip.

3. Get inspired by the pool of travel blogs on the web

There are innumerable travel blogs online that open up a whole new world of inspirational content for globetrotters like us. Through their pictures and words, they weave such interesting stories that are sure to excite the travel bug in you. Wondering where to start from? Well, why don’t you take a tip from the fascinating experiences shared by our travel experts on FabHotels travel blog.

4. Take virtual tours around the world with YouTube


A great way to satiate your wanderlust and beat your quarantine blues is to watch the travel vlogs on YouTube. Travel vloggers can prove to be your ultimate companion in rough times like these as they take you along through the best of the best of a destination. Furthermore, you can choose to indulge in an immersive travel experience with some interactive 360° videos on YouTube.

5. Retrace your steps to when you travelled around

Reliving your own travels from the past can also bring peace to your restless travel genes. So, bring out those videos that you shot, oh-so-diligently, on your last trip and scroll through the camera reel to watch all your holidays play out one by one. Peeping into some of your most beautiful memories from past trips will put a smile on your face and remind you to be thankful for your travels.

Agreed, these ways of travelling virtually might not be enough compared to the real-life adventures you are missing out on. But for now, this is all you have. So, till the time the world reboots itself and you can once again set off for some exciting trips, use virtual travel to curb your travel pangs and let it help you plan the vacations that you’re going to take in future. Where will you go first?

Share all your exciting plans for future vacations with us in the comments section below.