A city of temples, beaches and world-class educational institutions, Chennai is a place that ticks all the right boxes. If you are planning a visit to this beautiful city or have been a resident your entire life (and never got around exploring it), here are some of the most fun things to do in Chennai.

The list is endless because not only Chennai but its neighbours and some of the exotic locations on its outskirts also offer a chance to make memories. But, we have tried to keep it short, and this can be your starting point to finally getting out there and trying some awesome things in this picture-perfect city.

1. Spend some Time getting #Sunkissed at Marina Beach

#1 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai

#1 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai | (source)

Have you always been a beach bum? Then, spending a couple of hours at one of the longest beach in India should be a no-brainer. Visit the beach during the season of spring or autumn to enjoy the powdery sand and clear water even more. If you plan to stay back till late in the evening, gorge on seafood delicacies sold by the shacks and stalls here.

Or how about making your own sand castles and playing in the shallow end of the ocean? It makes a beach visit even more fun. Plus, indulging in some light beach games like beach volleyball would be one of the most fun things to do in Chennai. While getting the names of your partner and yourself etched on a single grain of rice remains a popular thing to do in Chennai for couples.

2. Get Up Close and Personal with the Animals at Vandalur Zoo

#2 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai

#2 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai | (source)

Arignar Anna Zoological Park or Vandalur Zoo is perfect for spending some quality time with your family and kids. Spread on a sprawling 602 hectares, this is one of the largest zoological parks in India. You can find approximately 2500 species of flora and fauna across the length and breadth of this beautiful zoo. Apart from watching such diverse type of animals, mammals and fishes, do spend some time with the 46 endangered species too.

  • Location: GST Road, Vandalur
  • Timings: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm (closed on Tuesdays)
  • Entry Fee: ₹ 20 (children 5-12 years); ₹ 50 (adults)

 3. Experience the Happening Nightlife of Chennai

#3 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai

#3 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai | (source)

In the past years, Chennai’s nightlife has evolved from a few high-end pubs to a diverse range of lounges and resto-bars. Whether you want to have a crazy karaoke session with your friends or simply groove to the hippest tunes, this city has got you covered.

Couple it all with great food and interesting mix of drinks, and you are set for a night worth remembering. Some of the most popular clubs and pubs in Chennai are:

  • Radio Room
  • Pasha
  • Gatsby 2000
  • Q Bar
  • The Cycle Gap

4. Spend a Fun-filled Day at VGP Universal Kingdom

#4 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai

#4 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai | (source)

Love water parks and thrilling rides? A day at VGP Universal Kingdom is all you need. Whether you want to spend some time with your family or simply laze around the pools with your friends, there is a lot to do at both these places. While you are at the VGP Universal Kingdom, ride on Circus Train or Lazy River. If you are more inclined towards thrilling rides, there is Go Karting, Top Gun, Flying Carpet and Water Chute.

  • Location: Injambakkam, East Coast Road
  • Timings: 11:00 am to 07:30 pm; every day
  • Ticket Price:

          Adults – ₹ 945 (Platinum Crown); ₹ 550 (Golden Crown)

          Kids – ₹ 845 (Platinum Crown); ₹ 450 (Golden Crown)

Read our blog on the most popular water and amusement parks in Chennai to know about more such amazing places.

5. Head to Fun City for a Sesh of Pool Games and Bowling

#5 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai

#5 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai | (source)

Fun City hosts one of the biggest gaming arcades in all of South Asia. It is considered as one of the top enjoyment places in Chennai for everyone, from kids to teenagers and even adults. Located in Express Avenue Mall, this entertainment zone has several activities for people who just want to hang out with their friends or kids.

  • Location: Express Avenue Mall, Royapettah
  • Timings: 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
  • Entry Fee: None

6. Get a Dose of Adventure at Covelong and Muttukadu Beach

#6 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai

#6 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai | (source)

 Both Covelong and Muttukadu beaches seem underrated when it comes to some of the must-visit attractions of Chennai. Tranquil, these beaches are still untouched by the usual tourist crowd, making it all the more appealing. Moreover, with plenty of adventure sports agencies right by the beach, you can try everything from parasailing and surfing to scuba diving and jet skiing.

P.S: Apart from trying water sports, you can also enjoy an hour or two of leisure fishing at Covelong Beach. It is one of the most therapeutic things to do in Chennai, plus you get to take back the catch of the day and have it roasted at one of the shacks.

7. Attend the Margazhi Music Festival

#7 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai

#7 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai | (source)

 Visiting South India and not attending one of its music or dance festivals is simply not acceptable. Moreover, if you browse through the list of 100 things to do in Chennai, attending the Margazhi Music Festival would be somewhere At the top.

Coming to this beautiful festival, it spans over 6 days, usually starting in December every year. A fiesta and celebration of the performing arts of South India, it features soulful Carnatic music performances by some of the renowned names in the field. Of course, if you are an ardent admirer of South Indian dance forms, do check out the itinerary and find the dates when Bharatanatyam or Kuchipudi will be hosted.

8. Go for a Long Drive along the East Coast Road

#8 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai

#8 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai | (source)

This beautiful highway, connecting Chennai to Pondicherry, has become extremely popular for those long drives after work hours. Not only the end destination, but the entire route is scenic and lined with amusement parks and restaurants, where you can stop by and replenish yourself.

So what are you waiting for? Get your car fuelled up and embark on a road trip this weekend.

9. Visit Guindy National Park for a Rendezvous with Snakes

#9 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai

#9 of 9 Fun Things to Do in Chennai | (source)

If insects intrigue you and snakes don’t scare you, Guindy National Park should be next on your itinerary. From some of the rarest varieties of flora to several species of snakes, crocodiles, alligators and earthworms, this place is unlike other conservation centres and worth a visit. Some of the species to watch out for include king cobra, python, turtle and monitor lizard.

P.S: It is one of the smallest national park in India, so a couple of hours will be enough to explore the entire park.

  • Location: Rangeguindy, Chennai
  • Timings: 9:00 am to 5:30 pm, closed on Tuesdays
  • Entry Fee: ₹ 15 (adults); ₹ 10 (children)

While these things can be done inside the city, there are plenty of major attractions just outside it as well. If you have a little more time, say a weekend, do visit the nearby hill stations and coffee plantations.

There are plenty of things to do in Chennai which you won’t find anywhere else. So make sure you plan your itinerary in advance. If we missed anything, do let us know.