India is home to several airports that are on their way to becoming world class. Among these is Chennai International Airport, which is counted as one of the busiest and the best aviation hubs the country has to offer. In the FY 2017 alone, it catered to more than 20 million international and domestic travelers, and the staggering number of people using the airport is only increasing every year.

Owing to Chennai’s repute as of the most significant commercial, cultural and educational hubs in India, you might find yourself flying to or out of the airport in near future. There is also a possibility that you might have a layover here, since it serves as a hub for several Indian air service providers.

Now, you may not like layovers because, let’s face it, these are typically excruciatingly boring, making you regret the day you booked a connecting flight. But, that is unlikely to happen at the Chennai airport as there are so many things to do here. So, without any further ado, let us see all the amazing things you can do if your flight is delayed or you have a long layover at the Chennai airport. 

Things to do at Chennai Airport:

Experience Sheer Luxury at a Lounge

Experience Sheer Luxury at a Lounge | Things to do at Chennai Airport

Experience Sheer Luxury at a Lounge | Things to do at Chennai Airport

Chennai International Airport is home to not just one or two, but three plush lounges that offer travellers a chance to spend time lavishly while they wait for their flight. It does not matter whether you are flying on a domestic or international route with a First, Business or Economy class ticket as these lounges are open to all flyers. Thus, nothing will keep you from immersing yourself in pure luxury. Take a look at the many lounges at the airport and the facilities offered by these: 

Travel Club (Domestic Terminal):

Located in the Domestic Departures section within the security hold area, this opulent lounge is a great place to pamper yourself with some world-class services. A range of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks are served here, and you can also make use of television, reading material and Wi-Fi to kill time.

 Travel Club (International Terminal):

The lounge can be found on the first floor near Gate 11 after security checks within the International Departures area. It is contemporarily designed and provided with stylish and comfortable seats. Once inside, you can stay here for three hours, and relax in utmost lavishness.   

Travel Club (New International Terminal):

Beautifully designed and adorned with elegant furnishings and magnificent art pieces, the lounge impresses with its sophisticated ambiance. All the modern conveniences, such as Wi-Fi access, television, air conditioning and more are available here. The lounge is located on the 3rd floor, at the end of the corridor within the New International Terminal. 

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Go on a Shopping Spree

Shopping at chennai airport | Things to do at Chennai Airport

Go on a Shopping Spree | Things to do at Chennai Airport

Did you forget to buy gifts for your family and friends or are you looking for souvenirs of your Chennai trip? Or, are you simply a shopaholic, who never misses out on a chance to buy something nice and cool? Well, whatever it is, Chennai International Airport has got the solution to your problem. Speckling it are a number of duty-free stores, offering a host of stuff that will make perfect gifts or souvenirs. You can buy everything from local handicrafts to luxury goods from some of the most famous brands in the world. The shopaholic in you will never leave disappointed from here. 

Take a Nap in a Retiring Room

Take a Nap in a Retiring Room at chennai airport | Things to do at Chennai Airport 

Retiring Room at chennai airport | Things to do at Chennai Airport

In case you have a long layover or your flight has been delayed by several hours, why not catch up on that long-lost nap?! And, we are not talking about snoozing on the uncomfortable seats in the waiting area. The airport features retiring rooms that can be rented to enjoy a refreshing sleep before the flight. You can either go for an entire room or book a bed in a dormitory if you can compromise on privacy and do not mind sharing space with other flyers. Equipped with comfortable bedding and other essential amenities, these rooms aren’t too expensive either, in case you are worried about having to spend too much on these. 

Make Use of the Free Wi-Fi

Use Wifi at chennai airport

Wifi at chennai airport | Things to do at Chennai Airport

How would you feel if you could get a free Wi-Fi connection while waiting? Great, right? You got it! At the Chennai airport, you can enjoy complimentary internet access, which you can use to finish office work, get in touch with the loved ones back home or stay updated on the latest happenings around the world.

 Places to visit near Chennai Airport

For the sake of everyone, we are adding information on the many points of interest the city of Chennai has to offer. Many of these are located quite close to the airport, such as: 

St. Thomas Mount National Shrine

St. Thomas Mount National Shrine | Places to visit near Chennai Airport

St. Thomas Mount National Shrine | Places to visit near Chennai Airport

St. Thomas Mount National Shrine is one of the closest places to visit near the airport you will find. Accessible within 20 minutes by car, this place holds not just religious but historical significance as well that is sure to pique your interest. During the 16th and 17th centuries, the historical church served as a lighthouse for Armenian and Portuguese ships. The white marvel you see today was actually constructed in the year 1726 and is accessible after climbing 134 granite steps. While here, do not forget to capture panoramic views of the cityscape and click a few cool snaps against the backdrop.

 Gandhi Mandapam

Gandhi Mandapam | Places to visit near Chennai Airport

Gandhi Mandapam | Places to visit near Chennai Airport

If relaxation is what you seek, then Gandhi Mandapam is a great pick. You can reach here in about 15 minutes if you take a cab from Chennai International Airport. The highlight of this place is the stunning temple-style architecture of the monuments housed within the complex. And, when you are done admiring the intricate carvings, you can take a leisurely stroll in the lush gardens surrounding the edifices. 

Edward Elliot’s Beach

Edward Elliot’s Beach

Edward Elliot’s Beach | Places to visit near Chennai Airport

If your heart’s set on spending some time at a seashore, then Edward Elliot’s, simply referred to as Elliot’s Beach, is your best bet, since it is the closest one you can find. A 30-minute drive from the airport, it marks the southern end of the famed Marina Beach. You can take a refreshing walk on the golden sands and head to a nearby restaurant to gorge on lip-smacking food after working up an appetite.

Now that you know all the interesting things you can do at and near the Chennai airport, you surely won’t dread a layover or a delayed flight here anymore. But, what are you doing about your stay in the city? Well, here’s a suggestion: why not book a stay at one of our hotels in Chennai and enjoy a delightful stay without burning a hole in your pocket?!

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