What is the first thing that comes to your mind when someone says ‘Hyderabad’?

Well, there are more than a few things that may cross your mind. For instance, you might be reminded of Hyderabad’s world-famous biryani, or the city’s unique Hyderabadi accent. If you are someone, who always has ‘technology’ on their mind, then names of IT majors, such as Infosys, Microsoft and Accenture, may come to your mind, first.

But, one thing that may not occur to you (because you may not have heard of this before) is that Hyderabad is home to several haunted places, where various paranormal activities are said to take place. Surprised?

Can’t stop the ghostbuster in you from visiting the spookiest of places in Hyderabad and finding out the truth for yourself? Well, before you get going, here’s a quick read about the nine haunted places in Hyderabad that tell tales about the world behind the veil. 

Haunted Places in Hyderabad

Shamshabad Airport

Shamshabad Airport | Haunted Places in Hyderabad

Shamshabad Airport | Among the Best Haunted Places in Hyderabad (img source:shutterstock.com)

The Shamshabad airport is believed to be built on a land where several innocents were allegedly murdered and buried for protesting against the construction of the airport. And, since the bodies of the victims were simply dumped, never getting their right to be ritually cremated, it is said that the spirits of those victims still haunt the airport.

Spooky Incidents 

  • The airport staff that was called for a meeting in the enquiry room, alleged seeing a man, whose head rotated 360 degrees. According to the staff, this man stared and laughed at them.
  • A Qatar Airways pilot saw a lady dancing in white saree, when landing the plane on the runway at night. He even applied emergency brakes to prevent any mishap. But, later when the officials reached the spot to investigate, they found nobody. 

Graveyard on Road 12, Banjara Hills

Graveyard on Road 12, Banjara Hills | Haunted Places in Hyderabad

Graveyard on Road 12, Banjara Hills | Among the Best Haunted Places in Hyderabad (img source:shutterstock.com)

Touted as one of India’s most expensive localities, Banjara Hills, besides being home to the affluent residents of Hyderabad, is also a spot known for paranormal activities. Out of the 14 roads that segregate Banjara Hills, Road Number 12 that houses the graveyard is the one nobody wants to take, especially at night. A common belief is that ghosts stop vehicles of those traveling on this road after nightfall. It is the graveyard on Road Number 12 that spreads the fear and has given goosebumps to some of the inhabitants, who claimed to have spotted weird happenings.

Spooky Incidents 

  • Street lights flicker and mysteriously go out at night.
  • There’s an instant dip in temperature when you take the road.
  • People driving by the graveyard complained of their vehicle’s tires getting punctured.

Golkonda Fort

Golkonda Fort | Haunted Places in Hyderabad

Golkonda Fort | Among The Best Haunted Places in Hyderabad (img source:shutterstock.com)

 Golkonda Fort was constructed in the 13th century by the Kakatiyas, who ruled Andhra Pradesh. Along with being one of the biggest forts in India, it is infamous for its horror stories as well. The entry to the fort is prohibited after darkness descends, and visitors are not allowed to stay inside. It is said that the ghost of Taramati, the queen of the kingdom, still haunts the fort. Both, the king and queen were buried together, but it seems Taramati’s soul is still searching for moksha.

Spooky Incidents 

  • Many claimed that they have seen the ghost of Taramati walking and dancing in the palace at night.
  • Screams and howls of someone crying in pain have been heard too on several occasions.
  • Some say that they have seen images hung upside down on walls.
  • It is said that spirits reside in trees and take the form of shadows.


Kundanbagh | Haunted Places in Hyderabad

Kundanbagh | Among The Best Haunted Places in Hyderabad (img source:shutterstock.com)

Although Kundanbagh is a posh area of Hyderabad, its reputation has been somewhat marred by the haunted house where a woman lived with her two daughters. According to people who lived nearby, the woman along with her daughter was often seen holding candles and walking through the corridors of the house in the dark. Some even claim to have seen the daughters play with bottles filled with blood.

Spooky Incidents

  • A thief once entered the house. He saw dead bodies of the mother and her daughters lying on the bed in a highly decomposed state. Police and medical examination reports revealed that the corpses were at least six months old. The neighbors, however, claimed of seeing the trio almost every day during those six months.
  • The house is now a deserted property with no electricity, but light is seen on the first floor every night.

Ramoji Film City

Ramoji Film City | Haunted Places in Hyderabad

Ramoji Film City | Among The Best Haunted Places in Hyderabad (img source:shutterstock.com)

The second-largest integrated film city in India, Ramoji Film City stands on a piece of land that originally belonged to the Nizams. It is believed that the spirits of soldiers, who died here in the wars during the reign of the Nizams, still haunt the place. And if reports are to be believed, the ghosts really ‘love’ females as women are the ones that have apparently reported the highest number of spooky incidents.

Spooky Incidents 

  • Those shooting in Ramoji Film City have noticed strange Urdu words scribbled on mirrors and leftover food scattered around in the rooms.
  • Members of production teams claimed that they were pushed from heights by some invisible spirit while adjusting the spotlights and cameras.
  • Many actors have also reported seeing strange figures in mirrors while getting ready.
  • Chandeliers have fallen from the roofs during shoots.

Ravindra Nagar

Ravindra Nagar | Haunted Places in Hyderabad

Ravindra Nagar | Among The Best Haunted Places in Hyderabad (img source:shutterstock.com)

Those who live in Ravindra Nagar believe that it was the demolition of a temple that brought curse for the residents. To ward off the negativity, residents have written Jai Shri Ram on the walls and colored their doors red; nobody in the locality steps out of their house after 6:00 pm. There’s a story of several residents having committed mass suicide in this locality in 2012.  

Spooky Incidents 

  • Residents couldn’t sleep for almost two months, and 13 committed suicide by hanging.
  • Almost six families left their houses in a hurry.
  • Several passersby have felt an eerie sensation while crossing the area.

Khairatabad Science College

Khairatabad Science College | Haunted Places in Hyderabad

Khairatabad Science College | Among The Best Haunted Places in Hyderabad (img source:shutterstock.com)

Once a popular science college, Khairatabad Science College is now a desolate, haunted place. It is said that the dead bodies that were dissected and tested in the labs weren’t disposed off properly. Locals say that it is the spirits of those dead bodies that haunt the college. Ever since that incident occurred, nobody dared to go inside the college campus.

Spooky Incidents 

  • The guard who was stationed at the college was found dead under ‘mysterious’ circumstances.
  • People who pass by the college at night have reported seeing walking skeletons and hearing disturbing noises.

Dedh Lakh Ghar

Dedh Lakh Ghar | Haunted Places in Hyderabad

Dedh Lakh Ghar | Among The Best Haunted Places in Hyderabad (img source:shutterstock.com)

Dedh Lakh Ghar was built 40 years ago, and the owner spent one lakh fifty thousand in its construction. The property is now desolate because allegedly, every family that tried to live in the house committed suicide. Locals say that they usually avoid going near the house because of the spooky vibes it gives out, be it daytime or night.

Spooky Incidents 

  • Locals report of spooky and mysterious sounds coming from the house.
  • Many have heard a woman crying.

Uppal Stadium

Uppal Stadium | Haunted Places in Hyderabad

Uppal Stadium | Among The Best Haunted Places in Hyderabad (img source:shutterstock.com)

Imagine seeing the shadow of a ghost in the middle of a cricket match at a cricket stadium packed with audience. You can’t, right? But, what if we told you that there was one such incident reported by spectators, who claimed that they saw a spirit in the dimly lit corridors of the stadium during a cricket match in 2005?!

Spooky Incidents 

  • Although there’s no story testifying that Uppal Stadium is haunted, staff members have reported ghostly apparitions on several occasions.
  • Routine workers too claim of seeing spirits in the corridors, just like the spectators did during the cricket match.

If you are one of those, who get their adrenaline rush by visiting haunted places, then Hyderabad won’t disappoint. So, what are you waiting for? Book a hotel in Hyderabad, pack your bags and fly to a world where sinister and uncanny incidents happen, even today!

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