Known as the City of Oranges, Nagpur can give you a fruitful experience in terms of holidaying as well apart from delighting you with the taste of the fruit. Places in and around the city for weekend getaways include hill stations with amazing trekking trails, which are absolute marvels of nature. Such picnic spots in Nagpur offer respite to not just adrenaline junkies, but serenity-seeking vagabonds as well. In this blog, we talk about some of these exquisite destinations that can be explored from the Tiger Capital of India. You could consider these places for weekend getaways from nearby cities like Mumbai and Pune as well. So, here you go, across the hills, into the woods.

Hill Stations near Nagpur (List):

  • Pachmarhi
  • Chikhaldara
  • Bhandardara
  • Igatpuri
  • Jawhar
  • Lonavala
  • Khandala
  • Lavasa
  • Matheran
  • Karjat
  • Mahabaleshwar
  • Tapola

Hill Stations near Nagpur within 500 km

1. Pachmarhi

Pachmarhi | Hill Stations near Nagpur within 500 km

Pachmarhi Hill Station | #1 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

Often referred to as the ‘Queen of Satpuras’, Pachmarhi hill station near Nagpur station sits majestically at an elevation of around 3500 feet. Surrounded by verdant forests, waterfalls, monuments, trails, and caves, Pachmarhi is going to steal your breath away.

Things to Do/Places of Interest near Pachmarhi

  • Picturesque Bee Falls
  • Five hilltop caves, known collectively as the Pandava Caves, which date back to over 1000 years. These caves also have mythological value.
  • Jata Shankar Caves that, according to myths, protected Lord Shiva from the evil of Bhasmasur
  • Dhoopgarh, a vantage point with amazing views of sunrise and sunset
  • Mahadeo Hills with Lord Shiva’s shrine
  • Duchess Falls
  • Priyadarshini Point from where Pachmarhi was discovered
  • Satpura National Park, home to tigers, leopards, foxes and other animals
  • Apsara Vihar waterfall
  • Gupt Mahadev, which is a narrow cave with a shrine of Lord Shiva
  • Christ Church for its colonial architecture
  • Mount Rosa
  • Rajat Prapat waterfalls

Distance from Nagpur: 230 km

2. Chikhaldara

Chikhaldara | hill stations near nagpur maharashtra

Chikhaldara Hill Station | #2 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

The overwhelming beauty of the place, with an altitude of about 3900 feet, has to be experienced first-hand. With its deep valleys, distinct wildlife, glorious waterfalls, and serene lakes, Chikhaldara hill station near Nagpur makes a great weekend getaway, especially if you are traveling with your family or friends. The wafting aroma of coffee grown in the region is another reason for Chikhaldara’s fame.

Things to Do/Places of Interest near Chikhaldara

  • Melghat Tiger Reserve
  • Bhimkund with a deep valley and stream
  • Wan Sanctuary covered with tropical deciduous forests
  • A visit to the temple and boating on Shakkar Lake
  • Hurricane Observation Point for stunning views of the surroundings
  • Panchbol Point meaning five echoes that reverberate from the huge valley
  • Gawilgarh Fort, built in the 15th century

Distance from Nagpur: 230 km

Hill Stations near Nagpur beyond 500 km

3. Bhandardara

Bhandardara | hill stations near nagpur maharashtra

Bhandardara Hill Station | #3 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

Home to the highest peak in Maharashtra, Mount Kalsubai, Bhandardara is nestled in the Sahyadri Ranges. The surroundings with the gracious waterfalls and majestic mountains make the place trip worthy all through the year. Trekkers will be thrilled to take on the 1646-meter high Kalsubai, while others can enjoy a jeep ride through the rugged terrain. Apart from Nagpur, this pristine destination can also be reached via Mumbai.

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Things to Do/Places of Interest near Bhandardara

  • Wilson Dam
  • Randha Falls falling from 170 feet above
  • Arthur Lake
  • Agastya Rishi Ashram, mentioned in the Ramayana
  • Ratanwadi village with Ratangad Fort and Amruteshwar Temple

Distance from Nagpur: 680 km

4. Igatpuri

Igatpuri | hill station nearby nagpur

Igatpuri Hill Station | #4 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

Igatpuri in the Nashik district has high peaks for rock climbing activities and perfect trails for trekkers. The intriguing rock formations, valleys, and the scenic vegetation of this destination add value to your nature discovering endeavors.  

Things to Do/Places of Interest near Igatpuri

  • Bhatsa River Valley
  • Camel Valley with numerous waterfalls
  • Ghatandevi Temple dedicated to the guardian deity of the region
  • Tringalwadi Fort that offers a scenic view of the valleys
  • Vipassana Centre with a large golden pagoda

Distance from Nagpur: 695 km

5. Jawhar

Jawhar | hill station nearby nagpur

Jawhar Hill Station | #5 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

Another popular holiday destination near Nagpur, Jawhar is a perfect blend of nature’s abundance and man-made brilliance. A photographer’s haven, the lofty mountains encircling the valleys draw them in large numbers. The Warli tribe and their famous paintings originated here. While you are in the region, the architectural splendors of Shirpamal and Jai Vilas Palace are worth exploring. The luring forests, water bodies, and tranquility make Jawhar a perfect hill station near Nagpur for couples and campers.

Things to Do/Places of Interest near Jawhar

  • Dabdaba Falls
  • The hilltop Jai Vilas Palace, once home to the Munke rulers
  • Shirpamal that belonged to Chhatrapati Shivaji
  • Sunset Point where the awe-inspiring sunrise and sunset views enamor hikers, photographers, and nature lovers
  • Hanuman Point
  • Kal Mandavi Falls
  • Bhopatgad Fort constructed by Chhatrapati Shivaji

Distance from Nagpur: 734 km

6. Lonavala

Lonavala | hill station around nagpur

Lonavala Hill Station | #6 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

This trekking haven located in the Pune district is one of the best places to visit in the country during monsoons. Keep your trekking gear ready as you will encounter several waterfalls, lakes, and of course, hills on a hiking excursion here. The green pastures and the misty air offer a soul-stirring experience to visitors. Also known for producing the candy, called chikki, Lonavala has a plethora of exploration options for the weekend.

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Things to Do/Places of Interest near Lonavala

  • Karla and Bhaja Caves that house Buddha stupas
  • Tiger’s Leap, which offers a stupendous view of the Western Ghats
  • Lonavala Lake for some peaceful moments amidst nature
  • Bhushi Dam
  • Amrutanjan Point

Distance from Nagpur: 761 km

7. Khandala

Khandala | hill station around nagpur

Khandala Hill Station | #7 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

With its misty cliffs and lush greenery, Khandala nestled in the Sahyadri Hills is a hill station frequented by city dwellers. Featured in numerous Bollywood movies, this place has serene lakes and valleys apart from forests and hills. The parabolic views from the hilltops and the gushing waterfalls spellbind nature lovers, making it one of the must-visit hill stations near Nagpur.

Things to Do/Places of Interest near Khandala

  • Rajmachi Fort with stupendous views
  • Visapur Fort
  • The mighty Lohagad Fort perched above a hill
  • Bedse Caves featuring carvings and a grand stupa
  • Kune Waterfalls, the fourteenth highest in India
  • Shooting Point
  • Duke’s Nose, offering a grand view of the valleys, hills, and forests
  • Shrivardhan Fort which was once a watchtower

Distance from Nagpur: 765 km

8. Lavasa

Lavasa | small hill station near nagpur

Lavasa Hill Station | #8 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

Lavasa is a planned hill city which is around 3000 feet above sea-level. Drawing its architectural inspiration from the Italian town of Portofino, this hill city spreads across seven hills, over an area of 25000 acres. Lavasa is where nature and modern infrastructure are beautifully blended in. This is one of those places to visit that has picturesque scenic beauty, resorts, hotels, malls, residences and IT companies. With a lakefront adding the cherry to the cake, Lavasa is a modern take on the idea of holidaying at a hill station.

Things to Do/Places of Interest near Lavasa

  • Temghar Dam for spectacular views
  • Indoor Pitch and Putt
  • Spa services
  • Bamboosa for bamboo art
  • Segway Ride
  • Watersports

Distance from Nagpur: 770 km

9. Matheran

Matheran | best hill station near nagpur

Matheran Hill Station | #9 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

This little gem within the Sahyadri Range at an elevation of 2600 feet is bestowed with misty forests, and glorious vistas to attract crowds from Mumbai and Pune for a quick respite from the madness. It is an automobile-free area, so you can be sure to breathe the cleanest air around. With a total of 36 viewpoints, this place is a perfect getaway for people.

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Things to Do/Places of Interest near Matheran

  • Louisa Point which overlooks Prabalgad and Vishalgad forts
  • Monkey Point
  • Panorama Point
  • Charlotte Lake with the Pisharnath Mahadev Temple
  • Birdwatching
  • Porcupine Point
  • One Tree Hill Point with a single majestic tree
  • Alexander Point, which offers views of Chowk Point, Garbut Point, Rambaug Point, Palasdari Lake
  • Olympia Race Course known for horse races
  • Belvedere Point

Distance from Nagpur: 810 km

10. Karjat

Karjat | famous hill stations near nagpur

Karjat Hill Station | #10 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

This quaint hill station is a wonderful place for a much-visited weekend getaway from Mumbai apart from Nagpur. This valley where river Ulhas originates is a trekking paradise. The charm of Karjat lies in the green pastures and simplistic villages. With wide-open spaces and nobody to disturb you, it is a great place to get some much-needed rest and peace

Things to Do/Places of Interest near Karjat

  • Kondana Caves
  • Peth Fort, and the cave and temple at the base
  • Bahiri Cave, which is a Hindu pilgrimage site and hiking spot

Distance from Nagpur: 817 km

11. Mahabaleshwar

Mahabaleshwar | popular hill stations near nagpur

Mahabaleshwar Hill Station | #11 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

The land of strawberries has more to offer in terms of natural divinity, like cascading rivers and glorious peaks. The strawberry farms among the majestic Western Ghats are a view to remember at an elevation of 4438 feet. The enticing views of hills, valleys, rivers, dense forests, ancient temples, and placid lakes can change the way you look at the world.

Things to Do/Places of Interest near Mahabaleshwar

  • Elephant’s Head, Arthur’s Seat, Wilson Point
  • Chinaman’s Falls
  • Venna Lake with boating and horse riding facilities
  • Koyna Valley trek
  • Famous 500-year-old Mahabaleshwar Temple with the 6-feet tall Shiva lingam
  • Dhobi Waterfalls
  • Elphinstone Point
  • Pratapgad Fort that offers trekking 3500 feet above the ground
  • Lodwick Point
  • Tiger’s Springs that are said to have therapeutic properties
  • Mapro Garden
  • Panchganga Temple and Krishnabai Temple

Distance from Nagpur: 823 km

12. Tapola

Tapola | Hill Stations near Nagpur beyond 500 km

Tapola Hill Station | #12 of 12 Hill Stations near Nagpur

This place can be compared to Kashmir for its scenic beauty and uninterrupted serenity. Many hidden gems like forts within the dense vegetation offer trekking opportunities. Several water-based activities are organized on Shivasagar Lake, such as water scooter rides, boating, swimming and kayaking. Many also arrange for camping in Tapola, which is a great experience to have with your partner.

Things to Do/Places of Interest near Tapola

  • Witnessing the daily life of villagers
  • Watersports
  • Trips to Vasota and Jaygad Forts
  • Hike to Kas Plateau – the plateau of flowers

Distance from Nagpur: 848 km

Get going on a surreal escapade to these wonderful destinations, away from the cities. Reach the magnetic world that remains untouched and mysterious even during these modern times. So, which one would you pick for a gala time with your folks? Just remember to make all arrangements beforehand while booking hotels in Nagpur for a hassle-free experience.

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