The City of Dreams – Mumbai is probably one of India’s top tourist destinations and why won’t it be; it has so much to offer. From the famous Marine Drive and Gateway of India to the revered temples, colorful markets, beautiful beaches, glitzy restaurants and vibrant discotheques, it has everything to charm one and all. Lakes, which we usually don’t associate with Mumbai, are very much a part of this city. Surprisingly, there are quite a few scenic lakes in and around Mumbai that you should definitely explore while on a trip here.

1. Tulsi Lake, Mumbai

Tulsi Lake, Mumbai

Tulsi Lake | #1 of 9 Lakes in Mumbai

The freshwater Tulsi Lake is located in northern Mumbai on the Salsette Island and is the second largest of its kind in the city. Lying within the perimeter of the Sanjay Gandhi National Park (also known as Borivali National Park), this lake is home to a large variety of migratory birds and is also known for its crocodile population.

If you are one those who love to stay away from the cacophony of city life, then come here to experience the calmness you’ve been seeking. Don’t forget to bring your camera; you just might click the perfect shot!

  • Location: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

2. Vihar Lake, Mumbai

Vihar Lake, Mumbai

Vihar Lake | #2 of 9 Lakes in Mumbai

Another freshwater lake in the heart of Sanjay Gandhi National Park is the Vihar Lake. It is one of the largest lakes in the city that stretches for about 45 km within the park. Located on the Salsette Island, this manmade lake was constructed in 1860 and today, is home to crocodiles as well as local and migratory birds.

A walk by the lakeside should be on your list of things to do in Mumbai in morning. Relax and enjoy the views of the surroundings; you will cherish the time spent at this place! This lake is easily accessible from hotels in Mumbai near Borivali and Borivali East. 

  • Location: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

3. Masunda Lake, Mumbai

Located near Thane, Masunda Lake is another popular lake destination in the city. One of the highlights of this place is the statue of Lord Hanuman, which is about 20 feet in height. Another attraction is the boating facility available here, along with water scooter facilities. You can avail the paddle boat service to reach near the Lord Hanuman statue and click its pictures.

For children, there is an entertainment facility at the lake called Gadkari Rangayatan, where a few eateries are also present. There is also a temple in the vicinity. You can easily spend an hour or two at this place.

  • Location: Thane

4. Powai Lake, Mumbai

Powai Lake, Mumbai

Powai Lake | #4 of 9 Lakes in Mumbai

Powai Lake, located near the famous IIT Mumbai campus, is a popular attraction of the northern suburb of the city of Mumbai. It was constructed in 1890 and has been named after Framaji Kavasji Powai Estate. This man-made lake is a perfect picnic spot and families love spending the weekend here.

The natural beauty and scenic surroundings of the lake should definitely appeal to you! Locals suggest that the best time to come here is during the monsoon season.

  • Location: Powai, Mumbai

5. Modak Sagar Lake, Mumbai

Modak Sagar Lake, Mumbai

Modak Sagar Lake | #5 of 9 Lakes in Mumbai

Another popular lake in the city is Modak Sagar Lake, which is a part of the dam along the Vaitarna River. The dam, which was built in 1900s, divides the river into three segments: Upper, Middle and Lower; Modak Sagar being the lower part. The shallow parts of the lake are inhabited by crocodiles.

The quaint lagoon of this lake is what attracts most visitors, who throng here round the year. Come here and spend some time amidst the beauty of nature!

  • Location: Thane

6. Upvan Lake, Mumbai

Upvan Lake, Mumbai

Upvan Lake | #6 of 9 Lakes in Mumbai

A part of the Borivali National Park (also known as Sanjay Gandhi National Park), the Upvan Lake is famous for its calm and peaceful environs. Also known as Pokhran Lake, this place is a must-visit while in the city. In the mornings, you can see people meditating and exercising at the lakefront.

The sound of chirping of birds and the quaintness it offers during sunrise is simply fascinating!

  • Location: Sanjay Gandhi National Park, Mumbai

7. Tansa Lake, Mumbai

Tansa Lake is another fantastic tourist spot in the city. Formed by the Tansa Dam, this lake is encompassed by the Tansa Wildlife Sanctuary which is a hotspot of diverse flora and fauna. This artificial reservoir serves as the water source for the city of Mumbai.

Home to a variety of birds, this place draws lot of nature photographers and ornithologists.

Location: Thane

Lakes near Mumbai

Upper Vaitarna Lake Igatpuri
Bhatsa Lake Sajivali

8. Upper Vaitarna Lake, Mumbai

Upper Vaitarna Lake

Upper Vaitarna Lake | #8 of 9 Lakes near Mumbai

A 3-hour drive from Mumbai is another picturesque water body, the Upper Vaitarna Lake. The road trip from the city to this place is simply mesmerizing; something you will surely remember for a long time. This artificial lake is known to offer some amazing views of the Western Ghats. Surrounded by waterfalls and lush greenery, this quaint lake is a perfect getaway destination for the weekend.

There are quite a few camping sites here for those who wish to spend some time near the lakeside.

  • Location: Igatpuri
  • Distance from Mumbai: 145 km

9. Bhatsa Lake, Mumbai

Bhatsa Lake

Bhatsa Lake | #9 of 9 Lakes near Mumbai

Fed by Corna and Bhatsa Rivers, Bhatsa Lake is a manmade lake, which lies beneath the Bhatsa Dam. The dam was constructed in 1981. Though this lake is a year-round attraction, coming here in monsoon gives the best pleasure. The view of the green surroundings from the dam here is simply enchanting.

It is quite easy to reach this lake from Mumbai by road. So you don’t have to think twice, just drive away!

  • Location: Sajivali
  • Distance from Mumbai: 100 km

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