Life in a metropolis is extremely fast-paced and busily astir with people from all walks of life striving to meet their professional and personal dreams. Mumbai is no different and its pace is infectious once you fall prey to it. You never wish to slow down and even if you wish, you never can! From thickly crowded buses and metro to offices, to busy streets to crammed apartments, life in Mumbai goes on and on, much like what you see in an offbeat Bollywood movie.

However, once in a while, it is absolutely necessary to break free from this never-ending hustle and find a place away from it – a place where all you hear is a cuckoo’s call instead of the incongruous honks of angry vehicles. If you are a person who yearns for an adventurous escape and loves to be lulled under a star-studded night sky, camping is for you! And if you are wondering about where to go camping near Mumbai, keep calm and read on. In this blog, we bring you a list of the best camping sites that are just a short drive away from the city. It’s time to start planning your next weekend trip!

Camping Sites around Mumbai within 100 km

1. Yeoor Hills

Yeoor Hills

Yeoor Hills | #1 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Popularly known as the hill station of Thane, Yeoor Hills are nestled inside the well-known Sanjay Gandhi National Park. Mumbaikars love visiting this place every now and then, to get away from the hustle bustle of the city life. You can spend some precious time among trees, learn about them, listen to birds, camp near Upvan Lake, enjoy a short picnic, and go for a hike too. During your stay here, you can also get well acquainted with the flora and fauna of this national park while exploring the traditional villages nearby.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 25 km
  • Location: Thane, Maharashtra 
  • Activities: Hiking, picnic, bird watching
  • Best time to visit: Any time of the year

2. Uttan – the Perfect Place to Stargaze with Your Partner

Uttan | Camping Sites near Mumbai within 100 km

Uttan | #2 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

If you are on a lookout for camping near Mumbai for couples, Uttan is just the right place for you. It is a coastal town off the Gorai Beach, located north of Mumbai, and the perfect place for a romantic weekend getaway. Guess what, the place is also known for its seafood which will remain etched in your hearts. Camping under the starry sky with your partner while listening to live bands playing popular numbers is an experience you will cherish for many decades. You can enjoy the Goan aura in Gorai beach or take a tour of the fishing village while camping here. With thickly forested hills all around, this peaceful coastal town along with its pleasant weather and serene ambiance will make you a happy camper, period!

  • Distance from Mumbai: 40 km (approx.)
  • Location: Thane District
  • Activities: Bonfire, barbecue dinners, live music, stargazing, adventure activities
  • Best time to visit: Any time of the year

3. Karnala – When Birdies Come Calling

Karnala | Camping sites near Mumbai within 100 km

Karnala | #3 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Tired of looking at people and spreadsheets all through the week? How about watching some birds instead, this weekend? Karnala Bird Sanctuary is a place for every bird lover who has the patience and knack for spotting birds. The sanctuary houses over 222 species of birds including resident ones, breeding migrants, and passage migrants. Walk around with your binoculars and you are sure to spot a few Malabar Parakeets, Malabar Grey Hornbills, Malabar Larks, several species of pigeons, and Small Sunbirds. If you are lucky enough, you can also a get a glimpse of some rare varieties including the Three-toed Kingfisher. What’s more, the sanctuary is home to over 100 species of butterflies as well. Imagine waking up to a myriad of singing birds and colorful butterflies all prepped up for the day! It instills a new vigor in your life, making you all set for meeting life as it unfurls.

Apart from the bird sanctuary, the historic Karnala Fort is also a must visit for every camper following this trail. A trek to the ruins of the fort is nothing less than an adventure. A carpet of lush green grass and vegetation can be witnessed during monsoons.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 50 km (approx.)
  • Location: Raigad District
  • Timings (Sanctuary): 06:30 am to 06:30 pm (approx.)
  • Activities: Trekking, birdwatching, guided tours
  • Best time to visit: Between October and March/April
  • Entry Fee (Sanctuary):

          Adults (Indian Citizens) – ₹ 30 per person

          Children (Indian Citizens) – ₹ 15 per person

          Adults (Foreign Nationals) – ₹ 60 per person

          Children (Foreign Nationals) – ₹ 30 per person

Note: Extra charges for a professional photo camera, video camera, parking, etc.

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4. Khopoli


khapoli | #4 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Another popular lakeside spot for camping near Mumbai, Khopoli is a gem surrounded by the lush greenery of Western Ghats. It offers you a chance to explore nearby waterfalls and trek in the hills. You can also spend memorable evenings here, thanks to barbeques and live musical nights. If you love to engage in outdoor games, you can play badminton, volleyball, cricket or even go for a swim. Don’t forget to avail the best offers around the months of December and January. Usually, the weather here is always pleasant, and therefore, you can enjoy any activity here around the year. However, the peak season is usually after October as the sky is clear then and people book overnight tents to spend weekends or holidays with friends and family.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 56 km 
  • Location: Khopoli, Raigad, Maharashtra 
  • Activities: Outdoor games, bonfire, trekking, musical events 
  • Best time to visit: October to April

5. Vishnubaaug – Camp Like a Pro

Vishnubaaug | Camping sites near Mumbai within 100 km

Vishnubaaug | #5 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Badlapur is etched in every Bollywood movie buff’s mind and visiting a campsite in the premises of this famous town itself can give goosebumps to many! Indeed, Vishnubaaug is a campsite nestled in this place and attracts youngsters and adults alike for the innovative activities and workshops conducted here. It is a great place for jungle walks during which you can spot butterflies and many species of birds. Another exciting activity is the overnight trek through the hills, with a view that will sweep you off your feet. Have a thing for waterbodies, do you? The beautiful Ulhasnagar River and the waterfalls in the vicinity will keep you refreshed as a dewdrop!

  • Distance from Mumbai: 60 km (approx.)
  • Location: Badlapur
  • Activities: Jungle walks, overnight treks, birdwatching, adventure activities, sightseeing
  • Best time to visit: Any time of the year

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6. Vasind

One of the best places for camping near Mumbai, Vasind promises a great stargazing experience. Once you visit this place, you will surely fall in love with the peaceful ambience and quiet surroundings. Mahuli Hill is close to the camping site here and you can enjoy a small trek during the day as well. Kayaking, swimming and fishing are some of the popular activities organised at Vasind. After the sun sets, you can enjoy scenic views of the beautiful night sky filled with stars. Whether you visit this place with your loved ones or alone, you are sure to take back home some fond memories. Once you are done camping, you can extend your stay here to explore nearby riverside farms and amusement parks as well.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 63 km
  • Location: Vasind, Thane, Maharashtra 
  • Activities: Kayaking, outdoor games, swimming, trekking, fishing 
  • Best time to visit: October to April

7. Matheran – Breathe in the Beauty of the Western Ghats

Matheran | Camping sites near Mumbai within 100 km

Matheran | #7 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Matheran, a beautiful hill station near Mumbai, welcomes its tourists not in their cars and vehicles, but in the cute Neral – Matheran toy train, offering a picturesque view of the Western Ghats in return. The dense forests surrounding the area form the trekkers’ choice for a campsite, giving them the taste of wild and wilderness and proving to be an enthralling experience overall. The Panorama Point in this place provides a 360-degree view of the surroundings and also the beautiful town of Neral. Apart from jungles, Matheran also gives you a glimpse of colonial architecture which includes brick-lined streets and quaint houses. If you have some extra time on hand, take a trip to the key attractions in the region, such as One Tree Hill Point, Charlotte Lake, Louisa Point, and Pisarnath Temple, among others.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 80 km
  • Location: Raigad District
  • Activities: Rappelling, mountain climbing, trekking
  • Best time to visit: Any time of the year

8. Lonavala – Mumbai’s Green Hideout

Lonavala | Camping sites near Mumbai within 100 km

Lonavala | #8 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Lonavala is often the most sought-after campsite near Mumbai owing to its proximity to the city as well as great food and camping options. Adventure enthusiasts and photographers flock to this area for its rustic beauty and take a detour of the Sahyadri Hills. The famous Rajmachi Fort is the most popular overnight camping site in the Lonavala region. Besides this, the blissful greenery and beautiful waterfalls also attract many tourists and campers to the hill station. Fancy visiting some popular attractions in the region after an overnight camping at the fort? Include the Karla Caves and the Bhaja Caves in your itinerary and you will not regret visiting these Buddhist shrines even on a camping trip. Mumbai to Lonavala is among the most scenic road trips you can take during a weekend, so make sure that you get the most of it.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 85 km
  • Location: Pune District
  • Activities: Waterfall rappelling, bonfire, adventure activities, sightseeing, flying fox
  • Best time to visit: June to September

9. Alibaug – For the Love of Beaches

Alibaug | Camping sites near Mumbai within 100 km

Alibaug | #9 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Alibaug is a favorite camping spot for the ones who find solace in the sound of crashing waves. The whiff of salty air welcomes you as soon as you enter the region. The crystal clear waters and the blue sky will make you fall in love with the place over and over again. Adventurers can choose to camp on the beach shore or tread to mildly dense forests nearby to enjoy their moments in sync with nature.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 95 km
  • Location: Raigad District
  • Activities: Watching sunrise/sunset, swimming, boat rides, water sports
  • Best time to visit: November to July

Camping Sites around Mumbai within 200 km

10. Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake | #10 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Lakeside camping is a beautiful experience and if you need a serene spot for camping near Mumbai, Pawna Lake is a great choice. It’s located close to Lonavala and offers some of the best views of forts and nature. You will get the chance to explore popular, nearby attractions like Tikona Fort, Tung Fort and Lohagad Fort. Being a popular camping site, you’ll find this place well organised and packed with decent facilities. However, make sure to carry mosquito and insect repellents, especially if you choose to spend the evening. Not many people know this, but the beautiful Pawna Lake is artificial and was built due to the dam closeby. Since it is a short drive from Lonavala, you can check out some more hotspots like Bhaja and Karla Caves, Ryewood Park, Tiger Leap, etc.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 110 km 
  • Location: Pawna Lake, Pune, Maharashtra 
  • Activities: Camping, barbeque and group events  
  • Best time to visit: Any time of the year

11. Igatpuri – Experience Serenity at its Best

Igatpuri | Camping sites near Mumbai within 200 km

Igatpuri | #11 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

A hill station in the mountains of the Western Ghats, Igatpuri amazes its visitors with its serene landscape. It is also famous for the spiritual tranquility felt by people visiting this place, owing to the presence of the Vipassana International Academy that teaches an ancient form of meditation, called vipassana. Myanmar Gate and other temples present here also contribute to the spiritual vibe felt here. Igatpuri is one of the best sites for stargazing as it has an amazing view of the night sky. Whether you are here seeking spiritual tranquility or for a dose of natural beauty, an overnight camp spent in Igtapuri is a soul-stirring experience for certain.

  • Location: Nashik District
  • Distance from Mumbai: 120 km
  • Activities: Meditation, stargazing, bonfire
  • Best time to visit: October to March

12. Kolad – Raft in the Waters of Kundalika

Kolad | Camping sites near Mumbai within 200 km

Kolad | #12 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Fondly called the river-rafting getaway, Kolad is voted to be the most peaceful place to pitch your tent and put your feet up. People in search of silence and solitude find their way to Kolad for a refreshing and rejuvenating experience before they are engulfed back into the cacophony of the city. Picking up the book you love and sipping refreshing drinks can be one way of enjoying yourself in this less-traversed getaway.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 120 km
  • Location: Raigad District
  • Activities: River rafting, banana boat ride in River Kundalika, adventure activities
  • Best time to visit: June to March

13. Kashid – Listen to the Music of the Waves

Kashid | Camping sites near Mumbai within 200 km

Kashid | #13 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Sun-kissed sandy shores of the Arabian Sea along with crystal clear waters welcome you to Kashid, a place you discover after a scenic drive through the hills and waterfalls. This picturesque beauty is famous for its magnificent sunsets and attracts people to witness the same. Sprawling beaches give you a splendid view to breathe in, and the waves lapping on your feet soothe your soul completely.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 125 km
  • Location: Raigad District
  • Activities: Watching sunsets, water-sports, swimming
  • Best time to visit: March to June

14. Malshej Ghat – the Best Monsoon Camping Experience Ever

Malshej Ghat | Camping sites near Mumbai within 200 km

Malshej Ghat | #14 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Camping and monsoon? Wait before you raise your eyebrows, and take a trip to Malshej Ghat. Located on the lap of the Western Ghats, this overnight camping site is blessed with a large variety of fauna and flora. Mild drizzle and the mist drench you in the colors of nature, which is an experience that lasts a lifetime. Apart from the lush greenery around, you can also spot birds such as flamingos and cuckoos that greet you along your way. The rugged hills that envelope this place offer you an amazing view. Malshej Ghat should be visited in the monsoons to have the most surreal camping experience.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 127 km
  • Location: Thane-Pune Road
  • Activities: Nature trails, birdwatching, rock climbing, trekking
  • Best time to visit: Monsoon months

15. Purushwadi – Dance in the Light of Fireflies

Purushwadi | Camping sites near Mumbai within 200 km

Purushwadi | #15 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Purushwadi will bestow upon you the best camping experience among thousands of fireflies that light your path in the night. Intriguing, yet an interesting site that you may have never encountered in your life, Purushwadi will be your “love at first site”! Following the luminescent trail of the fireflies to trek the interiors of this place can be a memory to cherish for a long time. The place is famous for the annual Fireflies Festival from May to July and attracts thousands of tourists during this time period.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 190 km
  • Location: Ahmednagar District
  • Activities: Night trails, music performances, bonfire, trekking
  • Best time to visit: May to July

16. Panchgani


Panchgani | #16 of 16 Camping Sites around Mumbai

Offering a perfect getaway for your family and friends, Panchgani is not only a great place to forget your anxieties, but also one of the best camping sites in Maharashtra. It is nestled among the beautiful mountains of Sahyadri at an elevation of nearly 4200 feet, and thus, offers spectacular views. If you are hunting for places that allow camping near Mumbai, go for this one and enjoy stargazing and astro-photography. You can also learn a lot about telescopes, space observation and stars at the Observatory and Space Museum. The bonfires and long walks here will rejuvenate your soul. If you can, try to experience hilltop camping here. In case you have an eye for greenery and gorgeous flowers, visit this place before October for a unique visual treat.

  • Distance from Mumbai: 240 km
  • Location: Panchgani, Satara, Maharashtra
  • Activities: Stargazing, space observation and constellations, trekking, photography
  • Best time to visit: October to April

That’s not all. There are many such camping paradises around Mumbai such as Vasind, Pawna Lake, and Yeroor Hills, to mention a few. Camping not only frees you from the hustle of the city but also gives you an opportunity to explore the nature, learn a new skill or two, take part in team activities, and meet new people from different places and walks of life. Even the views from top hotels in Mumbai cannot match what these camping sites have in store for you. So pack your rucksacks and commence the journey to your favorite site and have a good respite from the city life. After all, camping is a form of therapy and quite effective at that!