Offering you an interesting mix of sights and sounds, the bustling city of Kanpur has a lot of history in its veins. From the spiritual monuments and historical reminders of the Great Mutiny to exciting modern recreational spaces, there is a lot to discover in Uttar Pradesh’s most populous city. The best hotels in Kanpur that offer you comfortable accommodation with all modern facilities are the icing on the cake.

If you have planned a trip to the city, here is a list of the best places to visit in Kanpur that will help you make the best itinerary.

Places to Visit in Kanpur:

Allen Forest Zoo JK Temple, Kanpur
Moti Jheel Z Square Mall
Bithoor Japani Garden
Ganga Barrage Kanpur Memorial Church
Jajmau Kamla Retreat
Nana Rao Park Phool Bagh and Kanpur Museum
Jain Glass Temple ISKCON Temple
Blue World Theme Park Massacre Ghat
Green Park Stadium Sadar Bazaar

1. Allen Forest Zoo, Kanpur

Allen Forest Zoo, Kanpur

Allen Forest Zoo | #1 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

Also known as the Kanpur Zoological Park, the Allen Forest Zoo is a wonderfully landscaped area spread over more than 70 acres, making it the largest zoo in North India. Chimps, leopards, rhinos, and tigers are some of the star attractions here. Visitors can also amble along in the botanical garden or catch some moments by the lake. The aquarium located within the zoo is another highlight here and children will love a ride on the toy train. Apart from marveling at the various species housed in their enclosures, you can spend many hours wandering about the leafy open space and soaking in some of the tranquil surroundings.

  • Timings: 8:00 am to 5:30 pm; closed on Mondays
  • Entry Fee:
    • Adults – ₹ 30 (ordinary days); ₹ 40 (holidays and Sundays); ₹ 50 (train ride)
    • Kids – ₹ 15 (ordinary days); ₹ 20 (holidays and Sundays); ₹ 25 (train ride)
    • Foreign nationals (adults) – ₹ 150 (on all days)
    • Foreign nationals (kids) – ₹ 75 (on all days)

2. JK Temple, Kanpur

JK Temple, Kanpur

JK Temple | #2 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

The half-century-old Juggilal Kamlapat Temple or Shri Radhakrishna Temple is indeed a sight to behold and counts among the most unique places to see in Kanpur. The temple houses five shrines in separate towers, recreating the old vernacular style of temple architecture. The main shrine is dedicated to Lord Radhakrishna while the others are enshrined with idols of Lakshminarayana, Ardhanarishwar, Namadeshwar, and Hanuman. The mandapa features high roof and the interiors are constantly bathed in a lot of natural light.

  • Timings: 5:00 am to 12:00 pm and 4:00 pm to 10:00 pm; every day
  • Aarti Timings: 7:00 pm; every day
  • Entry Fee: Free

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3. Moti Jheel, Kanpur

Moti Jheel, Kanpur

Moti Jheel | #3 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpu

If you are looking for some calm moments in a picturesque setting within the city, then a visit to the Moti Jheel is warranted. This rectangular lake cum reservoir was built during the times of the British to provide water to the city. Later, a recreational space with a park for children and a landscaped garden was added to it. Today, Moti Jheel counts among the top 10 places to see in Kanpur, especially if you are traveling with kids and family.

  • Timings: 5:00 am to 9:00 pm; every day
  • Entry Fee: Free

4. Z Square Mall, Kanpur

Z Square Mall, Kanpur

Z Square Mall | #4 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

A swanky, air-conditioned refuge for those who love to dine, shop, and have fun, the Z Square Mall is one of Kanpur’s favorite recreational and shopping hubs. It has an open-space design and a children-friendly setting. Some of the dining options here include American fast food, Chinese dishes, and the best of North Indian food. The mall houses many cafés where you can chill out after browsing through the brand showrooms and you can also pamper yourself at the salon. The INOX multiplex is another top attraction at the Z Square Mall where you can catch the latest Bollywood and Hollywood blockbusters.

  • Location: Mall Road, Bada Chauraha
  • Store Timings*: 11:00 am to 9:30 pm (weekdays); 11:00 am to 10:00 pm (weekends)

5. Bithoor, Kanpur

Bithoor, Kanpur

Bithoor | #5 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

A short drive north of Kanpur city is Bithoor town, an old settlement located on the bank of the Ganges. It is an important spiritual hub and attracts thousands of Hindu pilgrims every day. The Brahmavart and Patthar Ghats are where many take their holy dips while other landmarks of Bithoor include the Valmiki Ashram where Sita Devi believed to have stayed during her exile. The Sudhanshu Ji Maharaj Ashram (also known as Sidhhidam Ashram) is an oasis for weary souls and those who seek a quiet, spiritual place. One of the major attractions here is a replica of Mount Kailash where Lord Shiva and Parvati are believed to reside. Bithoor was also where one of the main rebels of the 1857 revolution, Nana Sahib, was born.

  • Distance from Kanpur: 24 km. (approx.)

6. Japani Garden, Kanpur

Japani Garden, Kanpur

Japani Garden | #6 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

Famed as one of the top picnic places in Kanpur, the Japani Garden provides a slice of Oriental aesthetics to you. The garden is located close to the iconic Moti Jheel, making these two destinations ideal for a single trip. Sundays are when you can see families converge here and children frolic around the open space. Needless to say, it is a good spot for people watching and relaxing with a book on a lazy evening.

  • Timings: 8:00 am to 6:00 pm; every day

7. Ganga Barrage (Lav Kush Barrage), Kanpur

Ganga Barrage (Lav Kush Barrage), Kanpur

Ganga Barrage | #7 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

Sometimes referred to as the Marine Drive of Kanpur, the Ganga Barrage aka Lav Kush Barrage spans the majestic Ganges and is an iconic part of the city. The barrage’s importance is functional rather than cultural. It is now a major logistical lifeline but you can also go there for majestic views of the river. There are numerous tea stalls and eateries nearby, so you can munch on some snacks and have a quintessential Kanpur evening by the waters of the holy Ganga.

  • Timings: 24×7
  • Entry Fee: Free

8. Kanpur Memorial Church, Kanpur

Ganga Barrage, kanpur

Ganga Barrage | #8 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

The Kanpur Memorial Church, which dates back to 1875, is dedicated to the British civilians who were killed during the siege of Kanpur, one of the bloodiest chapters of the 1857 revolution. The striking Gothic-style architecture of the structure will enamor visitors from a distance as it towers over the surrounding landscapes. The red bricks used in the construction of the church and multiple turrets are a throwback to the architectural design that was predominant in Europe during the 19th century. Other highlights here include the memorial garden next to the church, a Gothic screen, and the detailed sculpture of an angel.

  • Timings: 9:00 am to 6:00 pm; every day
  • Entry Fee: Free

9. Jajmau, Kanpur

Jajmau is a crowded industrial suburb that is known as the hub for Kanpur’s famous leather industry. It is also the site for many precious archaeological findings, some of which are more than a thousand years old. Apart from looking for a bargain at the leather markets, you can visit some of the old mosques that dot the town. The Siddhnath Ghat is an important site for Hindus, located on the banks of the Ganges.

10. Kamla Retreat, Kanpur

Japani Garden | #10 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

You will need prior permission to visit the Kamla Retreat, a private mansion owned by the Singhania family, but it remains one of Kanpur’s most well-preserved spots. Many come here to catch a breather from the daily grind because of the greenery and open spaces available along with the peace and quiet of the surrounding environment. The retreat houses a museum which showcases many artifacts from the region. Other highlights here include a swimming pool where you can splash around, a well-maintained garden, and a rich collection of paintings.

  • Location: HBIT East Campus, Nawabganj
  • Timings: 24×7
  • Entry Fee: Restricted entry; contact the manager of the Kamla Retreat for entry fee details.

11. Nana Rao Park, Kanpur

Nana Rao Park, Kanpur

Nana Rao Park | #11 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

Located close to the commercial heart of the city, Nana Rao Park is a popular rendezvous point for the people of Kanpur when they want to enjoy some fresh air and outdoor activities. The park, which was built after India gained freedom in honor of Nana Sahib, was previously a memorial for the British women and children massacred in the 1857 Rebellion. Today, the well-manicured lawns and colorful flower beds of this urban provide a scenic setting for a romantic walk. History enthusiasts will recognize some of the personalities that have been immortalized in statues here – Rani Lakshmi Bai and Tatya Tope, just to name a couple.

  • Location:  Mall Road
  • Timings: 5:00 am to 8:00 pm; every day
  • Entry Fee: ₹ 20 per person

12. Phool Bagh and Kanpur Museum, Kanpur

Phool Bagh and Kanpur Museum, Kanpur

Phool Bagh and Kanpur Museum | #12 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

Phool Bagh, an urban city park in Kanpur, is a historically important location in Kanpur as it has been the site of political rallies and public meetings for more than a century. It was designed and built in the 19th century as a recreational place for the British administration. Today, one of the major landmarks here is the Kanpur Sanghralaya – the town’s largest museum – which is located on the premises.

  • Location: Mall Road
  • Park Timings: 7:00 am to 7:00 pm; every day
  • Entry Fee: ₹ 10 per person

13. Jain Glass Temple, Kanpur

Jain Glass Temple, Kanpur

Jain Glass Temple | #13 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

A splendorous modern landmark and spiritual center for the devotees of Jainism, the beautiful Jain Glass Temple cannot be missed when you are exploring the city of Kanpur. Catch the structure at day-break or in the evening hours to see it shimmer in the best light. The temple follows the traditional Hindu architectural style complete with ornate pillars, high painted ceilings, extravagant fixtures, and a beautiful domed central tower. The whole place is adorned with glass and mirrors, including vividly colored murals with glass elements, giving it an inimitable dazzling finish. There’s also a huge marble platform on which the statues of the 24 Thirthankaras are enshrined.

  • Location: General Ganj
  • Timings: 6:00 am to 11:00 am and 4:30 pm to 5:30 pm; every day 
  • Entry Fee: Free

14. ISKCON Temple, Kanpur

ISKCON Temple, Kanpur

ISKCON Temple | #14 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

A grand building made of white marble, the ISKCON or International Society for Krishna Consciousness celebrates peace and devotion. You can wander about the spacious interiors and spend some time in quiet meditation at its ashram. There is also an eating space inside the temple that serves wholesome vegetarian food. The temple complex houses many idols of Hindu deities sculpted from marble and other attractions include a beautiful pond and musical fountains. You can also shop for souvenirs at the well-stocked gift shop at the temple to take home memories of your Kanpur trip.

  • Location: Mainavati Marg, Bithoor Road
  • Timings: 4:30 am to 8:30 pm (mid-day break is between 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm); every day
  • Entry Fee: Free

15. Blue World Theme Park, Kanpur

 Blue World Theme Park, Kanpur

Blue World Theme Park | #15 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

One of the most-loved tourist places in Kanpur, the Blue World Theme Park is your perfect antidote for hot summer days, and Kanpur can really see that mercury rise. There are several water slides and they all end with a wonderful cool splash in the well-maintained pools. The park also has dry rides and some of the key attractions here include the Chair Lift, the Free Fall, and of course, the Blue World Roller Coaster. The kids and family zones are where you can relax and dabble in some pleasing rides. The Blue World has specific themed areas with Chinese, Roman, Egypt, Jungle, and European inspired attractions. The food court here will ensure that you are always close to your favorite snacks after all the adrenaline rush.

  • Location: Bithoor Road
  • Timings: 10:30 am to 7:30 pm; every day
  • Tickets*:
    • Water Park / Amusement Park- ₹ 600 for adults (weekdays); ₹ 700 for adults (weekends); ₹ 300 for kids (weekdays); ₹ 350 for kids (weekends)
    • Water Park + Amusement Park- ₹ 750 for adults (weekdays); ₹ 850 for adults (weekends); ₹ 400 for kids (weekdays); ₹ 450 for kids (weekends)
    • * Locker and costume charges are extra.

16. Massacre Ghat, Kanpur

Massacre Ghat, Kanpur

Massacre Ghat | #16 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

Satti Chaura Ghat, more commonly referred to as the Massacre Ghat, is a famous ghat in Kanpur with many dark stories associated with it. History has it that it was the place where women had committed sati in earlier days, before the practice was abolished by the law. In more recent times, this was the site where hundreds of British people, including women and children, were massacred during the Sepoy Rebellion of 1857. If you are a history buff, do include this ghat in your list of Kanpur tourist attractions.

  • Location: Kanpur Cantonment
  • Timings: 24 x 7  
  • Entry Fee: Free

17. Green Park Stadium, Kanpur

Green Park Stadium, Kanpur

Green Park Stadium | #17 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

Known for its deviously flat pitches, Green Park Stadium was the quintessential test shirtfront for many years, helping batsmen to create numerous records. Shahid Afridi’s century in 45 balls and Azharuddin’s three centuries are just some highlights of the ground’s 50-year plus international history. It has also hosted a few IPL games. If you are a cricket fan, the stadium, situated close to the river bank, is worth a stop.

  • Location: Near Civil Lane

18. Sadar Bazaar, Kanpur

Sadar Bazaar, Kanpur

Sadar Bazaar | #18 of 18 Best Places to Visit in Kanpur

If you want to feel the pulse of Kanpur, then an evening visit to the constantly buzzing Sadar Bazaar is recommended. Located next to the busy railway station, the place is best known for its leather shops where you can get some amazing deals. Other products you can pick up include apparels and home décor items. There are also many snack stalls here which serve Kanpur delicacies like laddoos and gol-gappas while the malls and cinemas located around the bazaar add to your recreational options after a day of shopping.

Uncover the layers of Kanpur on your trip and if you look closely beneath the busy surface, you will find the city’s ancient soul. Browse through these places to visit in Kanpur and plan you itinerary such that you can experience the best of everything.

Places to Visit in Kanpur (Video):

Frequently Asked Questions About Kanpur:

Q: How to reach Kanpur?

A: There are two main railway stations in the city -- Kanpur Central and Kanpur Anwarganj, besides smaller ones like Govindpuri, Panki and Rawatpur. Kanpur Airport is also functional and operates direct flights to and from Delhi, Mumbai and Kolkata. Road travellers can enter the city via National Highway 2, 25, 86 and 91.

Q: What public transport is available to travel within Kanpur?

A: Kanpur's public transportation system comprises city buses run by UPSRTC, auto rickshaws and cycle rickshaws. You can also hire a taxi from Canal Road taxi stand or from your hotels in Kanpur.

Q: Where to go for shopping in Kanpur?

A: Some of the main markets in Kanpur include Naveen Market, Mall Road, Arya Nagar, Swaroop Nagar, Tilak Nagar, Meston Road, General Gunj and Gumti No. 5.

Q: Suggest some good places to visit in Kanpur for partying.

A: There are quite a few restaurants and pubs in Kanpur where you can hang out till late. Barracks, Zinaldia, Liquid, Skyfall Lounge, Feast India Company, Nikke Nikke Shots, Shor, The Yacht Club, Yu and Hatrick are among the most preferred options.

Q: Are there any exciting places to visit near Kanpur?

A: Ayodhya (226 km), Khajuraho (222 km), Allahabad (204 km) and Lucknow (91 km) are some of the best weekend getaways from Kanpur within 250 km.

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