Wedding bells ringing already? Well, we are sure you must be hearing a lot of “this marriage is made in heaven” by now. But what no one tells you is how you would have to go through hell to make your dream wedding come true. Among all the decisions you need to take about the invitations, guest list, menu, décor, outfits, gifts and whatnot, the most important and tedious is finalising the place where you wish to get married. We understand just how challenging it can be to choose the best destination wedding places in India for you and your would-be, especially if you want a beach wedding.

Here’re our top suggestions for your D-day:

1. Goa

Goa | #1 of 5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations in India

Goa | #1 of 5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations in India

Tying the knot in Goa has been popular since the dawn of big fat destination weddings in India. With time, this gorgeous beach destination has become a favourite with one and all owing to its postcard-perfect resorts, easy accessibility and of course, the stunning beaches.

Far away from the crowd, resorts in South Goa allow you to add a lot of flavour to your wedding with diverse functions. From quiet ceremonies in the garden to endless after-parties on the beach to rain dances amidst the Arabian Sea and informal cocktails by the pool, you can have it all!

Adding to the everlasting experience will be the compelling pictures that you can get clicked for your pre-wedding shoot around the exotic locations, monuments and resorts in Goa. The alluring beaches at the time of sunset further make the perfect backdrop for some really romantic wedding photos.

Best Time: All year long;

  • November to January (perfect weather)
  • October and February (slightly warm)
  • June to September (preferable for a monsoon wedding)
  • March to May (preferable for an indoor wedding)

2. Kerala

Kerala | #2 of 5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations in India

Kerala | #2 of 5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations in India

Can there be a better place for you and your partner to be united in holy matrimony than God’s Own Country? Probably not! With its clear skies, blue waters, lush greens and numerous resorts scattered along the Malabar Coast, Kerala makes the perfect location for an intimate wedding ceremony.

Be it Kovalam or Varkala, the quaint beaches along the rather large coastline of Kerala offer the most striking views for your special day. Imagine getting married amidst the swaying palm trees, the warm sea breeze, the tranquillity and the limitless horizons of the Arabian Sea… nothing can beat it!

Best Time: October to March

3. Alibaug

Alibaug | #3 of 5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations in India

Alibaug | #3 of 5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations in India

Over the years, the quiet and peaceful town of Alibaug near Mumbai has been a preferable choice of many celebrities and other people for secluded ceremonies. So if you wish to avoid the tourist crowd in Goa and still have a dreamy beach wedding, this location can actually work wonders.

The calm and pristine beaches of Alibaug are lined with ample number of resorts that offer the most unique wedding decorations and make excellent venues for you and your beloved to get hitched. As per your taste, you can have a lovely white wedding or a colourful desi one at this seaside location.

Best Time: November to June

4. Andamans

Andaman | #4 of 5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations in India

Andaman | #4 of 5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations in India

If you are looking for a quiet, low-key wedding and not a jam-packed event, then Andaman Islands is the perfect venue for you. The golden sand beaches, soothing and pleasing climate and azure waters of the Bay of Bengal will set the right tone for you and your partner to start a new life together.

There are many resorts at the Havelock and Ross Islands that can help you plan your wedding, as per your budget. Right from making all the ceremonial arrangements to decorators, caterers and florists, these resorts will take care of everything to ensure that you get your fairy-tale wedding.

You also have the choice to say your vows or take the pheras at the beach, have an indoor ceremony or set off for an adrenaline-pumping adventure on a speedboat. Whatever you decide, it is sure that your guests will leave with everlasting memories of a ‘holiday wedding’.

Best Time: September to May

5. Lakshadweep

Lakshadweep | #5 of 5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations in India

Lakshadweep | #5 of 5 Best Beach Wedding Destinations in India

Located off the coast of mainland India, Lakshadweep Islands is one of the best beach wedding spots in the country as it hasn’t been taken over by tourist traps yet. Its unspoilt beaches, pristine environs and isolated charm create the perfect ambience for one of the most romantic days of your life.

When deciding upon this tropical paradise, you must make a note that not all its islands are open to visitors and there are special restrictions for foreigners. You can check out Kalpani, Kavaratti, Agatti or Bangaram Islands, each of which has something unique to add to your special occasion.

There are many resorts and hotels on these islands but if you wish, you can also hire a cruise ship to solemnise your marriage in the middle of the emerald sea. If you are an adventurer at heart, you can even organise water sports activities like scuba diving, kayaking and fishing for guests.

Best Time: October to mid-May

Other beautiful and exotic beach destinations in India that can provide a picture-perfect backdrop to your wedding ceremony are Pondicherry (Oct-Feb), Diu (Nov-Mar) and Mahabalipuram (Nov-Feb).

So the next time you feel overwhelmed with all the wedding preps, just picture yourself standing on the beach hand in hand with your special someone, basking in the sun and hearing the sound of the waves amidst the laughs and giggles of your close friends and family members. Heavenly, right?