Renowned as the ‘Manchester of South India’ for its textile industry, Coimbatore is one of the industrial hubs of Tamil Nadu. While a few years back, it only served as a stopover for tourists headed to the serene hill station of Ooty, today the scenario is entirely different. Book hotels in Coimbatore 

With plenty of high-end restaurants, bars and clubs opening up every year, there is no dearth of good places to hang out after work. And today, I am taking you through some of the most loved pubs in Coimbatore. 

Pubs in Coimbatore:

  1. Z Bar – Zone By the Park
  2. Bike and Barrel
  3. Flames
  4. Tease
  5. The Cotton Bar
  6. Latitude 11
  7. WXYZ
  8. Black Box
  9. Pitstop

1. Z Bar, Coimbatore

Z Bar | Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Z Bar | #1 of 9 Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Hailed as one of the best pubs in Coimbatore, Z Bar caters to people who like to enjoy everything from the decor and music to the food and drinks.  With its yellow and black interiors, and Art Deco items, the place becomes a relaxation hub after work hours. Many people drop by to catch up with friends or simply unwind over drinks.

The pub has a full-service bar, and dance floor with the DJ playing some of the most popular tunes in town to get you in the groove. The big TV on one side screens sports matches on a few occasions. If you want to arrange for a special night, or know about their DJ and Ladies Night, call up beforehand.

  • Location – Zone By The Park, Lakshmi Mills, Coimbatore
  • Timing – 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Must try – Karuveppilai Chicken, Creole Fish Fingers, Zone Hot Toddy
  • Cost for two – ₹ 1500

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2. Bike and Barrel, Coimbatore

Bike and Barrel | Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Bike and Barrel | #2 of 9 Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Unlike other night pubs in Coimbatore, Bike and Barrel has lesser crowds that, along with its stunning décor, add to its allure. As you enter large wooden doors, you know you have arrived at one of the best nightclubs in Coimbatore, which is themed like a British pub.

DJ Nights happens often here, so expect the dance floor to be alive and buzzing. And, the list of songs played here are enough to get your feet tapping and forget all the woes of life. Apart from giving you an unforgettable nightlife experience, the pub also offers complimentary snacks and a great selection of choicest alcoholic drinks.

Head here after an eventful day and you might find the right tune that you needed all along to chill and relax.

  • Location – The Residency, Avinashi Road, Coimbatore
  • Timing – 11 AM to 12 AM
  • Must try – A Fraud Mocktail, Pick Me & Try, Catch Me If You Find
  • Cost for two – ₹ 2000

3. Flames, Coimbatore

Flames | Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Flames | #3 of 9 Best Pubs in Coimbatore

If the nightlife of Coimbatore, with blaring music, doesn’t pique your interest and you would simply like to hang out with your friends over chilled beers and delicious food, Flames might become your next go-to place.

This is one of the few pubs in Coimbatore that offer a rather simplistic decor with absolute silence. While the pub is not famous for its DJ nights or dance floor, it certainly has a good selection of cocktails like Mai Tais and Cosmos. If you like blended cocktails, then you would definitely find something here.

For your non-alcoholic friends, there are mocktails as well. When it comes to food, Flames serves a wide variety of South Indian, North Indian and Chinese main course and starters.

  • Location – Ramachandra Road, RS Puram, Coimbatore
  • Timing – 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Must try – Masala Papad, Brandy Alexander, Mud Slide, Fire & Ice, Chicken Monica
  • Cost for two – ₹ 1000

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4. Tease, Coimbatore

Tease | Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Tease | #4 of 9 Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Unlike other popular bars in Coimbatore, this one is primarily favored by travelers from outside. The pub has garnered a reputation for being one of the classiest and most high-end pubs in Coimbatore. With decor that makes you feel like you have arrived in an upscale Parisian club, you are sure to put your guard down and simply soak in the eclectic vibe.

So, if you are looking for a date night with bae or a place where you can really dress up and dance the night away, there is none better than Tease. Plus, this place has recently become popular for after-work drinks with friends.

On weekends, it tends to get crowded so making a prior reservation will be a good idea.

  • Location – Vivanta by Taj, Race Course Road, Coimbatore
  • Timing – 11 AM to 11:30 PM
  • Must try – Negroni, Old Fashioned, Water Mintini, Tease Masala
  • Cost for two – ₹ 3500

5. The Cotton Bar, Coimbatore

The Cotton Bar | Best Pubs in Coimbatore

The Cotton Bar | #5 of 9 Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Unlimited beer with your Sunday brunch buffet! Yes, you read that right. The Cotton Bar is another gem of a club located in Coimbatore, and it is ideal for both foodies and party lovers.

With a relaxed, warm and sensual ambiance, the place attracts a good crowd, comprising those who just want to take a break from their hectic, daily life and unwind. Ideal for date nights and celebrations, this club also hosts several events.

Also, if you are a wine and whiskey aficionado, then The Cotton Bar will be your haven. Before you visit the place, do check-in for reservations and also there is a dress code here – smart casuals. 

  • Location – ITC Welcome Hotel West Club Road, Coimbatore
  • Timing – 11 AM to 11:45 PM
  • Must try – Signature cocktails and tit-bits
  • Cost for two – ₹ 1500

6. Latitude 11, Coimbatore

Latitude 11 | Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Latitude 11 | #6 of 9 Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Be it a night party in Coimbatore or an evening where you want to let your hair down and have a conversation over whiskey with your friends, Latitude 11 is the place to be. Take our word for it, you can expect nothing but the best when it comes to ambiance, decor, cocktails and food here. Read also – Places to Visit near Coimbatore

Latitude 11 comes at par with some of the top clubs in major metropolitan cities, and that is what sets it apart from other night dance clubs in Coimbatore. While the price is slightly on the higher side, the service and the excellent selection of drinks will certainly make it worth your money.

Being a high-end club, it is advised to make prior reservations, and this one also has a dress code – smart casuals.

  • Location – Le Meridien, Neelambur, Coimbatore
  • Timing – 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Must try Pomegranate Kir Royal, Woo Woo, Brain Eraser, Karaikudi Chicken pepper Fry
  • Cost for two – ₹ 2200

7. WXYZ, Coimbatore

WXYZ | Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Latitude 11 | #7 of 9 Best Pubs in Coimbatore

A colorful and vibrant decor with pink and blue cushions and reflective lighting make up the interior of this famous disco pub in Coimbatore. Complete with a dance floor and a mixed crowd of students and working professionals, this pub will cater to you on your worn out days.

Its bar has a selection of both international and domestic alcohols and drinks made with them. You can sit at the bar and chat with the bartender or lounge around with your friends. For the ladies, Thursday is the day; on Fridays, the pub hosts either DJ Nights or Karaoke. Ask beforehand to know which is taking place.

For all sports nuts, the weekend is when the pub screens various matches. Combine those live screenings with Happy Hours and your friends, and you have the best thing to do on the weekends.

  • Location – Aloft Hotel, Peelamedu, Coimbatore
  • Timing – 12 PM to 11 PM
  • Must try – Fiji Lychee, NY Splitzer, Crudites Aioli, Panko Fried Chicken
  • Cost for two – ₹ 1600

8. Black Box, Coimbatore

 Black Box | Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Black Box | #8 of 9 Best Pubs in Coimbatore

When it comes to putting on my best dress and gathering my tribe for a night of dance and merriment, I usually tend to pick a club that not only has a good food and beverage options, but also the one where the decor club is spot on. And, if I had to choose one place in Coimbatore with stunning and unique decor, it has to be Black Box.

Think dark and edgy hues and plush sofas that sober down your mood after a long day at work. Black Box is not only famous for its hip interiors, but the locals who frequent it are in awe of its food and bar menu as well.

If full-service bar, free Wi-Fi and occasional DJ Nights tick all the right boxes for you, Black Box should be on your list of the places to visit in Coimbatore.

  • Location – The Arcadia Hotel, Chinniyam Palayam
  • Timings – 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Must try Chilly Vodka, Pink Lady, Gimlet, Mushroom Pepper Fry
  • Cost for two – ₹ 1000

9. Pitstop, Coimbatore

Pitstop | Best Pubs in Coimbatore

Pitstop | #9 of 9 Best Pubs in Coimbatore

The pump and eclectic ambiance of this sports bar are what usually draws in people. Of course, the live screenings of cricket and football matches are the things that actually make the hardcore fans of sports stay back.

While this might not be the ultimate dance club in Coimbatore, it certainly is perfect for unwinding and catching up with your friends. Their full-service bar serves all type of liquors, both imported and domestic. When it comes to the food options, the finger food they serve is delectable.

  • Location – The Orbis Hotel, Peelamedu, Coimbatore
  • Timings – 11 AM to 11 PM
  • Must try Chicken Pepper Fry, Kozhi Minthiri Varuval, Babycorn Jaipuri
  • Cost for two – ₹ 1000

I hope, with this blog, Coimbatore’s nightlife might have piqued your interest because unlike earlier times, it has really gone a notch up and put itself on the map for having a happening (and safe) atmosphere for party people.

Also, these are not the only pubs and bars in Coimbatore as the city is seeing the development of a new place every year so if you know any popular night club that we might have missed here, feel free to let us know in the comments. Till then, hoping you have that night out you have been wanting with your friends or significant other. Happy clubbing!

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